Heart-Centred Business Podcast with Tash CorbinHello gorgeous entrepreneur! It’s Tash Corbin here, and welcome to another episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast.

This is episode 130 and we’re talking about something really close and dear to my heart today…

Denise Duffield-Thomas calls it her “lady mafia” and Marie Forleo calls it her “inner circle.”

I call it a “ladyposse” or a “ladyposse wolfpack.”

No matter which way you talk about it: there is so much power in having your close-knit amazing network of other like-minded, like-hearted women.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.



So, I’ve really do believe that the power of a Lady Posse goes well beyond having a cheer squad and support network. Yes, those things are amazing and it’s so good to be able to feel like you have a close-knit group of other women who totally get what going through and are able to cheer you on and lift you up when maybe things aren’t going so well.

But, it’s not just about having a cheer squad and particularly in my world, in the Tash Corbin world. The power of Ladyposse is actually fundamental to all of our success.

And, if we remember that…

“Rising Tides Lifts All Ships.”

How powerful is it to surround yourself with other women, who are ready for more, who are looking for more, who are a high vibe, and who have you back, as you walk through this intense personal development journey of starting an online business.

So, I’ve come up with four really core benefits or reasons why you would want to have an amazing Lady Posse and particularly a Lady Posse Wolf Pack. Which I call the more inner circle of the people that are in your network particularly when you are working online.

1. Energetic Benefit

I don’t know about you but when I hang out in a room of really high vibe women. I feel so amazingly energize.

I ran a retreat here in my home on the Sunshine Coast and I run really beautiful intimate retreat where I bring 3 women together for 3 days. Running those retreat is so good for me because hanging out with these amazing high vibe women, talking about beautiful, bold, ambitious businesses and strategizing on how we’re gonna be able to create an amazing future not only for ourselves but also, for our families and our communities in the world, is just so high vibe to me.

We all know, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most tie with so, having those high vibe women, who understand you and are ambitious just like you, who are high vibe and I just think it’s so powerful and I absolutely think it does make a difference to the result that I achieve in my business and the way I work in my business as well.

2. Having a Shared Understanding, a Shared Lens in Which You Look at the World and Share Language.

I mean, if I talked to my sister or my aunt or my other friends who I called the muggles, they’re still working in a corporate role, my muggle friends about some of the things I talk about in my business. They would honestly think that I was a little bit crazy like I’ve gone a little bit of the edge. I mean I use crystals and oracle cards these days.

I go into a kinesiology regularly, I join mastermind, all of these things that I’m doing. In the online business world when you surround yourself with Ladyposse Mafia or Ladyposses Wolf Pack, this is normal, this is business as usual and so, you have that shared lens looking through the world, looking at the world.

So, understanding the importance of mindset or talking to people about your money block, all of those sorts of things, being able to do that with like-minded people who don’t look at you like you might have…

you know…

Taken too many of those crazy fruit loop juices is really really helpful and really does empower you to continue along that journey. So I really do think that’s a really core benefit as well.

3. Strategy and Mindset Side.

Being able to say to your core Wolf Pack

“Hey I’m looking at doing this”

“I’ve got this strategy that I am implementing”

And actually getting some feedback on that is actually really helpful too. So, I have a mastermind that I belong too whenever I make changes to may sales pages. I’ll just send them link through to them and I ask them to put their eyes over it and let me know what they think.

Sometimes there have been some fundamental things that I’ve left-out of something or in my rush to put together a great email sequence and I’ve forgotten to share a particular part of my message. Also, my beautiful wolf pack knows about my business, they know the lens through which I’m looking to do things and so I’ll often go to them and say.

“Oh! this opportunity comes up but I’m not 100% sure if I’ll do it,”

We also talk about the right conferences and event to go to, we can get feedback on courses and programs and other things that we might be investing in our businesses. So, that strategy and mindset side, like the actual practical stuff is really powerful as well and I don’t just look to my immediate inner circle for that kind of support as well. I will go into the Heart Centred Soul Driven Entrepreneur which is full of my 26,000 best friends in the online business world and I will get feedback there.

So, we have a day, on Tuesdays which you can use #whatineed and I will go in on Tuesdays and ask some questions…

“Are you looking for out of this space?”

“What is your biggest challenge in this area?”

I’m able to get some really great ground practical insight from my Ladyposse as well. So, it’s really really practical.

4. Lady Posse Economy

Number 4, which is the thing I’m most ranty about is the Lady Posse Economy. I’ve spoken to people quite a bit who says.

“Oh the online business world is just a giant pyramid scheme, everybody’s buying from everybody, we’re all just swapping the same money and the successful one end up at the top and everyone else down at the bottom and end up with nothing.”

And I really don’t view the online business world and particularly the Ladyposse through this lens at all. In fact, I think that the lady posses economy is this a gorgeous spiral. It’s not a pyramid, there’s no claiming into the top, you don’t have to beat someone else in order to be successful.

There is so much abundance out there.

There’s so much opportunity for us.

In fact, the more that we create success in our own business, the more likely we are to provide success and help support success in other people business.

So, rising tides lifts all ships but also, when you start to make 10k a month for your business, for example, you might hire a virtual assistant, that person then create success in their business they get more money coming in their business so they might work with a Mindset Coach, that Mindset Coach has money coming into their business and then they might work to someone like you. So, it’s really is a beautiful virtual circle.

It’s not finite.

It’s infinite.

There are always more young ladies who are ready to be part of this online business world and want to be of service and want to make the world a better place.

There’s always a beautiful, elderly, amazing women who are looking to find more meaning and create amazing things in the world.

There’s are always more muggles out there that we can recruit to this online business world and have lots of fun with.

There are always more and there’s always more people.

Oh my goodness! If I could pay my rent and my electricity and my supermarket bills to Lady Posse members, I would totally do that. The Ladyposses economy is an economy and that’s how economics work, we’ve trade services for money, we trade products for money and the more that we do that the more our economy grows.

Isn’t it better that we put all the money into the hands of the Lady Posse?

These beautiful Heart-Centred generous amazing women. (Then some other people who have a lot of the money in the world right now, this is why I get very passionate about this.)

But it’s really is a beautiful benefit to be a part of a lady posse wolf pack, the Lady Posse economy. If we can support each other, buy from each other, sell to each other and grow these beautiful online business world, we’ll all succeed.

There’s no pyramid, there’s no climbing to the top there’s no winning this. It’s just joining this beautiful, expanding infinite spiral.

Regardless, if you are in the centre of the spiral because you got there first or you just joined, you can sell and buy from each other.

In the Lady Posse economy, it makes sense that for me to buy kinesiology service from my kinesiologist Claire Tate, a little shout out to you there and Claire works with me for business strategy.

In the masculine dominated environment and masculine oriented business models, masculine economies that would never happen.

You do not but from your clients. You’re up here and they’re down here. You’re the expert, they’re the person who needs your service and you sell to them.

In the Lady Posse economy we’re all peers here, just because I’m great in business strategy doesn’t mean I don’t need any support from any of the people that I’m helping with their business strategy and I love that we are peer to peer relationship when we are buying and selling to each other.

Something that I love about being part of a Lady Posse as well, is that when we adopt and embrace this model of business, it makes us so magnetic. Everybody wants to be part of this and the more of the magnetic members of the Lady Posse, we have the more people we are recruiting to this way of working, showing up in the world, and delivering services.


I’ve got a beautiful freebie for you if you are interested in exploring this concept of becoming more magnetic and embracing this style of marketing and selling in your business.

It’s the MAGNETIC Business ebook, it’s totally free and it takes you through into this amazing metaphor (I think it’s amazing) about magnets do and what you can learn from that in your business and it’s very practical, it gives you really grounded strategy on how you become more magnetic in the way you sell and market in your business.

You can find it with the show notes for this episode of the podcast at tashcorbin.com/130 because this is episode 130 of the Hearts and a Business podcast.


If you have any questions from today episode or any aha you’d love to share with the rest of the lady posse then use the #podcastaha over the Heart-Centre Soul Driven Entrepreneur facebook group.

I love seeing all of your aha moment and getting your feedback on this podcast.

It really helps me shape the way that I support and serve you in your business.

So, come on over to the group and share on what you’ve learned today and what you might be doing differently.


Until next time…

Thank you so much for being a part of the Hearts and a Business Podcast.

I’m Tash Corbin, you’ve been a fabulous listener.

And I cannot wait to see you shine.