Hello gorgeous entrepreneur.

I’m Tash – Marketing and business growth specialist… dog lover… mentor who serves with heart and soul. 

And I am so excited that you’re here! 

I’ve been obsessed with business for a long time. My very first business started at 8 years old, and involved crushing up pyrite and selling it as glitter. 

My love affair with business and marketing only grew from there.

Now, I’m a total business GEEK. 

Yes, I have a business degree, and yes, I’ve been working in business and marketing since 2002… (I even dabbled in real estate in my twenties… urgh!) … but that’s not why my clients get stellar results.

My clients create epic business success because I help them create and scale up a business that is aligned to them AND their ideal clients… one that is profitable and sustainable.

My zone of genius is:

Helping online business owners to grow in a way that is perfectly aligned with THEIR zone of genius… 

Which includes:

  • Refining your messaging and offers to be deeply resonant, and have your ideal client saying “OH YES PLEASE!”
  • Finding ways to reach more people organically, and scaling up strategically
  • Reminding you over and over again that you are a capable and powerful CEO
  • Teaching simple, clever and smart strategies that don’t require burn-out, pressure or toxic sales tactics

If you know nothing else about me, I want you to know this:

​I am obsessed with business and marketing, especially consent-driven business.

I believe that women and non-binary folk make the best online business owners and marketers, especially in this new environment of social media and human-centric business.

My mission is to fill the Forbes 500 list with more women and non-binary peeps than men, because I believe that with money, we will change the world… TOGETHER.

“Thanks to Tash’s help, I was able to focus down on the products and services that light me up, and market them in a way that felt strategic, non-salesy, and systemised.”

Claire Riley

Why a consent-driven strategy for heart-centred businesses?

If you’ve landed on this page then you are likely searching for something different to the traditional ways of doing business. I reckon you might also be someone who finds the pushy, aggressive sales tactics online… just ICKY. 

I’ve long believed that soul-centred entrepreneurs are going to drive the change that is needed to transform the old way of doing business, that was previously built on aggressive, manipulative, “push” marketing. 

Women and non-binary folk have amazing super powers when it comes to online businesses. That super power is CONNECTION. 

Connection is how consent-driven marketing is able to achieve better results than resorting to manipulative, toxic, aggressive junk we’ve previously seen online.
And it’s my privilege now to coach others in how to use this innate skill to their advantage to build their business online.

How my difference will help your business to succeed

I believe that it’s our differences that make us unique and beautiful. And believe me when I say I am not like your average business mentor…

I am passionate about business. I love talking business. Hearing about business. Sharing business stories. Building successful businesses.

I am driven to reach financial abundance and freedom and use this drive to help others around me to succeed as well. In our community – there is no need for competition, there is enough financial wealth and freedom for us all.

I am a modern feminist who absolutely believes that women and non-binary folk do online business better. We are connected. We are social. We care and we are compassionate. We aren’t just about making sales, we make a DIFFERENCE and we make brilliant money doing it. 

Working with you at every stage of your business:

Want to start your online business?

Start your business the smart way – nail your niche, your messaging and your offers, and get the dedicated support of a mentor.

Learn lean business and marketing strategy that doesn’t require ‘hustle’ or spammy sales tricks and tactics.

Ready to scale your reach and results?

If you have achieved some consistency, but you dream of serving on a larger scale, you need the Heart-Centred Business Accelerator.

Let’s leverage your time and income, scale your reach, and maximise your profits without burning you out.

Craving connection with like-minded people?

We are a loving, inclusive community of womxn who support each other. We are human. We are vulnerable. We show our real selves. We receive with grace.

We are heart-centred, soul-driven entrepreneurs – and we would love for you to join us.