Chances are, if you’ve listened to me talk about marketing before, you’ve heard me talk about the Client Attraction Process.

It’s a structured way of understanding and improving the journey that people take from finding you somewhere, somehow, to eventually buying from you. By breaking it down, you’re more likely to be able to spot the bottlenecks in the flow, but you’re also LESS likely to get overly focused on the thing that contributes the LEAST to your business growth and sales (REACH).

This episode is a PERFECT follow-on from Tashmas Day 4 – and will help you self-assess where you can focus your strategy to increase sales (without necessarily having to get in front of more and more strangers on the internet!!!)

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I’m running the 5-day Client Attraction Challenge again!!!

And it’s particularly exciting because it’s going to have its own community this time around… and it’s been updated and improved to be EVEN MORE effective and EVEN MORE streamlined in helping you to attract and convert clients from online channels… in just FIVE DAYS.

Doors are open, and the sooner you join, the cheaper it is!
Head to and join us!!!!!

Of course if you have any questions, ask them on the post as well, or you’re welcome to get in touch directly. 

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist