This is one of my big productivity hacks and one of the ways that I get a lot of content done in my business and I wanted to share it with you.

My favourite app in the world right now is Rev. R-E-V. I absolutely love the Rev App because I’m able to talk into it and record voice memos and send them off to be transcribed for just $1 per minute. This app gets a big workout on my phone. In fact, it’s how I wrote my upcoming book, #NoMorePinkGhetto. I exclusively used Rev to record and transcribe the entire different chapter of my book.

I’ve talked about how I wrote my book in several places, but if you haven’t heard… I was getting really frustrated that the book wasn’t happening when I was trying to type it up and write and set myself a task of writing 1,000 words minimum per day. It just wasn’t happening. Something that I did was I booked a creativity session with the beautiful Aesha Kennedy. What we discovered was, when I’m at my best creatively, these are actually in times when I have a beautiful audience and I’m thinking with my mouth.

One of my favourite things in my business to do is to run amazing webinars.

I love teaching people things and I love sharing with people. I love that feeling of having people commenting and listening. I just seem to shine at my best when I’m running webinars. So a fun thing that Aesha and I came up with for my book writing was that:

  1. I would stretch like a ballerina to be able to get into my body for my creativity before sitting down to do any book work.
  2. I would also create each chapter as a webinar. I actually physically made slides about each of the points in each chapter in my book and then I would have the slides up on my computer screen and then I would talk into the Rev App as though I was teaching a webinar.

I would then send each chapter off to Rev to get transcribed. It cost me $1 per minute and I would get it back as a beautifully written up, absolutely perfectly. Grammatically correct, all of the words were there. It’s absolutely high-quality transcription service. It worked just beautifully for me.

If you haven’t got the Rev App, I highly recommend that you do download it onto your iPhone. I think it’s also available for Android and iPhone. Of course, this is a productivity hack for those of you who are like me, who think with your mouth. I definitely do my best thinking when I’m talking out loud. I’m able to brainstorm things and talk them out and really gesticulate and move my hands around and have a great time.

That’s my unexpected productivity hack in my business, that a lot of the written content that you read from me, is actually something that I have spoken and then had transcribed. I always give it the once-over and have a read through but, honestly, sometimes when I’m reading the transcriptions as they come back I have this moment of, “Oh my goodness. I am so smart. Did I actually say that?” I think half of the stuff that comes out of my mouth is either completely unconsciously being released or somehow I’m channeling it. It absolutely doesn’t feel like it’s me when I’m then reading it back sometimes. It absolutely astounds me, some of the light bulb moments and aha moments that I’ve created even for myself.

So if you’re one of those people who really do thrive in the spoken realm, then do check out Rev as an app on the iTunes store and in Google Play and make the most of your time. I have used Rev to record content in the most amazingly different situations.

For example, this one, where I’m driving the car. I’m currently going through Gympie and there’s a beautiful vintage car rally show at the antique store just south of Gympie on the right hand side of the road. I can watch those beautiful vintage cars and look at them and also be talking to you, writing to you for my business and be productive.

I’ve also recorded Revs in airport lounges. I’ve done it whilst I’ve been on a big walk and had a giant light bulb moment. I always walk with my phone so I’ve just clicked Rev on and started to record what’s coming out. That has formed the basis of some beautiful written blog posts, some content onto my Facebook page, and that’s how wrote my About Me page for my website recently as well.

I’ve also used Rev to record straight after yoga. I get so creative when I’m moving my body. I have often stepped out of the Yoga Studio and just stood outside in the front yard and recorded something on Rev because I had to get it out of my brain in that moment. It’s also something that I’ve used when I have been waiting for Honest Dave to come out from somewhere or for him to come home from somewhere. I don’t want to get my whole computer out so I just open up Rev on my phone and start talking.

It’s amazing how many words can spew out of my mouth in just 5-10 minutes. It’s enough for me to create some amazing content for my business. And at just $1 per minute, a whole blog post takes me about 10-13 minutes to speak, then I get it back into my inbox beautifully written for about 10 bucks. When every single blog post recently that I’ve been sending out has resulted in a sale of something, it’s definitely worth the money.

Thank you so much for reading this blog that I have spoken to you.

Until next time, I cannot wait to see you shine.