This episode of the Heart-Centred Business podcast is a very special Spotlight interview with the amazing Emily Osmond!

Emily is my go-to guru when it comes to all things Instagram… and she could be yours too! She is one of the speakers at the 2023 Heart-Centred Business Conference that’s happening in May 2023, so make sure you go get your ticket.

In this interview, Emily and I talk about all things Instagram, why it can be such a powerful connection tool for your business, and some of the things that you DON’T need to do when it comes to growing your business on Instagram.

Emily also talks about her amazing free webinar coming up, How to turn Instagram into the sales engine for your businessYou can sign up at

Watch the interview below or listen on your favourite podcasting app.

And if you want a quick summary, I’ve even popped some key points below. ENJOY!!!

“Connection over perfection.” – Emily Osmond

In this episode we talk about:

Instagram for business growth woman on instagram spotlight

Woman on Instagram for business growth

  • How Emily helps women who are starting a business online
  • Why she LOVES Instagram and feels it’s so powerful for online business
  • The amazing impact that Instagram can have on building an entrepreneur’s confidence
  • What some of Emily’s favourite things are about Instagram stories, and how she uses that for connection
  • Emily’s thoughts and top tips on Instagram reels
  • Overcoming the fear that you may have around Instagram
  • Learning as you go


Coming up on March 10th 2021, Emily is running her live webinar How to turn Instagram into the sales engine for your business.

In this free workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to get heard and seen in the noisy online world (i.e. stop being invisible!)
  • How to fill your audience with the RIGHT people (i.e. people who LOVE your content and will buy your products, services or programs!)
  • And how to consistently turn your followers into (raving) customers – without being ‘salesy’

You can register at

If you’re visiting this episode AFTER that free masterclass, don’t worry! You can find Emily’s latest freebie at, or listen to her amazing podcast at

If you want to pick Emily’s brain MORE about Instagram and how to make sure it fits into the marketing process and growth strategy for your business, the great news is that Emily is one of the speakers at the upcoming Heart-Centred Virtual Business Conference!

Emily’s going to be talking about conversion strategies from Instagram as well – what the next step is, not just from getting reach and playing around with reaching your audience and sharing content, but actually how to make that into a high conversion strategy.

If that is something you’re interested in, make sure you grab your ticket at

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Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist