In this episode, I’m joined by the AMAZING Amanda Heal who will be sharing a bit of her journey as someone who was born blind. We’ll also be talking all about her experience keynote speaking, as well as some of the key themes she teaches, including courage and resilience.

Amanda is a resilience expert with an extraordinary life story. She survived being born 14 weeks premature in the 70s when such tiny babies were not deemed viable. She was so small, her father could hold her in his hand. The oxygen that kept her alive at birth damaged her eyes, leaving her totally blind.

Despite this, Amanda has continued to surprise people with her professional and personal achievements.

After graduating with Honours in Law from the Australian National University, she embarked on a 17-year legal career. In her spare time, she climbed to an altitude of 10,000 feet in Nepal and conquered her phobia of getting lost to travel independently, both within Australia and overseas.

In her keynote talks, Amanda shares her five keys to increasing resilience by building courage. When she’s not speaking, she’s a podcaster and the author of multiple books, the latest being Seeing By Vision, Not By Sight.

You can find out more about Amanda on her website:

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“If you’re facing a challenge that seems a little bit too overwhelming and a little bit too big… you’ve got this. I know you’ve got this. Just reach down, grab the courage that I know is inside you, and you’ll be just fine.” – Amanda Heal

In this episode, Amanda and I discuss:

  • How Amanda’s business has evolved into keynote speaking
  • The challenges Amanda has faced while trying to build her career
  • The key messages Amanda shares when she’s keynote speaking
  • What’s been the most surprising thing that’s happened since becoming a motivational speaker
  • How Amanda manages people asking her to speak for free
  • How Amanda’s books came to fruition, and the challenges that she faced when writing them
  • The topics Amanda covers in her keynote presentations, and how you can hire her as a speaker

Make sure to check out Amanda’s website and book!

Find out more about Amanda on her website:

You can purchase Amanda’s book Seeing By Vision, Not By Sight here: CLICK ME

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