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You’re in the right place!

Embrace the heart-centred, consent-driven approach to building your business.
High-connection, high-conversion… no pushy, toxic tactics required.

I want you to know that:

You don’t need to do it the hard way

You don’t need to spend tens of thousands to get support and results

You don’t need everything figured out before you start to make money

You DEFINITELY don’t need to do it alone

In fact, you really SHOULDN’T do it alone!

“I had a business, but the financial side just wasn’t enough to be sustainable. A year later I’ve increased my sales significantly. Yet the returns go far beyond financial, Tash is incredibly supportive – she never gives up on helping you and gets excited about your successes as you do.”

Andrea Jordan

So … what do you need help with today?

Get first clients
Growing online audience
Launch group program
Expand money mindset

My Business Podcast

Soul-Driven Strategies to Start-Up and Scale your Business

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Episode 367: How to write effective sales pages

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Episode 374: Which is better? Webinars or challenges?

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