follow the steps with Tash CorbinHave you ever worked with a mentor or done a course, and you worked so hard to follow the steps and implement the strategy perfectly… yet you didn’t get the results?

This episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast is going to help you navigate that experience!

You’ll understand where the result may be missing, and how to move forward in a way that ensures you don’t make it mean that you’re just “not meant to be successful” and everything comes down to you being a failure.

I’ve got some big advice for when you follow the steps but you don’t get the results…

Let’s dive in!

Follow the steps Tash Corbin podcast

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You may have had this experience before where you’ve done a group course, and it feels like the strategies work for other people, but they just don’t work for you.

Why is it that when you do the exact same thing as someone else, you’re not getting the exact same results?

Part of the reason why that happens is because we all have completely different variables as to what we have in terms of assets, momentum, clarity, and the strength of our business foundations.

There are so many factors involved when you follow the steps. And there are so many things that impact the results that come out of following those steps.

This is something that I get particularly fired up about.

I have so many stories of people who have done a course and followed the steps, and when they’ve asked the mentor why they haven’t gotten the results as promised, the number one response they receive is that they must have a mindset issue.

It’s never as simple as JUST a mindset issue.

Unfortunately, telling you that it’s your mindset is such an easy go-to reason for mentors to give, because you can’t really argue with it. If you say that your mindset is actually really good, they’ll tell you that it’s a subconscious mindset block.

It almost gets a bit gaslight-y sometimes.

That being said, sometimes it IS a mindset issue. There can often be some valid things about why you didn’t really want it to succeed deep down. But that isn’t the only answer.

That’s also not the only solution.

If the only thing we identify is that you have a mindset issue, then often what ends up happening is you spend so much time and energy focused on clearing out the mindset stuff, that you stop taking tangible action and working on the strategies that need to go hand in hand with that mindset to create the results.

We see quite a lot of messaging online these days that discredits the role that having a tangible strategy plays in the momentum and growth of your business.

Recently, I saw a business mentor that I really respected and admired (who also talks about consent-based marketing) sharing content that was pretty much making fun of her clients who were working with her on money mindset, growing their business and improving their income.

She was making fun of them because when she was teaching them how to transform their ancestral experience of money and mindset, they were still asking what they needed to do strategy-wise in order to get more clients so that they could pay their bills.

She had sold that program as being for entrepreneurs who wanted to increase their revenue really quickly.

Yet she was making fun of people for asking about strategy!

She specifically talked about business owners, and she specifically talked about business strategy and attracting new clients.

She did not say they were going to attract new clients by only focusing on mindset and healing relationships with ancestors. She’d given the impression that it was a combination of mindset/energetic work AND business strategy/marketing.

But there was no business strategy and marketing covered in the course. And anyone who asked for business strategy and marketing advice was basically laughed at and dismissed as not getting it.

It’s a little bit like Emperor’s New Clothes. Everyone else in the room is saying that they see the beautiful clothes, and one poor person sees that the Emperor is naked.

They are being gaslit that only someone who doesn’t get it is asking questions about strategy. And so they are shamed, bullied, dismissed and gaslit into believing that there is no strategic adjustment or change that is going to contribute to an increase or improvement in their results.

I just think that in this day and age of gaslighting, toxic positivity and spiritual bypassing, we should not have to be subjected to that kind of treatment anymore.

I was really disappointed because it was so exciting to have someone else talk about consent-based marketing.

It’s really disappointing that that was the behaviour she engaged in.

I hear these stories so often, so I really wanted to highlight that in this episode.

It’s not JUST about mindset. Sure, there might be some mindset stuff going on or some energetic stuff that needs to happen. But ultimately, you can take tangible actions and improve your strategies strategically and mindfully so that you are aligning those with the mindset work that you’re doing.

That’s what is going to improve those results.

This can be why mentoring in particular is so valuable. Working with someone can help you identify any gaps in your strategy, gaps in your client attraction process where those clients have dropped off, unclear messaging or areas where your value proposition has been lost.

It allows you to finesse and explore:

  • What was the messaging that was used here?
  • How did we get that messaging in front of the right people at the right time?
  • How did we develop a relationship over that time?
  • And how did we qualify who was a good fit for this offer and who was interested in hearing about it, versus who wasn’t quite ready?

It can be very helpful to be able to dissect that in detail.

Having someone who is willing to go into that level of depth with you and not just dismiss it as a mindset issue, makes a huge difference. Now you’ve got something tangible you can work on!

If you’re avoiding doing the work, that’s the mindset piece you can take care of.

If you are doing the work but you feel like you’re secretly hoping no one sees it, then there you go – we’ve uncovered that mindset issue.

The fastest uncoverer of mindset challenges and blockages is taking action.

If you’re still not getting the result and you’re not given any direction or clarity around what action you can be taking to improve, then you’re also going to stall on uncovering what the block is. You’re also likely to stall on seeing where you may be avoiding taking action or seeing where you may be shrinking a little in your energy when you are taking that action.

I just wanted to touch on that mentor piece before diving into this episode, because I do think that it makes a big difference when you’ve got someone who’s willing to dive into it with you.

Now let’s look at what might be missing if you follow the steps but you’re not getting the results.

I always take a foundations first approach…

Stage 1: Foundations

Is your niche, messaging and offer validated, viable and proven?

Your niche, messaging and offers are proven through making early sales with one-to-one client attraction strategies:

  • Reach – recruiting people to your social channels and your mailing list one at a time.
  • Nurture – building a relationship one-on-one with as many people who are your ideal clients within that niche as possible.
  • Invite – providing opportunities for people one-on-one to discern and assess whether they are looking for the outcome that you facilitate and whether they may be a fit for your services, and taking a step towards finding out more about those services.
  • Convert – having a one-to-one conversation working out what the right fit is for them, and presenting a bespoke offer that’s going to fit their needs.
  • Delivery – one-to-one delivery.

That is how we ensure we are creating a business built on solid foundations.

Even if you only have one-on-one conversations with six or seven people, if those six or seven conversations result in three sales: validated.

If those conversation with six or seven people results in zero sales: something is missing.

No amount of marketing strategy is going to fix it. No amount of audience growth is going to fix it.

Most people think they have a reach or audience growth issue when they are not getting the income and results that they are looking for. In most cases, they have a foundations issue, or their client attraction process has a bottleneck.

We start with foundations first, and we ensure that we’ve got those things proven and viable.

Stage 2: Scale your client attraction process

Look at building your client attraction process more scaled (ie. not everything being one-to-one), but ensuring that there is a clear transition from one stage to the next and that a good portion of people graduate from one stage to the next quickly.

If people are finding you on social media, are they reaching out and messaging you, joining your mailing list, or contacting you? Are they taking action to develop a relationship with you as quickly as possible? And are you encouraging, supporting and validating that when they do?

When people first see a post from you on social media, are they commenting on it? Are they saying that it’s something they need? Are you then continuing that conversation and getting it into the DMs (with consent) to offer to help them in some way or to offer to provide a resource in some way?

If you’re not building relationships with the people you are reaching, there is no point in trying to reach more people.

The more people you reach, the more people you’re not building a relationship with, and the more people you have who are not progressing to the next stage of your client attraction process.

Stage 3: Look at the bottlenecks

Do you have reach but it’s not moving on to nurture? Or you’ve got nurture happening quite well but they’re not moving on to invite? Or you’re inviting, but no one’s converting?

When we identify where people are mostly getting stuck (and I usually finesse that from the bottom up), then we know exactly where we need to be focusing your strategy to see an improvement in the conversion rate and the sales that you’re making.

Simply by having that little structure of foundations first model, and then looking at your client attraction process, you’ve got tangible things that you can identify that will help you assess why you may not be getting the results when you follow the steps of a certain marketing strategy.

Whether you work with a mentor or you do this on your own, it’s so powerful to be able to assess and have the opportunity to then make a little strategic pivot or layer in a little bit of extra love in one area. It allows you to let go of some strategies and tasks in another area. You’re going to be able to then see the direct results of those changes fairly quickly if they were the right changes.

You don’t need to wait months to assess whether that change that you made to your nurture piece actually worked. You should be seeing the results fairly quickly.

If you are assuming that you have a reach issue and that’s why you’re not getting the results that you expected, then in most cases, it’s a misdiagnosis.

In most cases, if you assume it’s a reach issue, then chances are you don’t have a reach issue.

The reason why I say that is because reach doesn’t come up as an “issue” for the people who actually have a reach issue. The only people who have a reach issue are people who are converting, and their client attraction process works, they’re just now itchy to scale it.

They know for every hundred people they get on their mailing list, they get five paying clients.

Now they’re hungry to scale their reach and their audience growth because they know it’s going to continue to generate results. They are generating results already, they are just using reach as a way to scale up those results.

They know they have a client attraction process that’s scalable.

If you believe that the only thing that’s in the way is that you’re not reaching enough people on social media, then one of the ways that you can test that is to pay $50 and boost one of your posts on social media.

If you really just have a reach issue, then reach is easily solved with a little bit of money.

But chances are, putting that $50 into an ad to grow your reach and get your fabulous idea or free resource in front of more people doesn’t result in any more sales.

That means it wasn’t a reach issue to begin with.

It’s a great way to test things if you still think that you’ve got a reach issue.

Even if you just spend $5 a day for a couple of months, that’s $300 on getting your content in front of more people. That’s money well spent. If that $300 of reach investment works and makes you money, keep doing it.

But if that $300 of growing your reach doesn’t work, you know then you can eliminate reach as the challenge and the issue you need to focus your attention on. You can just let it go for a while.

You might decide that for a month or two, you simply focus on the nurture and invite phases of your client attraction process, so that you can finesse those strategies and ensure that the next time you spend money on reaching more people, it actually results in more money and making sales.

That brings me to the end of this episode!

I do have a free resource for you.

It’s my Fast-Track Your Business training.

It’s been freshly updated with the foundations first approach and social media strategies that are working in 2024.

If you’ve done this training before in the past, you may still find that it’s a great idea to go and check it out again.

This training will help you to fast-track the results that you are getting in your business.

The Fast-Track Your Business training walks you step-by-step through that foundations first approach, with a lot of extra practical things that you can try and strategies that you can implement so that you can finesse that strategy around what your strengths are, what your niche is, and what’s going to work for your ideal clients.

When it comes to following the steps but not getting results, please don’t let anyone tell you that it’s all just because of the space between your ears (it’s all about your mindset, your energy, your past lives, etc.).

Sure, there may be some involvement there. But there are tangible improvements that you can make in your client attraction process and in your foundations that will help you to ensure that you get better results. You can then actually diagnose it far more accurately, and therefore, have more clarity on where to direct your energy and attention to improve it as quickly as possible.

You can grab that free training here:

Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast.

Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist