This is a super special Spotlight interview with the amazing Stasha Washburn… The Period Coach!

For those of you who don’t know Stasha, she is the founder of Period Coaching School, author of The Revolution Will Be Bloody, and the creator of the first ever Period Oracle Card Deck.

In this episode, Stasha and I are talking about our menstrual cycles, period coaching, and how Stasha is creating an amazing revolution in which we as women are able to exist in the world with our bodies and all of the things that go with that.

If you are someone who menstruates/is no longer menstruating, you’re interested in understanding how to work with the moon cycles, or you’re just fascinated by the topic of period coaching, then this is going to be a really amazing episode for you.

Stasha also shares her free Charting Mandala so that you can get to know your beautiful cycle simply by colouring in. You can grab it here: CLICK ME

Watch the interview below or listen on your favourite podcasting app.

And if you want a quick summary, I’ve popped in what we discuss below. ENJOY!!

“Your body did nothing wrong. Please don’t discipline it. Just go with the flow.” – Stasha Washburn

In this episode, Stasha and I discuss:

  • The difference between the masculine model of productivity and the feminine model of productivity
  • Treating your cycle as the different seasons, and honouring the five different phases with different routines, foods, actions, etc.
  • Planning challenges, webinars and launches for when you’re ovulating
  • The BIG benefits as a practitioner/provider/mentor of equipping yourself with the deep knowledge of how to work with people through their cycles
  • The harm that can be done through ignorance
  • No longer forcing yourself to fit into the masculine world of business and productivity
  • Charting your cycle with Stasha’s free resource
  • The disconnect that so many of us have from our bodies

More about Stasha’s freebie:

Stasha’s Charting Mandala will help you get to know your cycle, understand your mood swings, predict how you’re going to be feeling at certain points in your cycle, and help you to experience business and productivity in flow…

All simply through colouring in!!

You can grab this free Charting Mandala here: CLICK ME

You can find out more about Stasha Washburn here:

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Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist