In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about the belief that is required to be able to create, market and sell signature offers.

For those of you who don’t know, signature offers are the BIG thing. Generally, it’s a VIP offer, but it can also be a leveraged product or service.

It’s the big thing that you want to be known for.

It’s often high ticket, which means there are multiple layers of belief required in order for you to be able to offer, market and sell it with confidence.

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Episode 310: The steps to increasing your prices:

Take Off program:

That’s what we’re going to be talking about today!

If you’re thinking about making some changes to your signature offer, you don’t have a signature offer, or you’re wanting to really scale up your signature offer, this is going to be super helpful for you.

Let’s dive in!

As I mentioned. signature offers are the big things that we have as our statement or flagship offer.

If you think about makeup stores, generally they have a flagship store. That store is the biggest, fanciest store, with the widest selection. Sometimes the flagship store never has sales. Only the smaller stores have sales.

There’s lots to be said about signature offers and there are some great benefits to having one…

First and foremost, it makes it super clear for people what the core transformation that you facilitate is, and the core niche that you work with.

Another benefit is that signature offers are generally high-ticket offers. This means that you don’t need a lot of leads and sales for your signature offer to have a significant impact on the bottom line of your business.

Having that signature offer be very well known, be easy for you to market and be the thing that everyone talks about when they’re talking about you with their friends and biz besties, is going to be very valuable for your business.

But it’s not just a strategy decision!

You don’t just follow someone else’s steps or advice on how to price and package a signature offer. This is because of the difference between their strengths, their challenges, their market, and their beliefs.

You may have been in a situation where you’re having a sales conversation with a mentor and when you tell them how much you’re charging for your signature offer, they instantly tell you to double the price…

I’m not saying that you don’t need to double the price of it. In most cases, I do think that we heart-centred, soul-driven entrepreneurs tend to underprice our signature offers. But I do not believe that simply doubling the price and white-knuckling your way through that process is the best strategy to get there.

I also want you to be aware that often this tactic is used in sales conversations to increase the perceived value of working with that specific person.

Think about it: You go on a sales call, you’re happily charging $1,000 for your eight-week VIP package and you’re thinking about working with a business coach or a mentor, and the first thing that they say to you is that you should be charging $3,000 instead of $1,000.

What that then does is reduces the number of sales you need to make when you’re working with them by a third in order for you to get the same return on investment.

It makes it easier for them to pitch to you because you’re already doing your calculations based on charging $3,000 for your package instead of $1,000 for your package.

Let’s say that their offer is a $15,000 investment. Now, instead of having to sign up 15 clients in order to get a return on that, you only have to sign up 5.

They’ve instantly made it feel like it’s a third easier.

But does that actually mean that once you start working with them, you will instantly be able to charge five times the price and have the same (or better) conversion? In most cases, no.

The reality is that you need to get to that price point incrementally.

If they are a coach who is cognisant of adjusting your mindset and building experience as you go, they should be incrementally guiding you to increase your prices.

On the other hand, if they push you to 5x your prices immediately, then you have the risk of blowing your existing audience out of the water because none of them were at that level of being able to invest with you. This means that you’re starting over in audience growth.

Think about someone that you’ve been thinking about working with for some time now. Maybe you’ve been saving up to work with them, and you’ve been perceiving that you’re saving up $1,000 for that. Then all of a sudden, you get a message that their price is now $5,000. How likely are you to be okay with that and continue saving until you hit $5,000 instead of the original $1,000? Alternatively, how likely are you going to acknowledge that that’s way out of your budget and you need to find someone else to work with at the price that you were originally saving up for? Probably very likely!

I am a big fan of taking your audience with you when it comes to price increases.

I’m also not someone who will use price-gouging tactics to get a sale.

I think that’s a really important thing to be mindful of. Make sure you’re wary of those mentors that blanket tell you to massively increase your prices.

Their strategy is that they tell you to triple your prices, you start doing the calculations on your return on investment and all of a sudden you only need to sell 5 VIP packages instead of 15 in order to make that money back.

It’s in their best interest in the sales process to convince you that you’re undercharging, that you need to put your prices up very quickly, and that you’re going to increase conversion when you put your prices up.

But that’s not the reality that most people experience when they put their prices up.

Yes, it does happen, but that’s generally the exception, not the rule.

It also requires a very strong mindset and strategy in order for you to be able to make that leap quickly rather than doing it incrementally.

(I’m not going to go into any more detail about that, but if you want to learn how to increase your prices incrementally, check out this episode of the podcast: Episode 310: The steps to increasing your prices.)

What I want to do today is look at the belief required for you to step into having a signature offer and price it accordingly.

There are layers of belief that we need to have in order for this to work. There are strategies to put in place (and I’ve done some podcast episodes about strategies for signature offers and value proposition, so if you’ve got any questions about that, just DM me on Facebook or Instagram and I’m happy to point you in the right direction) but I also want us to look at the mindset and belief that’s required.

When it comes to offering signature offers and pricing them accordingly, there’s a lot of belief that we need to build.

That’s why I love incrementally putting the price up. You get to build the experience and belief as you go by collecting hard evidence that it’s there.

When we go through each of these five layers, I want you to think about:

1. To what extent do you have belief in this right now?
2. How could you collect hard evidence to start snowballing and increasing your belief in this?

Let’s dive in with the first layer of belief required for signature offers!

Layer 1: Belief in yourself

Signature offers business start-up

Build belief in yourself in order to sell signature offers.

You need to believe that you:

  • Are worthy
  • Have something of value
  • Are someone that people want to learn from
  • Are an investment that is worthwhile for your clients

To what extent do you believe in yourself? To what extent do you believe in your ability to deliver? And to what extent do you believe in the value of what it is that you have? And in who you are as a person?

How could you go and collect evidence to increase and snowball your belief in yourself?

Those are the two pieces that I want you to focus on in each layer: To what extent do you have that belief? And how can you collect evidence to grow it?

That’s the first layer of the belief required for signature offers – belief in YOURSELF!

Layer 2: Belief in your business

You need to believe that your business has the capacity to have a signature offer, attract your ideal clients, and deliver to those clients.

You need to believe that your business is here for the long run, in order for you to have a signature offer.

If you’re still one foot in, one foot out, then when it comes to going out there and promoting a signature offer, you may struggle.

Energetically and from a mindset perspective, if you have no idea if you’re going to be hanging around to deliver on your signature offer, then energetically and from a mindset perspective, that’s going to come across.

It can also erode other people’s belief in you if you come across as wobbly. Whether that be through your words and your offers, or just through your energy and the evidence that people have about you.

One of the fastest ways to build trust from your audience is for them to be able to reliably predict your behaviour.

If you don’t have the belief in your business that drives you to show up consistently and generate trust with your audience, you will struggle to craft, sell and deliver a signature offer.

You need to build belief in yourself and in your business.

To what extent do you believe in your business and its long-term viability? And how can you collect more evidence to build that belief?

Layer 3: Belief in your clients and your audience

This is a really big one.

There are so many times when I’m having conversations with people and they say that they attracted a mailing list of tyre-kickers, or people in their market simply don’t invest in what they have to offer.

This is actually reflecting your belief in your audience. You do not believe that your audience is ready, willing and able to invest in a signature offer.

If you don’t have that belief, then you’re going to struggle to sell your signature offer.

We either need to make some adjustments to your niche or messaging, or we need to make some adjustments to your belief.

Something needs to give if you don’t believe that your audience has the ability, capacity and desire to invest in your signature offer.

It may feel very logical to not have a signature offer when you don’t think that your audience is going to buy it. But there are a lot of people out there who have a signature offer, but they just leave it on their website, or they never talk about it because they don’t have that belief.

This means that they then start to snowball and collect evidence that they can’t have a signature offer.

What we want to be doing is snowballing and collecting evidence that you can have a signature offer.

It could be something as simple as promoting your signature offer and seeing what your audience have to say about it. Or doing some market research on what your ideal clients are looking for and asking the question: If there was a long-term VIP opportunity to work together, what would you want to get out of that process? Is that something you would be willing to invest in? What things would we need to overcome for you to be able to invest in that?

We don’t want to collect evidence that people won’t pay for a signature offer. We want to collect evidence that people will pay for a signature offer, and that people want to be able to invest in a signature offer.

We’re collecting evidence of what you need to address in order for people to be ready to invest in your signature offer.

We’ve really got to build that belief in your clients and your audience, in order for a signature offer to be a viable part of your business model.

Layer 4: Belief in your transformation

We need to build belief in the transformation that you facilitate.

One quick note before we get into the details of this belief: When it comes to building your belief in yourself, your business, your clients and your transformation, this is something that we do inside my Take Off program by collecting evidence.

It’s an evidence-based approach to growing and scaling an online business. And these are the stages that we build it through.

Through the strategy that I’m facilitating in the Take Off program, I am supporting the growth in belief and the building of mindset around these things so that you are setting yourself up ready for a signature offer.

I’m not saying that because you have to be in the Take Off program to do this.

I’m just wanting to let you know that that’s what we do. It’s not just about strategy, it’s also about building that belief in that mindset as we go, in a very evidence-based way.

Yes, there are a lot of mindset tools and strategies that you can use in order to build your belief from an energetic and mindset perspective. But from my experience, one of the fastest ways to build belief in something like a signature offer… is to sell a signature offer! It’s to actually take the action, put the strategy in place and collect the tangible real evidence so that you can believe in it.

When you make that first sale of your signature offer, you might have some mindset stuff come up about it just being a fluke. And absolutely, we can do some things around the mindset and let go of that limiting belief that that it was just a fluke. But also, how quickly would it dispel that belief if you made another sale?

Taking a mindset and strategy approach to each of these things is what I believe is the most effective and fastest way to build that belief.

We’re collecting evidence – not just from a mindset perspective, but also through your strategy.

The reason why I wanted to say that before this fourth one is because this is one area where I think the Take Off program really shines.

(For anyone who’s reading this podcast episode who is already in the Take Off program, this is your IP Model that we develop inside the Take Off program in module 7.)

The fourth thing that we need to build your belief in is the transformation that you facilitate with your signature offer.

You might be theorising that your signature offer is going to help people to make more money in their business. But if you don’t actually have evidence that you can facilitate that transformation, you’re going to struggle to build your belief in that transformation.

We want to ensure that you are building and collecting evidence of your belief in that transformation.

Do you believe that you can deliver on the promise that you make in your sales and marketing?

A lot of people don’t have that belief, and they think that the answer is to promise less. But the less you promise – the less you speak to that value proposition and that transformation – the less likely people are to buy.

The answer to building that belief and creating evidence of that promise is not to promise less. The answer is to collect more evidence that the transformation is there – that you have the ability to facilitate that transformation because you’ve already done it.

To what extent do you actually believe if someone buys a 12-month package from you that they’ll achieve all of the goals that you have promised them? And how can you collect more and more evidence that that is actually true?

There’s the mindset side around your belief, and we can do all the tapping and mindset work to help you build that belief, but if you’ve never facilitated that transformation before, we’re going to struggle with the evidence.

Again, inside the Take Off program, we actually build this by collecting evidence.

We build it through an evidence-based approach.

We’re developing an IP model that articulates that transformation effectively. And then we go about facilitating that transformation, through making sales and having paying clients.

Sometimes we collect that evidence in smaller pieces before we put it together into a signature offer. Sometimes we put it together in a signature offer as a pilot offer. And sometimes we put it together in a signature offer with some adjustable ways that we deliver so that we can ensure that you are getting those results for your clients.

(Take Off students, that’s the module seven part of the Take Off program. If that’s something you really want to build your belief in, I would recommend going and revisiting module 7.)

Layer 5: Belief in the value of that transformation

It’s one thing to believe that you can help someone build an amazing website. But it’s another thing to believe that your audience sees that as deeply valuable.

If you’ve ever found yourself saying that you wished people would work with you because once they did they’d see how valuable it was, that tells me that you’re missing this fifth layer of belief.

You don’t believe that your audience understands the value of that transformation or perceives it as valuable in the way that you perceive it as valuable.

Is it deeply valuable to your audience?

You might see your services as a nice thing to have/experience. But that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable.

For example, it’s really nice for me to have a decluttered Feng Shui home. But I also see that as a very valuable thing for me to do.

I see it as valuable because the Feng Shui practitioners that I’ve worked with have helped me to align the energy of my home to my priority goals.

They haven’t forced upon me Feng Shui-ing my home for strong relationships when my current focus is improved cash flow or holding on to more money.

They have attached their signature offer to something that’s a priority for me.

To what extent do you believe in the value of the transformation that you facilitate for your audience? And how can you collect evidence that your signature offer is deeply valuable to them, and that they understand and perceive that value as well?

That’s a really big one when it comes to getting those conversions and attracting your ideal clients.

If you don’t believe in the value of the transformation, you’ll gloss over it. You won’t speak about it as powerfully.

If you don’t believe that your audience values that transformation, you’ll find yourself in convincing mode all of the time, and you’ll be far pushier and less magnetic.

We really want to build your belief in the value of that transformation.

And that is the final layer of the belief required for signature offers!

I know that’s a lot to take in. They are five big layers there, but overall, if you’re looking to incorporate a signature offer or make one of your offers a bigger, more signature thing, I think it’s powerful to understand those five layers of belief, and create mindset and strategy approaches to ensure that you’re building the belief and collecting the evidence at the same time.

Just to recap, here are the five layers of belief required for signature offers:

1. Belief in yourself
2. Belief in your business
3. Belief in your clients and audience
4. Belief in the transformation you facilitate
5. Belief in the value of that transformation for your ideal clients

If this is something that you can see will be very helpful to incorporate into your business and you want some support and assistance with that, I would love to invite you to come and check out my Take Off program.

It’s an evidence-based approach to creating and selling a signature 1:1 offer.

If you are wanting to incorporate VIP packages into your business and charge handsomely for those, that is what we work towards inside the Take Off program.

We do this through an evidence-based incremental approach that has you making money from the outset, rather than spending six months perfecting your signature offer, only to put it out there and get crickets because people don’t actually see that as valuable the way that you do.

It’s an evidence-based approach, and the evidence we collect is sales.

If that’s something that you’re interested in, you can find out more at

And of course, if you have any questions about the Take Off program or signature offers, feel free to message me on Facebook or Instagram, or send me an email at and I will happily answer your questions.

Let’s get you building that belief and collecting evidence so that you can scale up the price point of your signature offer!

Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast.

Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist