In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you three untapped audiences that you need to get in front of… and they may not be what you think you need to tap into for audience growth.

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Let’s dive in!

A lot of the reason why people follow me on social media, tune into the podcast, and join my mailing list is because they love the way that I share how to grow your audience.

They love consent-based marketing. They love the whole idea of organic marketing (although we don’t want to stay in that space forever – but it is something that people love to talk about). I have a lot of practical strategies on how to grow your audience.

However, in most instances, people are focusing on audiences that take a lot of time to grow, or a lot of money to get in front of.

There are three untapped audiences that are far easier to access, that are far more effective in growing your business, and that generate more income so that you can fund the other audience growth activities that you want to embark upon.

If you want to create a podcast, then being able to hire someone to do the editing for you and having the money to get those podcast episodes in front of the right people is really valuable. If you want to get in front of more people on Instagram, paying to do so is easy when you have the money.

In today’s episode, I want to talk to you about these three untapped audiences that you are able to access relatively cheaply (or freely), that will enable you to, in most cases, make more sales and get the resources you need to tap into some of those larger scale more distant audiences as well…

I know that as entrepreneurs, we’re always looking for more people to reach, more people to help, and more people to share our services with. But these three untapped audiences are really powerful ones…

Untapped Audience 1: Your own existing audience

I don’t care how small that audience is, if you are not getting in front of your existing audience consistently with value and your offers, then going and finding more strangers on the internet is kind of secondary. It’s more long-term because they’re a cold audience so it’s going to take longer to make the sale. And it’s also less likely to convert into sales.

Your conversion rate with your existing hot audience is always going to be higher than your conversion rate with cold strangers on the internet.

Getting in front of your own audience more consistently is critical.

It is something that I see a lot of people ignore and neglect, and this is an untapped audience that you should be focusing on.

Stop hiding, stop holding back, stop ignoring your existing audience, and instead, love on them for being your existing audience, no matter how small that audience is.

If you’re not consistently sending emails to your mailing list because your mailing list isn’t big enough, then you’re missing the point. I don’t care if there are three people on your mailing list. Those people should be hearing from you regularly.

If you’re not consistently posting on your social media channels because you don’t think that there are enough people there to warrant that being worth your time, then you’re missing the point.

If everything you post on your socials is targeted towards cold strangers on the internet, we need to rethink your strategy.

A big portion of your content should be loving hard on your existing audience.

Tell the in-joke and share the realness behind the scenes. You don’t have to be this picture-perfect polished person for strangers on the internet all the time. The more that you create connection, relationships and support, and give value to your existing audience, the more engaged they’ll be, and the more you will likely see that audience grow as a byproduct.

But giving them the value and loving on them hard as is, is also enough. That’s enough of a reason to be doing it. Because that audience has already indicated they want to hear from you. Yet you are neglecting them and ignoring them to go find strangers on the internet who haven’t decided yet if they want to hear from you.

That seems a little backwards when we talk about it that way. But it is a default behaviour that we can fall into really easily.

I want to put my hand up and say it is a default behaviour that I can fall into easily if I’m not conscious of it.

If I’m going for a big stretch goal for my next launch, I can be so fixated on getting my webinar in front of the newest audience and new people on the internet, that I forget to make sure that every single person in my existing audience knows that that webinar is happening.

Our default is: more is better.

More audience is better. New audience is better.

Our default is subconscious programming that says that if someone’s on our mailing list and they haven’t bought our program yet, then they’re not interested.

But I physically and absolutely know that that is not true.

I know there are hundreds of people on my mailing list and who listen to this podcast, who have it on their wishlist to join one of my programs or to come to conference once they have the money.

Yet my default belief is that my existing audience members already know about it so I just need to go and find strangers on the internet.

I am consistently reminding myself to love on my existing audience hardcore. And so I do that very consistently. But it’s easy for the default to be to go find more strangers on the internet.

Especially when my daily to-do list or my regular promos are all taken care of and they’re done. Especially when I’ve got a particularly big stretch goal.

If my mindset’s not particularly great or I’m feeling a bit tired, then that’s just the default: cold audience, strangers on the internet.

But that’s not the most important audience that I need to be looking after.

I need to be looking after my existing audience.

If you are not getting in front of your existing audience consistently, then that is something we want to take care of and make sure we get nailed.

Untapped Audience 2: My audience

I know this sounds really weird, but something that I love to do and do very consistently is share you, the reader – part of this community, with my audience. And I share my audience with you.

I provide a range of different ways that you can get in front of my audience.

When I say my audience, I literally just mean the people in my orbit/sphere.

For example, if you have a ticket to the Heart-Centred Virtual Business Conference (hence why I gave a little shout-out to it at the start of this podcast episode), then something that we do consistently is #pitchfest.

Everyone who has a ticket to Virtual Conference was recently asked to pitch to be a speaker at Virtual Conference because I wanted to create that platform and opportunity for the people who support the conference to be on stage at the conference.

That is something that I do very consistently.

It’s every single conference – whether it’s in-person or virtual – there’s always at least one speaker who is a ticket holder who has won a #pitchfest.

We recently just announced the winners of #pitchfest for this year’s Virtual Conference, and I ended up choosing two #pitchfest winners. I may end up choosing three #pitchfest winners because the strength of those pitches is getting better and better every single conference (seeing as people are so used to pitching now!).

But also, the more I can platform you, the happier I am.

I have this vision of filling the world’s rich list with more marginalised people and people from communities like the Heart-Centred Soul-Drive Entrepreneurs community.

In order to help make that happen, I need to platform those people (that’s you!).

Let’s get you in front of my audience.

There are other ways that I provide opportunities for you to get in front of my audience.

You can ask a question in the podcast.

If you go to, you can submit a question for me to answer on the podcast. If we use that in an episode, I will link to your socials and your website, and I will give you a shout-out on the podcast and tell people a little bit about your business.

There are people who’ve asked questions on the podcast that have made sales to some of my podcast listeners because they simply asked me a question.

Even just finding low-ask and low-commitment ways for you to get in front of my audience is something that I prioritise.

You could invite me on your podcast.

If I am a guest on other people’s podcasts, or I’ve done Facebook Live interviews or YouTube videos, then I share that interview with my audience.

If you have a way that I can come and speak on something of yours, I will share that with my audience.

That is a beautiful way to experience audience growth.

That’s actually a lot of the way that I built my audience when I first started my business… I did a YouTube interview series, interviewing entrepreneurs and business owners.

When I interviewed them and then published the interview, I let them know about that interview being published, I tagged them on socials when I shared about it, and then they would reshare it.

It wasn’t as simple as it is these days (sharing things that you’re tagged in is so much simpler these days) but I was very diligent in making sure that I made it easy for that person to share our interview.

I also made sure that I was a good interviewer and that that person shone in the interview so that it was something that they wanted to share.

A lot of the time they also then invited me onto something of theirs. They would share about my business as well because I did such a good job of platforming them.

One of the big things that I say over and over again (and it’s not my original content) is if you want to experience something, then give it to someone else.

We know this in manifesting and with emotional stuff. If you want to feel happy, make someone else happy. If you want to feel loved, make someone else feel loved.

That’s the fastest way to tune into that energy and tune into that emotion.

It’s the same thing with the tangibles.

If you want to be invited to speak on someone’s podcast, then start a podcast and invite guests onto it. If you want to grow your audience, then help other people to grow theirs. And if you want to be tagged and referred all the time, then go and be good at giving referrals.

That’s a great way for you to get in front of my audience. And I’m really open about the fact that I will share it with my audience.

It’s good for my business to show that I was on this person’s podcast or speaking at this person’s event, and I know that it’s also good for your audience. It’s a win-win situation.

Another way that I give you an opportunity to get in front of my audience is if you join my programs or any of my short-term events (ie. Conference, the 5-Day Client Attraction Challenge, Kickstart, etc).

That is an audience of mine that you are able to get in front of.

For example, inside the Kickstart program, there were several times when I encouraged people to:

  • Get to know each other
  • Follow each other on socials
  • Form small group masterminds and get to know each other in more depth
  • Share some content that we might find interesting so that we can all fill our newsfeeds with other people who are from this community because that’s a positive way to create a beautiful newsfeed that supports who you are, rather than telling you you need to change who you are inherently (there’s a whole big theme around that)

It’s not just that you’re in the program together.

I actively create ways for you to be in front of all the other people who are in that program.

Similarly, I do the same with the Heart-Centred Soul-Drive Entrepreneurs community, which is completely free to join.

That is your opportunity to share about yourself, share about your business, and share your paid and free offers every single week.

There are so many people in that community who do not post or engage consistently, who then complain that social media is terrible. They complain that it’s not even social, it doesn’t work, it’s expensive, etc.

But you could literally just spend 10 minutes today in the Heart-Centred community, and you would find more amazing people to fill your feed with, you would find potential clients, you would grow your audience, and you would make sales.

The more you show up, the more consistent you are, the more present you are, and the more you’re known within the community, the more there are people who can refer you clients, who can talk about you online, who can invite you onto their podcast, and who can buy from you. And it’s completely free! It is a completely fair and even opportunity.

In that community, I don’t have a paid membership level.

You don’t have to pay to be allowed to advertise. The only “cost” to advertise is that you’re an engaged member of the community. That’s it.

Even that, we have not previously diligently monitored. We are monitoring it a lot more now because we do see there is a certain portion (not a big portion) of the members who only ever post an offer on market day and only ever post promos. They don’t post on any of the other days, they don’t engage on anyone else’s content, and they’re not an active member of the community. They just see it as an advertising space. That’s not what the space is about. It’s not just an advertising space – it is a connection space.

All you need to do is tell us what you’re doing this week on #CEOmode day or share a little tip with us on Wednesday. And then you can advertise on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It’s a pretty low ask to be allowed to promote something and grow your audience in that community. And it is an audience that I actively encourage you to get in front of.

I’m not here to hold people back from making amazing growth and reach within the Heart-Centred community.

Some people attribute the first $30,000 of sales they ever made in their business to 95% coming from sales in the Heart-Centred community.

That is amazing. And I love it.

I want people to outshine me and outperform me in that space.

The Heart-Centred Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs group is not the Tash Corbin show. My page is the Tash Corbin show. It’s called Tash Corbin. That’s the Tash Corbin show!

I think people can sometimes feel like there’s a catch with the openness of the opportunity in the Heart-Centred community. But it is not a big ask.

I ask that you read the group rules, familiarise yourself with the guidelines, post within the spirit of the group, and engage other than just advertising to us. That’s not hard to do.

It’s an audience that you could be getting so much traction with, and so much momentum with. It’s an audience I think you should be in front of – especially if you work with entrepreneurs.

Even if you work with people who are in a job, at least 20% of the members of the community are in a job. I would say at least 15% of the community haven’t started their business yet. They’re just entrepreneur curious. And that’s okay.

That’s a beautiful opportunity for you to do some market research on #perspective day, give us your hot take on #hottake day, and promote your offers on #marketday and #freebie day.

It’s a really engaged group.

We love to buy from each other, we love to follow each other, and that community is now 10 years old and going strong.

Sometimes I think the other reason people don’t see that as a valid community is that it is a closed community. That makes it seem like everyone’s just buying from everyone and it’s a closed economy. But a closed economy is still an economy.

I have not had my electricity payment rejected because I made that money in the Heart-Centred community and I spent more in that community than I earned in the previous month.

That’s not how it works.

People can also be a bit closed off to being part of that community because it’s not a scalable opportunity. Some people underestimate the value of that opportunity and the value of that audience.

But it’s a ready-made audience of 35,000 people who are interested in hearing from you, who are potentially your ideal clients, who will help you with your market research, will buy from you, sign up to your mailing list, absorb your content, ask questions, and will give you all of the insight that you need to build a very solid foundation of your niche and your value proposition… and you get to access all of that FOR FREE. I’m going to give you that audience of 35,000 people.

If people understood that, I don’t think they’d be so quick to dismiss it. But that’s exactly what it is.

That’s the second audience I think you need to get in front of more consistently (there are a few of you who do plenty and you know who you are). For those of you reading this who do not consistently engage in the Heart-Centred community or take up the opportunities that I give you to get in front of my audience, I think that that’s an audience you need to be in front of. That will help you achieve phenomenal audience growth.

Untapped Audience 3: Paid spaces

I mentioned that a bunch of this is absolutely free. But there are some paid spaces where the fact that everyone has paid to be in that space means that it’s slightly more connected, filtered, engaged, and trusted.

That extra little piece of connection creates an exponential improvement in the results that you’ll get from being in front of that audience.

This is another reason why I’m highlighting and spotlighting the Heart-Centred Virtual Business Conference, because that is an audience that you can get in front of for a very low price.

Going to events – whether they be virtual or in-person – is one of the most powerful ways to build a high-connection network. The more connected you are to someone, the more likely they are to buy from you. But the more likely they are to also refer other people to you, or provide shared opportunities for you to get in front of each other’s audiences.

That is exactly what we facilitate at the Heart-Centred Virtual Business Conference.

But whether it’s a virtual business conference or something else, going to online or in-person conferences and events is a powerful way to get in front of a new audience that is a little more qualified, a little more connected, and a little more trusting.

Because of that extra layer of everyone having paid to be in that space, there is a far higher return from that audience than if you were to get in front of the same number of people with a reel on Instagram.

Being in a virtual conference room with 100 other people who have all paid to be there is very different to reaching 100 people with a reel on Instagram.

And yet, how many people are overly focused on their reach on Instagram or Facebook with a cold audience, when there’s a beautiful, qualified high-connection audience available to you for a relatively low price?

Especially if I were to weigh up the price of a ticket to a virtual or in-person event, versus the money that it would cost me to reach and engage with that same number of people using paid advertising.

There are a lot of events that would win that hands down because of that extra qualification, connection, and trust.

Huge growth comes from being in the room.

Huge growth comes from being in front of that audience at conferences and events, and in courses and masterminds. Whether you’re in front of them by having a chat over the tea break, being in the chat box on a virtual event, going to an event that has structured networking (like we do at Virtual Conference), or having the opportunity to get on the microphone and ask a question.

When you ask a question at an event, you are more visible to the people who are in the room AND the people who are on the stage.

The first three speaking events that I got as a business owner came from going to events (two were in person, one was online) and asking really smart questions.

The question that I asked and the way that I asked it got the attention of not only the speaker, but also the conference organiser, and they invited me to be a speaker the following time around.

That has happened so many times at the Heart-Centred Business Conference as well.

I’ve met an attendee at conference and they’ve just blown me away by how engaged they were, the way that they supported other people at the conference, or the very smart questions that they asked, and so that person has then been invited to be a speaker at conference next time.

I am so keen to put you on stage that I literally put up a slide at every in-person conference that says “Welcome to the stage, 2025 Heart-Centred Business Conference speaker” (and it will include the next conference’s year).

I encourage people over the breaks to go and get their photo in front of that slide on the stage so that they can put it on their vision board and manifest the opportunity to be a speaker next time around. It’s so fun.

I want people who support the event to be on stage at the event.

I know a lot of other organisers of both virtual and in-person events are exactly the same.

Sometimes it’s a matter of just paying $50 to be part of a one-week event. For $50, even if you didn’t listen to a single speaker, if you were just super active in the Facebook community for that event, you would grow your audience with very qualified, very high-connection people. You’d probably get a podcast interview or two if you showed up consistently.

That is an amazing audience for you to get in front of.

Before we close, I just want to say that there are ways to get in front of these audiences that are very high connection and very high value… and there are ways to get in front of these audiences that does the opposite job.

I’ve been to events before where I’ve had conversations with people where it is very clear to me that they’ve set themselves a target of giving out 25 business cards, and that’s all I am to them – a number.

I don’t think it’s a valuable experience to go to an event, be in the room and have the opportunity to be in front of all these different people, and then just treat them like receptacles for your business card and not get to know the humans that are there.

It’s astounding the number of times that someone has had a five-second conversation with me, found out what I do, tried to befriend me because their services could help me, given me their card and then just walked off to talk themselves up to the next person.

That’s very different to actually getting to know the humans who are there.

With that in mind, I do want to say that these opportunities to be in front of different audiences are very introvert-friendly. The extra connection that you have because you’re both part of my audience creates a little sense of safety. And the strategies that I would recommend to get in front of those audiences often don’t require you to be an extroverted person.

They don’t require you to constantly be in the presence and company of other people for extended periods, thus draining your introvert batteries. But instead, they curate and create opportunities that are very introvert-friendly for you to be able to show up in a way that feels safe for you, that feels energising for you, and still create amazing connections and audience growth.

audience growth messaging copy

Sometimes audience growth can come from just being in the room.

Being in the room can be one of the most powerful ways that you can get in front of the audiences of those paid spaces.

You don’t have to be on stage to be in front of the audience.

Some of the best connections I’ve made have come from being at the table at the back of the room, a little bit wired and a little bit over sitting and listening, feeling like we’re the naughty corner of the room and having profound conversations with those people. And that has actually become a super high referral network of amazing business owners.

Or being at a virtual conference and making jokes in the chat box about something that’s happening or an accidental slip of the tongue. It doesn’t necessarily need to be that you are talking about your business and dropping into every sentence that you happen to have this expertise or what you would do if you were on stage, and acting like you know better than the speaker.

We want to be mindful of the way that we show up in these spaces.

But absolutely, they are so valuable to your audience growth, and they are also very valuable in terms of the return that they’ll make for your business.

With all of that being said, I’ve got two things that I recommend you do to help you achieve this audience growth.

The first thing is an invitation to the Heart-Centred Virtual Business Conference. Use the coupon code POD50 to get $50 off your ticket. (I’ve made it even more reasonable in terms of the price point for you to be able to be in the room!)

Grab your ticket here:

The second thing is my Grow Your Audience free training.

This is a very straightforward and practical training on how to grow your audience.

It layers these high-connection audiences with some of those bigger-reach audiences as well.

If you are reading this and feel like you’re already tapping into the three audiences I’ve talked about in this episode, then definitely check out that free training to take your audience growth to the next level.

Similarly, if you’re reading this and beginning to realise that you’re not tapping into one (or all) of those audiences, then this training is going to be very helpful for you because that’s where we start.

We start with audiences that you can reach for free. We start with audiences that you can reach that are high connection, therefore high conversion, and then we layer on top of that, going a little broader and a little colder,

Grab that free training here:

Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast.

I genuinely hope to see you at the Heart-Centred Virtual Business Conference.

Not simply because I want you to buy a ticket and for this to be a profitable event (which it already is) but because I really do want to give you the opportunity to get in front of more people. I want to give you that platform. I want to help you grow your network because I know that our network is so aligned with the level of growth that we see in our business.

Especially for women, non-binary folks and marginalised people. We haven’t necessarily had access to those ready-made networks, like the straight white dudes of the world have for thousands and thousands of years.

This is our chance to balance the scale a little by providing extra opportunities for us to be able to build those networks with each other, support each other, and create that inner circle for ourselves.

We’re tipping the balance in our favour for long-term business growth, and short-term sales that are coming in the door, and giving us the opportunity to access resources that will allow us to then expand into larger and larger audiences.

Please do make the most of those opportunities. Please stop ignoring your audience. And hopefully, I will see you at the Heart-Centred Virtual Business Conference, if not this year, then maybe next year.

Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist