You might be wondering why I specifically focus my work to support women and non-binary folk…
Or why the Heart-Centred community and my conferences are for women and non-binary folk only…

So I wanted to share that with you today, on International Women’s Day, to give more insight and context to that decision.

I don’t make that decision lightly – and it does mean I get push-back from time to time. But my decision is clear and my resolve is strong (for now), that it’s absolutely needed.

PLUS I have a very tangible and free way I can support the women and non-binary listeners today! Details below the buttons – and click the relevant button to listen on your preferred platform:

I would LOVE to follow you! And … we can all follow each other to provide really practical support, but ALSO because if there’s something I want or need to buy, I would rather buy it from a member of this community than from ANYWHERE else… And I know lots of people feel the same way. 

Come on over to THIS POST and share a 2-3 sentence introduction of your business, and the link to your FB Page or Instagram profile – whichever you’d prefer us to follow.

Tashmas Day 9 is about social media and how I built my business with a 20-mins-per-day strategy, so that will help you ensure you’re making the most of the extra followers too!

See you then!

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist