In this episode, I’m going to teach you how to make money without spending any!

There’s also a juicy free resource at the bottom of this episode that used to only be available to people who purchased certain courses and programs of mine. I am now opening it up to the public, and this is your opportunity to grab it!

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Nail Your Niche:

11 Ways to Make Money Without Spending Any:

Let’s dive in…

In this episode, I have six steps for you to make money without spending any.

As I mentioned, I am also giving you a free resource that previously was only available to paying clients, so make sure you check that out at the bottom of this episode.

Let’s dive into how to make money without spending money…

Step 1: Check in with your mindset and beliefs

Make money without spending any in business start-up

You need to believe you can make money without spending any!

The first thing I want you to do is to check in with your mindset and beliefs about whether this is actually possible for you.

You need to believe that you can make money without spending any.

How many of us have heard the phrase over and over again that you have to spend money to make money? How many of us have beliefs about all the things we need to purchase and have in place before we’re allowed to make money?

The first thing that we need to do is make sure we clear out any of that junky mindset. Instead of thinking about why it’s not possible, look for evidence that it IS possible!

You can go and collect evidence by implementing the strategies that I’m sharing with you today. But if you don’t even believe it’s possible for you, then chances are the strategy that you choose isn’t necessarily going to be optimised, and you’re not necessarily going to see the results.

Step 2: Remove self-imposed barriers

At one point or another, we’ve all put self-imposed barriers between ourselves and making money

When I ask people why they haven’t made sales in their business this month, they give me a list of self-imposed barriers,

These self-imposed barriers include:

  • “I don’t have a website.” You don’t need a website to make money!
  • “I don’t have all of my content mapped out for the month yet.” You don’t need to do that before you make money! You should actually focus on income-generating activities FIRST.
  • “I don’t have a big enough audience.” You don’t need a big audience to make money!

Look at all the reasons why you think you can’t make money without spending any this week. Then set about removing those self-imposed barriers.

If you have a reason why you cannot make money this week in your business, and even after digging into it, you cannot find a way to remove that barrier, I invite you to come slide into my DMs.

Just message me on Instagram or Facebook and tell me why you cannot make money this week in your business. I’m going to help you break through that barrier because I believe that all barriers around whether you can make money this week or not are self-imposed.

I’m willing to be proven wrong; I’m willing for you to give me your #ButTash’s. But I’m also willing to help you remove those barriers (for free) because I believe they can all be removed.

Step 3: Pick your niche

I know that there’s a lot of niche resistance out there. There are a lot of people who are still selecting the “perfect” niche for their business right now. But if you want to quickly make money without spending any, just pick a niche for now.

Your niche will change. It is faster to make money picking the wrong niche and moving forward than it is to stay un-niched and continue to wait for the perfect niche before you do anything.

Just pick a niche!

If you need help in picking your niche (or if you don’t even know what a niche is or whether your niche is specific enough) I have a free niche training for you.

Grab my Nail Your Niche training here:

Just make sure you pick a niche!

Step 4: Get clear on the offer

If you want to be able to make money without spending any in a highly profitable, effective and quick way, I recommend your offer be something that’s delivered one-to-one.

Offer something that requires no pre-building, has the highest profit margin, and doesn’t require that you increase your reach in order to achieve it.

That’s why I recommend something that’s one-to-one.

One-to-one requires the LEAST amount of reach (which is good because reach is the most expensive and time-consuming part of marketing in your business).

Rather than focus on selling something that requires a bunch of reach (ie. putting in a self-imposed barrier), focus on something that you could sell immediately.

In most cases, it’s one-to-one.

If you don’t even know how you want to work with people, just sell an hour of your time. If you’re niched in what you’re specifically helping people to achieve, then you will find that the hour of your time that you put up for offer is something that people actually want.

It doesn’t have to be complex.

You do NOT have to:

  • Pre-write anything
  • Create modules
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Build a website
  • Make a sales page

Just focus on an offer that you can sell and deliver immediately without having to build anything in advance.

Step 5: Focus on getting one-to-one leads

Your client attraction process is:

  • Reach your ideal clients
  • Nurture a relationship
  • Generate leads
  • Convert into paying clients
  • Deliver amazing epic value

When it comes to making sales quickly without spending any money, just focus on lead generation and conversion.

Often when people are wanting to make a sale, their first instinct is to figure out how to reach as many people as possible.

That’s not where the sale is going to come from. The sale comes at the pointy end of the process – lead gen and conversion.

You already have enough people in your audience to find leads. I don’t care how small your audience is, you actually have leads in there.

Your job is to focus on high connection, high conversion lead generation strategies.

That brings me to step number six…

Step 6: High-conversion marketing strategies only

Do NOT focus on low-conversion strategies. Do NOT decide to run a 21-day challenge where you won’t make a sale until day 21. There are two reasons for this:

1. That’s one of the lowest converting things that you can do to get sales in your business.
2. You’ve just put a 21-day barrier between yourself and making sales.

High-connection, high-conversion strategies are the way to go.

This brings me to the epic free resource that I have for you today…

It’s called 11 Ways to Make Money Without Spending Any.

This freebie is one of the most practical and tangible resources I have ever created in my business.

It is so valuable, in fact, that I have only ever offered this as a paid product, or as a bonus for one of my other paid products.

Only people who’ve worked with me before have had access to this free resource… until now!

This resource is made up of two parts:

Part one: A beautiful workbook.

The workbook unpacks each of the 11 ways to make money without spending any. It helps you decide which way is the right fit for what you’re selling, what your model of business is, and what your strengths are right now.

Part two: Select your strategy. 

Once you’ve gone through the whole workbook, you’ll select which strategy you’re going to focus on first.

Each strategy has a video training that walks you through how to use that strategy to bring in an instant $500.

I’m focused on $500 because it feels like a really doable amount of money. It doesn’t create a bunch of barriers between you and making that money.

That being said, people have used this resource and made $5,000. Someone even made $14,250 in two weeks using one strategy from the 11 Ways to Make Money Without Spending Any program.

You can grab this resource for FREE here:

I just ask for one thing in return… Once you’ve accessed this resource, you’ll get an email from me asking for some feedback about your experience with this resource.

I would love it if you could keep an eye out for that email and send me a reply.

This really helps me to tailor podcast episodes and future free resources that I create to your specific needs and business.

Even if you just respond to one of the questions that I ask – I would absolutely adore and appreciate that.

It will be the most amazing reward for me for sharing this juicy practical resource with you absolutely free.

Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist