Hello, gorgeous. Today, I want to talk through three big mistakes that I see lots of people make when they’re going in to launch a new online program or course.

This is a big one because when it comes to launching, this can be a make or break for a lot of people when they’re up-leveling their business. I really want you to pay attention to this one if this is something that’s in the cards for you.

Okay, gorgeous. Let’s talk about launching.

When you’ve got an online program or a course or a group program or a mastermind or something that you’re launching in your business, it deserves a gorgeous, planned out, well thought out launch process.

I hope I don’t have to convince you of that.

I hope that all of my ranting and raving over the last few months has convinced you that a great launch is the difference between success and failure in your business.

It’s the success and failure in the up-level of your business as well.

A launch that fizzles can actually really derail your business.

It can create a big income gap because you haven’t been promoting your one-to-one services for that period when you’re launching your group program. If you don’t get anyone to buy your group program, then neither of them are flying. Right?

It can actually be a big sabotage for your business.

Here are three BIG killers of launches, three BIG mistakes that I see people make that mean their launches do not have the success that they were expecting.

Number one is: Not being clear on the launch process.

Not having a plan mapped out and just going:

“I’m launching it. This is how much it’s going to be in early bird, this is when early bird closes, this is how much it’s going to be full price and that’s when full price closes and then that’s when the program starts.”

That’s your launch plan.

That’s not a launch plan. That’s some dates. You want to have actions that you’re going to be taking each and every week and sometimes even mapped down to the day when you’re going through that launch process.

For example, the launch process that I teach people in Launch with Heart has two lead magnets. You actually go through a process and know each and every week, for eight weeks, what you’re promoting in your business.

When you go into Facebook pages, Facebook groups, on your social media, maybe if you’re doing Periscopes or you’re sending out promos to your blog and your newsletters, you want to be focused on one offer each week so that you give each of those offers that great space.

In week one and two of your launch process, you don’t want to be promoting the program, you want to be promoting the lead magnet. You want to get as many people signed up for that lead magnet as possible.

You want to talk about the program to your list only and all of your offer days, all of those promos that go out on social media, should be about the lead magnet. That gives you the opportunity to have a recurrent conversation with people about the thing that you’re promoting.

That leads me into the second launch mistake. The first one was not having a systematic plan and not actually knowing what you’re promoting as you go through the process.

The number two is getting this fear that you’re over-saturating with your message and not sharing enough about the program and your lead magnets.

What I see happen for a lot of people is they spend maybe a week talking about their webinar as their first lead magnet and then in the second week, in the lead-up, they stop talking about it because, consciously or subconsciously, they believe that people are sick of hearing about it and that they don’t need to keep talking about it because everybody knows about it.

There are some frightening statistics about how much people actually see from you when they’re on their Facebook and when they’re on social media and they number of times they actually see what you’re promoting.

A great quote that I like to use is:

“The only person who sees everything that you post about your thing is you.” You are the only person who is going to see just how much you’re promoting it and posting about it.

The people who are in Facebook groups or follow you on your Facebook page, even if they’re on the list at your page and every group that you’re in, they will see on average one out of every 16 things that you post.

If you combine that with the marketing statistic that people need to see something six times to take action on it, that’s some pretty scary numbers that you need to hit in order to actually get someone to take action.

That’s 96 times you would need to post about something for someone to see it enough to actually take action.

If you’re thinking you’ve completely vomited everything over the internet and no one could possibly not know about what you’re launching, just remember those statistics and know that it’s getting worse and worse as the days go forward in Facebook because your reach is getting lower and lower.

Facebook is trying to force everyone into paid advertising.

Just remember, you cannot actually over-saturate.

As long as you’re changing up your message and you’re talking about it from different angels, even if people are seeing it over and over again, it’s a really good way to reiterate and create that sense of bringing them closer to taking that action and following that call to action.

That’s the second place that I see people fall down with their launch. Their launch starts with this giant burst and they get really excited — they might even make it to early bird and they’re just screaming from the rooftops.

Then the second half of their launch is a dip when it should be coming to a crescendo. They actually dip off.

All of those people who might have been wanting to take action or might have been in that space where they were thinking about it, they don’t hear about it again, the program starts and it’s not until the program might be finishing and you’re talking about it and they’re like,

“That’s right! You were running that program. I was thinking about doing that and I missed it. Oh, well. It’s a sign from the universe that I’m not supposed to be doing it.”

No, it’s not a sign from the universe. It was just you fell off the edge when it came to promoting.

That’s the second launch mistake that I see.

Number three (and this is a big one) not preparing your business and your mindset for launching.

Launching can be tough. In the Launch with Heart program, we actually do an entire module on mindset.

I’m even thinking about adding some extra bonus mindset stuff because mindset, when it comes to launching, is a big one. That’s because if this is your first passive or leveraged income product, there’s some self-sabotaging stuff that’s going to come up.

Number one, if it’s going really well, the self-sabotage comes up because it’s too easy.

There are a lot of women who experience launch guilt and passive income guilt and leveraged income guilt because they have this fundamental (even if it’s subconscious) this fundamental belief that it needs to be hard work for it to be worthwhile. You need to earn it.

They get this guilt feeling that their business is starting to become too easy.

If it’s going quite badly, if the launch isn’t as successful to start with, you may say:

“There’s no surprise there. I’m no good at anything. No one understands me. No one understands my program. No one understands my business.”

All of those self-talk things start to happen and your activity starts to drop off.

The third mistake is really about not addressing the mindset stuff when it comes to launching.

I highly recommend practices such as emotional freedom technique or tapping using affirmations and afformations and other mindset strategies that dig deep so that we can clear the gunk out.

I believe that you can’t layer new positive mindset thoughts on top of all of the junk. You’ve got to clear the junk out first.

That’s why I have a balance of EFT, I think is powerful for clearing out those limiting beliefs and that self-belief and some of that self-sabotage so that you can start to layer some more positive beliefs over the top and starting to shift that mindset from negative vibration into the positive vibration.

There’s lots of other things and tools and techniques that you can use, such as going to a kinesiologist, working with an energy worker.

There’s lots of different ways that you can do that and we explore some of those in the Launch with Heart program and in depth so that we people can really find out the mindset strategies that work for them.

My number one piece of advice when it comes to mindset is just throw everything at it and see what sticks and what works for you.

  • Some people don’t get EFT; it doesn’t work for them.
  • Some people don’t get EFT until they’ve worked with a practitioner one-to-one.
  • Some people love affirmations and afformations and that absolutely works for them, but for some people there’s so much junk in there and there’s so much gunk in there that the affirmations and afformations are just surface level stuff and they’re not actually dealing with what’s deeper.

There are the three areas that I think launches can really fall down.

I know this has been a lot longer blog post today, but I really wanted to dig into this and give you those strategies so that you can make sure you don’t fall into those same traps.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you tried to launch something before?

  • If not, what are you afraid of?
  • If you’ve launched before, tell me what went wrong.
  • If you haven’t launched yet, what are your big fears about launching. Let’s clear that clutter out so that you’re ready and prepared.

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Until next time, beautiful one, I cannot wait to see you shine.

Bye for now!