Is it possible to make sales on autopilot, and create automations and high conversion sales funnels that are heart-centred, feminine and connected?


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You’ve set up your business, your marketing processes and you get to have sales conversations with people and you are nailing it. But then when it comes to setting up sales automation and funnels, this is where most women entrepreneurs get stuck…

They don’t want to be too pushy, masculine and aggressive.

I know a lot of women who have tried to set up and create these sales processes but chances are they don’t work effectively.

These are probably the two reasons why:

1. You’ve set up all the elements but you’re not excited about it.

You’re not necessarily in love with the automated sales process, hence the language and energy that you give off when you created the sales process aren’t high and your language is almost (if not totally) apologetic… because you don’t want to upset people, be too pushy or annoying.

2. You’ve set up half funnels.

This could be because you have all the elements, but they aren’t connected. Or you haven’t got all the elements in place. Or you don’t want to tell people to take action and move to the next step.

Here are five key tips for you on how to build high conversion sales funnels and automated selling processes that are high connection and that do feel really good.

1. Stop pretending. Be honest

People will eventually know if they are talking to an automated bot or you are there live.

This will result in mistrust at the very early stage of your relationship with them and a high dropout rate.

2. Dial-up the human-ness

Even though it is automated, you want to make sure that people are still getting the sense of you.

Learn how to speak and write in your voice and, as much as possible, have your face present.

3. Invite human-to-human connection at each stage

high conversion sales funnels funnels automations

Connection creates high conversion sales funnels.

There’s so much fear about being overwhelmed by customer inquiries and people asking questions.

If I said to you that an extra two hours a day or two hours a week of responding and being human and connecting with people one-to-one would triple or quadruple your income in the next few weeks, I’m pretty sure you would be okay with it.

You might need to put some boundaries around it and you might need to consider having a gatekeeper and adding in another human element, but there’s nothing wrong with inviting human-to-human connection at each stage of the funnel.

Then people aren’t forced to go through this process on their own and figure it out for themselves. They have someone to help them.

4. Review it through the eyes of a cold customer

If you don’t enjoy getting ten emails in four days from people, don’t do that in your sales funnels.

If you don’t enjoy being forced to show up to an automated webinar at a certain time, don’t force other people to do it.

5. Check in with your mindset

You can have all of the boxes ticked, you can create all of those emails and automations and have them all set up… but if you’re doing it with a mindset of “I hate doing this” or when you finally got it built, you’re sharing it with that “Oh I hate sending people through this automation”, then energetically, you’re going to block it anyway.

You need to create funnels, automations and autoresponders that you’re going to be happy with.

Now you’re over the resistance!

PLUS you have some really practical advice on how to set up funnels and automation in a way that feels good AND works…

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! Get out there and build those high conversion sales funnels, fabulous lady!!!!

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Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist