In today’s episode, I’m going to be talking to you about the fact that, yes, sales can be horrendous… but it can also be awesome! And I’m going to share with you how to have more of the awesome experience than the horrid, so that you can make more sales online.

If you find yourself in resistance to sales, or you’ve had some negative experiences with sales and you’d like to avoid it altogether, this is going to be a really helpful episode.

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Let’s dive into this episode!

I understand that we’ve probably all had pretty horrendous experiences with sales over our lifetimes.

It might be as a buyer, but it might also be as a seller.

I had asked a question over on my social media in December, where I talked about a particularly horrible experience that someone had shared with me, and I asked people to tell us that we weren’t alone and share their horrible sales experiences.

Not only did we get a lot of people sharing some pretty gross stuff that had happened to them in order for that person to make the sale, but there were also a lot of shares about some pretty horrid strategies that they’d been told they needed to do in order to succeed and grow their business.

What ends up happening when we have those experiences, when we hear that message and when we learn sales techniques and strategies from people who aren’t necessarily in alignment with our values and our integrity, is we then make that mean that sale sucks.

We make it mean that sales is something horrid and that if you’re going to do sales, you’re going to have to manipulate people, get more persuasive, be a different type of person, or treat people with a little more disdain and make them feel fearful.

We get this message that in order to get sales, we need to behave in a way that is out of alignment and a bit gross.

That’s not always true for online sales.

Hopefully, so far in your business, you’ve also had an experience where sales has been absolutely epic and amazing, and you’ve been able to see that.

Maybe that hasn’t been your experience so far. But I can tell you that there are so many examples of sales being the most amazing experience where it feels so natural and the results are spectacular.

I’ve had experiences with running launches where not only did the launch do really well and I made a lot of sales, but also, the people who purchased were an amazing fit, they were so excited to join, and they ended up being the most amazing cohort of my program.

Even the people who didn’t buy also found participating in the launch to be a positive experience, and it helped them to move forward.

One of the things that I do when I run a webinar, live challenge or low-ticket program, is that if there is an upsell, I want the people who participate in that event and who don’t buy the upsell to feel like it was a valuable use of their time and energy to participate.

If I’m running a webinar, I want everyone who comes to that webinar to find it valuable – not just the people who buy from me.

I’m not just focused on creating excitement for my product.

I’m doing this to help my entire audience.

Seeing as I have that differentiator, it means that I enjoy my marketing and sales processes far more. I create a lot more brand loyalty and I don’t have super high unsubscribe rates when I’m in launch.

In fact, I have very few unsubscribes from my mailing list. Especially compared to industry averages, I am always blown away because I don’t even get a fraction of the unsubscribes that these people are getting, and my open rates stay particularly high.

I just know that the way that I market and do sales in my business works for my audience, whether they buy from me or not. And I love that. That feels really aligned for me.

It means that I’m not being a bother when I’m marketing or launching. It’s actually going to be a great experience for everyone who engages in that process.

It might also be that you’ve had some fun online sales conversations.

I’ve had some amazing sales conversations. I’ve had sales conversations where I’ve jumped onto the call and the person has straightaway said that they know they are going to buy from me, they just need my help to explain it to their partner. Or they’ve said that they just wanted to have a conversation with me to make sure I’m really human and that they will in fact be learning from me.

We’ve had some beautiful conversations about stuff like that.

I’ve also had sales conversations where the person has said that they don’t think my program is the right fit for them, but they wanted to jump onto the call just in case to see if I can help them in some way with A, B and C because they think we’d be a great fit energetically.

By the end of it, we’ve both been itching to have our first VIP session together, because we’ve found so much synergy and it has been this spectacular experience.

I’ve also had brilliant sales conversations where I’ve said to the person that I don’t think they need to purchase anything from me, they just need to watch one of my free trainings. They’ve already got so many things sorted so they won’t get as much value out of they program as they think.

That is also such a spectacular experience of online sales conversations.

Having the capacity and the confidence to be able to say to someone that it’s not the right fit for them is extraordinary.

I’ve had people who have been so desperate to join the Take Off Program that they’ve tried so hard to make it work for their business. They know they don’t fit the criteria. They know they’ve been in business far longer than the average Take Off student. But they still just want to join.

I tell them that if they really want to join they can, but I don’t want to take their money just because they want so badly to make it work, so we jump on a call to discuss it instead.

We get on the call and I reiterate that I don’t think the program is a good fit for them to sell A, B and C, so I recommend we work on it one-to-one together.

They are welcome to buy the program and I’ll happily accept their money, but it won’t mean that it’s a fit.

I wouldn’t be doing my job as a mentor or business owner if I took their money without telling them that I don’t think they should purchase the program.

I’ve had people come back three years later who are finally in the right space to join the Take Off program, and when they finally join, they understand why it was so important for us to have that conversation.

And some people never come back and join. And that’s cool too. I’m happy about it.

I think that every person I talk out of buying something from me because they’re not a good fit is creating space and capacity for me to bring people in who are the right fit. But it’s also creating a raving fan for my business. It’s creating a referral network. And it’s creating trust, alignment, integrity, and energetic alignment and magnetism for my business.

For me, sales don’t just rock and feel epic when I make sales. It’s also when I turn away sales or tell them that I don’t think something’s a fit. That also feels really amazing to me.

I understand in the early stages of my business, it probably didn’t feel as amazing. I was less likely to say to someone that I don’t think it’s a fit.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. I was selling one-to-one services and I could generally cater my specialities to their needs, even if it wasn’t the type of business I would normally work with.

2. I really wanted the money, and I wanted to make sure I got to a profitable and viable business in the early stages. We were also very quickly relying on me to pay the rent and bills, so it was important for that money to come in.

That meant that it didn’t feel as great to say to someone that it wasn’t a fit.

But to be able to get to that stage in my business quickly where I can recommend they work with someone else or just listen to one of my podcast episodes instead is such an abundant space to come from.

It created an amazing snowball of that sense of abundance and deep integrity and values alignment in my sales, which meant I loved doing sales more and more, which meant I got more sales conversations, which meant I made more sales.

It created this amazing snowball in my business.

There are other sales that feel spectacular… like waking up in the morning and seeing you’ve made sales overnight.

Passive income products, evergreen products or launching courses where someone buys something overnight is amazing. Delish. That’s a lovely feeling.

Even that feeling of happy dancing and high-fiving people who’ve bought something from you because you are both so excited for their purchase.

This happens quite a lot for me. People will buy something from me and we’re both just so excited to celebrate it because we’re excited to work together or we’re excited to be connected in that way.

That person is excited because they feel sure that this is going to help them to get to X goal. And they’re clear and confident that it’s the right fit.

And I feel really excited because I’ve made a sale AND because I know that that sale is going to result in that person getting great results. I feel really confident in my capacity to deliver.

That also is such a beautiful feeling.

If you have not experienced that before, it could be because sometimes we put out this energy that when we make a sale, the only person who’s benefiting is the person who gets the money.

But that’s not true!

I’m sure that there are purchases that you’ve made in your life where you are so excited to hand over your money.

My example of that is Taylor Swift tickets. I did not hand over my money begrudgingly. Instead, I was so thrilled because I got to buy Taylor Swift tickets and I was lucky enough to get in early.

Especially with the price point, you might assume that I would be feel like it was a big mistake. But I haven’t felt that way for even one second. I haven’t even been to the concert yet and it’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

(Please don’t come at me with your Taylor Swift sob stories. I understand. It sucks that you didn’t get tickets.)

That moment where you’re happy dancing and they are happy dancing and you’re high-fiving each other about this purchase. That’s a time when sales is awesome, and it feels brilliant.

I think that that’s such a good thing to anchor and remember.

When you’re both excited for that purchase, when you’re both excited and motivated to engage in the process of getting to the sale (not just the final here’s the money/here’s your thing in return), that’s when magic happens. That’s when you hit your magical sweet spot.

How do you create that bridge for yourself?

1. Consent-based marketing

The first thing that I would recommend is ensuring that your sales strategies and processes are aligned with your values and integrity.

For me, that’s a consent-based marketing model.

I coined the term consent-based marketing because back in 2018 when I tried to explain the way that I did selling, I would say heart-centred sales, or when I would talk about the lens of feminism and intersectionality, I’d say it’s a feminist approach to marketing.

But the word feminist turned a lot of people off because they didn’t quite understand it.

(Thank you TikTok and young people of the world for bringing this resurgence of feminism back to the light and showing feminism for what it really is, especially intersectional feminism. But anyway, that’s another conversation.)

For me, I wanted to be clear on the foundation on which all of my sales and marketing strategies are built and everything that I teach is built. The term “consent-based marketing” came up because if we think about what the opposite is, it’s often bypassing informed consent and using psychological tools, strategies and manipulation without someone’s informed consent (ie. using Neuro-Linguistic Programming in your sales processes).

There might be something in there where the basis on which this feels out of alignment for you is that it is not deeply grounded in informed consent.

I’ve even seen people teaching marketing to the unconscious, marketing to the subconscious, and persuasive marketing, and then saying that it is all done with consent.

When I understand what strategies they’re using, it is not done with consent.

It’s done with consent at the surface level, but you are doing things to people that they don’t know or they’re not aware of, and they haven’t given you permission to do that.

For example, using hypnotic language or using hypnosis in the sales process. Getting people to close their eyes and visualise this and visualise that. You’re putting people in a hypnotic state and then selling to them.

Without consent, you can’t market to someone’s subconscious or unconscious, and then call it consent-based because they “willingly” signed up to come to a webinar, when you did not disclose that you were going to be using hypnotic strategies on them. You did not disclose that you were going to put them in a hypnotic trance. You did not disclose that they remained in that hypnotic state while you were selling to them.

That’s also not consent-based.

For me, the model is consent-based marketing and consent-based sales.

If that is something that you are interested in finding out more about, I’m happy to share more about that with you. I highly recommend that you check out my Skyrocket Sales course:

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2. Build your belief

online sales messaging copy

Building your belief in yourself will help you make more online sales.

The second way that I make sales a more awesome experience and get to feel that sense of both of us being excited is by building my own belief and mindset around the value that I have to offer, and building my belief and mindset around the results that I help my clients achieve.

For a lot of people, the reason why sales feel yucky is that they’re not sure it was worth it for the person. They’re not 100% sure if they can get people to the outcome. They made grand promises and they’re not sure they can deliver, or their inner critic is telling them that they can’t.

At the logical level, they feel like they can, they’ve mapped out a process and they feel like that process is lovely. But their inner critic is making them question themself.

That’s creating a sense of disbelief for them. It’s creating that sense of wobbliness around sales.

It can even create wobbliness around the belief that your marketing, launch process or lead magnets are valuable to everyone, including the people who don’t buy from you.

Sometimes the belief is that you feel the sales process that you’re following isn’t necessarily nice. Maybe you’re spamming people and bombarding them with seventeen emails in four days and that feels gross but I’ve been told you have to do it.

There’s this lack of belief that you’ve created a marketing approach that works for you.

I do not teach seventeen emails in four days, because unless someone signed up to your mailing list and said, “Yes! Please send me seventeen emails in the next four days”, then I don’t think that’s a reasonable number of emails to expect when you sign up for something… but that’s another conversation.

Belief is the second strategy that I think we need to build on when it comes to creating this beautiful experience of sales and this beautiful relationship with sales.

Not just the result, but the process.

We need to pay attention to our mindset and our belief about our product or delivery, as well as the value proposition and the process through which we attract and convert people into paying clients.

3. Choose a strategy that is aligned with your values, integrity and strengths

Not all marketing strategies are in your wheelhouse. Not all marketing strategies are an appropriate match for your niche. And not all marketing strategies feel like they can be done from a space of abundance.

If it’s making you feel like you need to create a poverty or lack mindset, or you have to build up people’s anxieties in order to get the sale, then maybe that strategy is not for you.

Instead of telling yourself you’re the problem and your deep sense of integrity is a problem (please don’t do that), instead, why don’t we create a strategy that is in alignment for you?

Not just a consent-based strategy, but a strategy that’s aligned with your strengths, that has you showing up in your zone of genius, that has you showing up with your audience in a way that can be magnetic and create that sense of excitement and anticipation for your audience, because they can feel how much you love it, and how aligned it is for you.

It doesn’t feel like you’re just showing up to try and make the hard sell and convince people to buy stuff they don’t need.

That comes down to the strategy selection that you make.

Those are the three layers that I would recommend working on:

1. Consent-based marketing as a base foundation

2. Build your belief in your products, services, marketing, delivery for your clients, and the results you’re able to achieve

3. Have a marketing and sales strategy that’s deeply aligned with your values, integrity and strengths

If that is something that you would like to do, and all three of those need attention, I would love for you to come and check out my Skyrocket Sales program.

In Skyrocket Sales, I teach sales strategy that helps you not only make more sales but also create sales in a way where both you and the buyer feel deeply excited by the purchase and by the process through which you got there.

Skyrocket Sales is a self-study program. There are some video modules for you to watch at your own pace, it comes with a beautiful workbook to help you work through the process, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to learning a specific marketing strategy.

If you have Skyrocket Sales as your foundation, you’ll be able to filter every subsequent marketing strategy you learn through the lens of:

  • Does this align with my values?
  • Does this align with my integrity?
  • Is this consent-based?
  • Does this align with strengths?
  • Is this aligned with my niche?
  • Is this going to work for me?

Before you buy another marketing program, you can have that clarity for yourself.

Not only that, but in Skyrocket Sales I teach you tangible strategies that you can use to make sales in the short term and the long term, so that you can start applying those in your business straight away, and see the impact of creating consent-based marketing strategies and having those skills in how to make sales in a way that’s deeply aligned for you.

You’re not learning sales through the lens of swiping my email file, changing a few of the words, sending those emails to your mailing list and expecting them to magically do their job.

This is through the lens of building your sales skills and learning what’s going to be in alignment with you and your niche, as well as the products and services you’re selling.

And it’s all grounded in content-based marketing and sales strategy.

If you want to go and check out the program, you can do so here:

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I also highly recommend that you check out some of my previous podcast episodes on consent-based marketing:

These episodes will help you to see the consent-based approach to marketing and sales, and the practical sales strategy that I highly recommend you give a go.

If you want to do that first before you purchase Skyrocket Sales, you can see not only what the sales and marketing strategies that I teach and how they feel are, but also go out and give them a go first if you want to.

Then if you want to deepen your understanding and learning, you can come and join the program. If you want to just jump straight into Skyrocket Sales, you’re also welcome to do that. I would love for you to be part of it!

As always, if you have any questions about his episode, feel free to slide into my DMs on Instagram or Facebook, and we can continue the conversation there.

Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist