In today’s episode, I’m going to be laying out the TURN process for you. This is all about how to build messaging that converts.

It’s a really practical episode of the podcast for you today.

I highly recommend grabbing a pen and paper if you can and taking down some notes.

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When I ask people what their biggest challenge is with getting clients from online places, it’s generally one of two things. Either:

1. They’re struggling to reach their ideal clients and audience, or

2. They’re struggling with what to say and what their messaging should be doing in order to get those sales

It’s a simple process in order to be able to refine your messaging online so that it converts.

There is a gap between what our audience thinks is going on and what they need in order to solve their problem, versus what we know is the deep transformation required.

At its core, every single person who has a service-based business is helping people to achieve a tangible outcome – whether you’re clear on what that tangible outcome is or not.

The better YOU get at crafting that tangible high-connection language and messaging, the more consistently you’ll have messaging that converts clients online.

What we need to do is understand the different perspectives that we have, compared to the perspective that our ideal client has, and create an opportunity to connect with that audience to help them move closer to understanding exactly what’s going on and how your help could get them closer to their goal quickly.

What I want to cover in today’s episode is the TURN process.

The thing that I recommend when it comes to your messaging online is don’t dismiss what your ideal clients are saying. Instead, connect with them and use this TURN process.

I see it so often. People are online on social media, yelling at their audience and basically telling them that they’ve got it wrong, instead of listening to what their audience is saying.

If I told people that they were wrong every time they came to me asking how to get more followers on Facebook, what do you think would happen? They would go and get the advice that they need elsewhere.

Yes, I understand that getting more followers on Facebook is not the way to create really sustainable and strong business growth, BUT that’s what my ideal client thinks that they need.

Instead of me creating this one-or-the-other opportunity where people need to let go of their belief that they need to get more Facebook followers in order to listen to me and get the right advice from me, I give people both.

It’s not an either/or situation… it’s an and.

When people come to me asking how to get more follows on Facebook, I don’t tell them that that’s not what they need. What I do is I direct them to my podcast episode on how to get more followers. In that episode, not only do I talk about how to get more followers, I actually talk about how to turn that into making more sales as well.

That’s the true transformation that people want.

That’s the outcome that people want to achieve, and the reason why they want more followers.

No matter what your profession, there’s a reason why people want your help. There’s a reason why they’re asking that question.

Their question may be a little misguided, but your job is not to judge them or dismiss them for asking the wrong question. Your job is actually to answer that question and use that opportunity to help them bridge the gap between what they think is going to fix it all, versus what you can see the real transformation is that they need to achieve.

This is why I’ve created the TURN process.

TURN stands for:

Real need
Next steps

Let’s go through that TURN process in a little more detail.

First and foremost, you need to understand: What does your ideal client think the problem is? And what do they think the answer is?

For example, my ideal client thinks the problem is that they don’t have enough Facebook followers, and they think the answer is to get more Facebook followers.

That’s why they think their business is not successful. That’s why they think they’re not making the sales that they need.

It would be very dismissive of me to just tell them not to worry about their Facebook followers.

That’s dismissing their real need to get more Facebook followers, because they think that that’s what’s going to help them get closer to their goal.

Instead of me dismissing what people think is the problem and what they think the solution is, I create content that helps to solve that problem and provide that solution for them.

In the process of solving that problem, I also help them to (U) understand.

What I do in that process is help them to understand:

1. How to solve the problem that they have and that they think is going to fix everything

2. That it may go a little deeper

That’s the U of the TURN process.

T is what they think the problem and solution is, and we address that, and then U is helping them to understand how to solve that problem.

Start planting the seed that maybe it goes a little deeper.

R stands for real needs.

This is where we help people to understand that if they want that bigger goal (ie. making more money from Facebook), then there’s going to need to be a bigger intervention.

Creating income from Facebook is not just about getting Facebook followers.

Yes, getting Facebook followers is part of that, but if you want those followers to connect with you and buy from you, then we also want to address a, b and c.

This is where we start to bridge that gap and give this AND that.

Instead of just telling them what they do and don’t want, we bridge the gap.

The real need is your opportunity to help people to see and have that lightbulb moment where they realise that they’re trying to solve their income problem by getting more followers on Facebook, and that that’s not going to fix things on its own. They need to make more sales.

That lightbulb moment then opens them up to understanding what is the deeper transformation that they need to experience.

The N of the TURN process is the next step.

How could you support them in taking the next step to the deeper, bigger transformation?

That might be through a:

  • Free resource
  • Product
  • Service
  • Course

Something that you have that would help them with that larger transformation.

Depending on where you share your messaging and how you are talking about your transformation, will help you determine what that next step is that you want to present to them.

messaging that converts Facebook live business start-up

The trick to messaging that converts is to follow the TURN process.

Let’s say you’re doing a Facebook Live on social media, and it’s taking people through this TURN process. The next step might be for them to jump onto your mailing list.

Or let’s say you’re doing a Facebook Live, and it’s the day of cart clothes on your course. The next step would be to buy the course because the cart’s about to close.

Different times and different pieces of content on your social media will have a different next step, but it’s important that you do make it clear what the next step is.

Just to recap on that TURN process that makes messaging online so much easier:

1. Think – What do they think the problem and the solution are?

2. Understand – Help them to understand how to solve that problem and plant the seed that it might go a little deeper.

3. Real need – What is the real need or bigger transformation that’s at play here? What is the lightbulb moment that you need to facilitate so that people are open to hearing about their next steps, and that this is going to be bigger than just the small thing that they think it might be?

4. Next step – What is the next step? How could you support their next step on this journey?

The first step to getting messaging that converts and is resonant is to make sure that it’s super niched.

If you’re new to this whole messaging thing and you want to get the right niche so that when you craft your TURN process, it’s speaking to the right people and is messaging that converts, I have a great free resource for you.

It’s called Nail Your Niche.

In that training, I don’t just help you to get really clear on the important five decisions you need to make about your niche, but also how to start creating messaging that converts.

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Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist