This episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast is one that I will remember forevermore – why? Because in it I share the KEY to effective content marketing, and yet the delivery of these Tashmas Episodes of the podcast have been ANYTHING BUT aligned with that exact key!!!

It’s one of those moments where I get to demonstrate how human I am, and that even though I know exactly what works, and how to get it right, even I don’t get it right all the time.

So listen along, and have a chuckle at the irony, that the very thing I’m telling you to do in order to make your content more effective, I failed to do in getting this episode into your ears.

THANK GOODNESS you don’t expect perfection from me… right???

It’s a valuable episode, and one I think you’re going to enjoy! Links and info on our prize draw for today are all below the buttons… And click the relevant button to listen on your preferred platform:

It’s time for us to work together 1:1 – and we are going to NAIL your content marketing strategy together!

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And in the comments of the post let me know one thing you know you need to be more consistent with in your content marketing, and how are you going to do that!? Your comment will be entry into the prize draw to win a VIP 1:1 mentoring session with me, specifically focused on nailing your content marketing strategy, and how you ensure your content is doing its job in attracting and converting clients, and building trust and relationship with your audience.

HOW EPIC! I can’t wait to read your answers – AND if there are some recurring themes, I will be sure to include future podcast episodes to help out as well.

See you tomorrow for Day 8!


Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist