Fair warning – this is the last #tashmas episode of the podcast for this round…. which means:

  1. It went longer than the others – but it’s also more in-depth as I’m answering a complex question with a thorough answer
  2. I got pretttyyyyy passionate about this one – we have heard several horror stories in our community these past few months from members who have given a lot of money to people who used and taught agitation-based marketing, along with other toxic and manipulative practices. I couldn’t help but get passionate to be honest, because I had those people and their stories top of mind at the time.
  3. I cry at the end, and that means for some reason, I say ‘Let me know if you have any questions’ at least times – I think my brain started to go a little haywire at the end. Hopefully you can laugh at it!

So what are we talking about?

At the core of this episode, I cover how to navigate the fear of giving away too much information, or helping people too much for free. I receive questions about giving away too much free information regularly inside my programs and on FB Live Q&As, so I thought it would be helpful to give a particularly thorough response and explanation as to why I approach it differently.

This also means I need to cover:

  • How to share your ‘value’ without giving away too much information
  • How to navigate telling your ‘secret’ insights for free, or holding them back for paying clients only
  • The difference between outcome-only marketing, and process-forward marketing, and the layers of consent, logic and emotion in decision-making
  • How to navigate all of this through a heart-centred and consent-based marketing perspective.

It’s a juicy one – so let’s do it. Links and info on your gift for today are all below the buttons… And click the relevant button to listen on your preferred platform:


I’ve got a very special offer.
Because I believe that there’s no way I could possibly give away too much for free, even in 2 hours… I’ll give it a go!

Let’s see if you can collectively extract SO MUCH information from me, that I will will completely dry up all my sales… do you think it will work??

So I’ll be hosting a free 2-hour group mentoring session – everyone and anyone is welcome!
10am AEST (Brisbane)
Thursday 14th March 2024
The session will be held in our Zoom training room: tashcorbin.com/trainingroom

You don’t need to register in order to attend, but if you’d like to receive updates and reminders, you can RSVP to the event on Facebook:

You can join us live in the training room, or if the time doesn’t work for you, it will be streamed to my FB Page, so you’ll be able to catch the replay there.
You can pre-submit questions on THIS POST – and I will also be offering hotseats throughout the live call as well, you’ll be able to request a hotseat once the call has started.

What a way to end #Tashmas for this round!
I’m not working today, I’m off to have high tea with Davey and then chill out on the balcony with him and Munchkin.

But I am SO excited to see the questions you ask, and just how much ‘value’ you’re going to be able to extract out of me!

Woohoo! Happy Tashmas, and I hope to see lots of you on the live group mentorship call on Thursday.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist