In today’s episode of the podcast, I’m answering a really great question about how often you should do a webinar for lead generation in your business.

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Today’s question comes from the amazing Kerri Miller from Kerri Miller Feng Shui. You can find her on Instagram at @kerrimillerfengshui or at

Carrie asks a really amazing question. She said:

“If you’re using webinars for lead generation – how often do you recommend offering a webinar? And should it always be the same topic or is it better to rotate topics? For example, I’m thinking of a general Feng Shui for success and prosperity webinar but could also get more detailed and talk about what to do in your office OR front door OR bedroom for success and prosperity. Is a general overview better than a more focused? Thanks!”

There’s actually a bunch of different layers to this question, Kerri.

I also want to say a big thank you for asking this question because, in the detail of how you’ve asked it, there’s also another part of that that I really want to get a bit ranty about…

And that is building webinars to do their job.

First and foremost: What is the job of a webinar?

(Especially when you’re talking about selling your Feng Shui services.)

The job of a webinar is to:

1. Bring in qualified leads

2. Move them through a process so that they are moving forward and actually taking some action and getting some results

3. Help them to see that the best next step is to invest in the product or service you’re selling at the end of the webinar (for the right people)

All webinars should be built to sell something specific.

Even in the way that you’ve asked the question, I’m not 100% sure that you’re clear that the job of the webinar is actually to make sales.

It’s not just to introduce people to your work. It’s not just to give people a taste of your work. Yes, that is something you can do in a webinar. But we want to make sure your webinar is built to do its job, and that is to attract and convert qualified leads.

That is the job of the webinar.

The way that we do that is by helping them understand a concept, move forward in their journey, and then presenting to them an offer that would be the next logical step if they were the right fit to work with you.

But the job is to attract and convert people into paying clients.

Business start-up webinar for lead generation

Lead generation is the most important job for a webinar.

I just want to make that clear, first and foremost.

The second thing I want to talk about is how often to do that webinar.

I would actually recommend (especially if you’re hungry for VIP one-to-one clients and you have the capacity) doing a webinar at least once a month.

In the Take Off program and also in some of the VIP work that I do, I talk about sequencing your business so that you’re doing your webinars around the same time of the month (if you’re someone who menstruates and ovulates, I would recommend in your ovulation phase). Actually setting up your business in a cycle so that it’s really easy for you to rinse and repeat every single month.

For example, if you want to run your webinar in the middle of every month, then the first two weeks of every month you’re promoting your webinar and your VIP product or service.

Then in the middle of the month, you run your webinar.

On that webinar, you have something that you’re offering. Then for the week after the webinar, you would be promoting that offering.

The same thing that you offered on your webinar, you’d be offering publicly to your audience.

Then in the final week of the month, you could focus on something more generic, or growing your business in an area where you want to.

For example, if you really want to get more Instagram followers, you’d focus on recruiting people to your Instagram for that final week of the month.

You can see that it creates this beautiful cycle and you can get into an amazing rhythm in your business.

With that all being said, do you run the same webinar or do you run a different webinar?

That completely depends on whether the webinar worked or not.

I would recommend trying with just one webinar to start with, and if it works, run it again. And if it works again, run it again.

What some people might find if they go through that process is that the gap between the webinars is not enough time to grow their audience with fresh people, so over time, their registrations for that webinar does drop off.

In that instance (and only in that instance), I would recommend then cycling through two different webinars.

Every second month, the webinar topic is slightly different.

You do still need to take responsibility for growing your audience with enough fresh leads in between webinars that you’re starting to have fresh people come into your audience so that you can maintain those webinar enrollment rates.

Hopefully, that answers your question on how often to run a webinar for lead generation, Kerri.

I would also love to just point you to a previous podcast episode: Episode 249: How to structure a webinar for great conversion.

The other thing that I would be very much focused on is building the webinar so that it does those jobs, rather than trying to decide what your webinar topic should be based on whether you go broad or shallow, narrow or deep.

This is generally the question people ask me.

Ultimately, my answer is neither.

The way that you build a webinar to do its job is by understanding that sequence and the TURN process (which I explained in the other podcast episode).

In summary, how often should you run a webinar, especially if you’re in startup?

I would recommend running one every single month.

If I were starting my business over from scratch today, I would run a webinar every single month. That is how I would grow my business.

If you’re wondering whether to run the same webinar over and over again or switch it up, run the same webinar consistently and see if you can continue the growth of the people who are signing up for that webinar.

If it starts to fall down – your audience growth is not enough to sustain the same webinar topic every single month – then you can switch it up every second month.

BUT do it with a focus on also growing your audience consistently because you’re still going to need to maintain that audience growth.

Thank you so much for your question, Kerri.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode on how often you should do a webinar for lead generation!

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