In this special spotlight episode with the amazing Laetitia Andrac from Essential Shift, we’re talking all about intuition, ideation and creation.

Laetitia is an author, speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, and a mother of two children. As an energetics and strategy business mentor (a ‘business doula’ as she calls herself), she helps women leaders and entrepreneurs in creating and growing a soul-aligned business, career and life without burning out.

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And if you want a quick summary, I’ve popped in what we discuss below. ENJOY!!

“Reclaim your light and shine bright.” – Laetitia Andrac

In this episode, Laetitia and I discuss:

  • What Laetitia does in her business
  • The importance of listening to your intuition in business
  • Why Laetitia is so excited about helping people create things
  • The biggest mistakes people make with creation and ideation
  • The framework for creation so that an idea can come to fruition
  • Laetitia’s advice for anyone who has an idea that they’re not sure how to bring into being

Check out Laetitia’s freebies!

Laetitia has several freebies available for you to grab with this episode, including a Guide to Daily Rituals and her Lunar Phase Calendar.

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Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist