Have you always wanted to craft the perfect tagline and elevator pitch for your business, so that you can concisely tell people exactly what your business is and get them excited to buy from you?

If that is you, then you’ll want to stay tuned for this episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast, because that is what I’m talking about today.

Let’s dive in!

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This podcast episode is going to be a lot shorter than you think… because when it comes to creating the perfect tagline and elevator pitch for your business, it doesn’t actually exist.

Think about the famous taglines of businesses that first come to mind… the one I think of is from Nike – “Just Do It”.

Does it tell you anything about the product or business?

That doesn’t express the value proposition of buying Nike products. It doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of their products or about the transformation that they facilitate.

It has no information or insight in it. It’s just catchy. It’s just a tagline.

When it comes to creating a message that people deeply understand, and talking about your business in a way that people will buy from you and be excited to spend money with you, you cannot rely on a tagline to do all of that heavy lifting for you.

The concept behind an elevator pitch is that if you are in an elevator with someone, in the time that it takes you to get to your floor, how do you explain your business?

But that elevator pitch would be very different depending on if you stepped into an elevator with:

  • Me
  • Your ideal client
  • Some random stranger
  • Oprah
  • Richard Branson
  • One of the sharks from Shark Tank
  • Or some other person

In all of those situations, the part of your business that you’re most likely going to need to focus on in order to get their attention is going to be different. Therefore, you need different components to your message that you can use in different situations.

That is an entire messaging ecosystem.

A lot of people get very focused and fixated on needing the right tagline, business name, elevator pitch, or one-sentence explainer of what their business is.

But when I ask them where they are going to share that, so many of them say that they’ll share it anywhere… and that’s when I know we have a problem.

This is a problem because the way you explain your business on your Facebook page is very different to the way that you would introduce your business if you were standing up and speaking at an event. Which again, is very different to the way you would introduce yourself at a networking event, or when pitching to an investor.

If you’re looking for a one-sentence explainer of your business because you’ve got a podcast interview coming up, my question would be:

Who are the main listeners of the podcast?
What are your goals for that podcast?
What is it that you’re hoping to achieve as a result of being on that podcast?

Through that lens, we can craft a way for you to introduce your business that makes sense and resonates.

You should also make sure that the topic you’re speaking about is reflected in the way that you introduce yourself in your business.

If I’m going on a podcast to talk about communities and building an audience, I’m going to in my introduction of myself and talk about my Facebook community.

If I’m going on a podcast to talk about events, I’m going to include talking about my conference in my introduction.

Even to be on a podcast, there’s no ONE introduction. There’s no ONE job title. There’s no ONE tagline.

The more that you fixate on finding the one phrase that sums you, your business and your offer up, the less effectively you’ll be able to attract and convert ideal clients.

You’re so focused on making it make sense for everyone that it ends up making sense to no one.

It ends up either being very vague and mysterious (like “Just do it”, which explains nothing) or it ends up being so shiny and sparkly that every single word needs to be defined and explained along the way.

Instead of getting all fixated on finding the perfect tagline, or crafting the perfect elevator pitch, I want you to start with your core message.

That core message is the foundation of your messaging ecosystem.

But it in itself is not a one-sentence thing.

Your core message includes your:

  • Niche decisions behind the scenes about who it is that you’re focused on with your marketing
  • Value proposition through multiple angles and layers
  • The bridge that you need to bridge people across who are your ideal clients so that they understand the gap between what they think is the way to achieve their goal, and what you know is the most effective way for them to achieve their goal

If all of that sounds a little bit overwhelming and you’re unsure how to create that, I recommend you check out my free Core Messaging template, which will help you map out the key foundations of your messaging ecosystem.

Once you’ve got those three things complete – your niche, value proposition and bridge – then when you create content and offers, or you go out and talk on the internet or to other people, you will bring forward different elements of those foundations, depending on context.

Once you have that core messaging in place, then you will be able to apply that in those different contexts in the most effective way.

That is what a messaging ecosystem is.

It’s recognising that the way you explain your work to an informed potential client who’s told you they’re interested in working with you is very different to the way that you explain what your business is to a stranger that you just met on the internet.

Hopefully, this has helped you to calm down and ease back on needing to find that one perfect tagline or elevator pitch.

Instead, you can relax knowing that if you develop a messaging ecosystem that’s built on solid messaging foundations, you are far more likely to know how to introduce yourself with context, and ensure that you are hitting those key foundational points that are relevant.

Check out my Core Messaging Template and have a play with sharing content and talking about your business through that contextualised lens in the different situations and scenarios that crop up for you over the next few weeks.

Grab that freebie here: tashcorbin.com/coremessage

I am sure you will see that it’s far easier, there’s far less pressure on it, and you stop trying to summarise yourself in a sentence. Because inevitably, if you try and sum yourself up in seven words, you will undersell yourself and your business.

There is so much depth to what you do. There’s so much depth to who you are. There’s so much depth to what it is that you offer.

How on earth do you expect to capture your magic, your awesomeness and the awesomeness of your business in seven words? That’s such a silly pursuit when we think about it.

Ultimately, you are far more than seven words could ever capture about you.

Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast.

Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist