In today’s episode, I’m going to share my 5-minute post-call habit, and how this habit grows my business.

It’s a really simple thing you can do that escalates and elevates your business results quickly.

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Let’s dive on in!

We know as entrepreneurs that content is really powerful in:

  • Attracting our ideal clients
  • Helping them to understand our value
  • Nurturing them
  • Helping them to understand how we can support them further
  • Helping them to move forward in their journey
  • Converting them into paying clients

Content is such a powerful part of our business model.

We also know that messaging is one of the critical foundations that allows us to be deeply resonant in our posting and our presence online. It allows us to connect to our ideal client and helps them understand our value proposition.

Messaging is such a big part of business because it covers so many different elements of what goes into our business model.

Our messaging shows up in our posts on social media, in our deeper content, on our sales pages and websites, and in our conversations that we have with our audiences.

Knowing that content is powerful and messaging is so critical to business growth and success, every group call that I facilitate and every VIP client call that I have is a goldmine.

Every single time I run a group call or a VIP one-to-one call with anyone in my business, I take 5-minutes after that call to note down three key things.

1. What were the challenges that were brought to me on that call?

5-minute post-call habit list challenges behind the scenes

The first step to my 5-minute post-call habit is to note down the challenges mentioned on the call.

Whether the call was a large group coaching call for the Take Off program, or a very intimate one-to-one coaching client call, I take note of what challenges were brought to me on that call.

With the bigger group calls in the Take Off program, I’d probably note down three or four major challenges that were brought to me. In a VIP call, I’d note down one or two of the major challenges that were brought forward that someone wanted me to fix for them.

For your business, with your clients, your messaging, and your content, if you are working with a perfect ideal client and they come to a session with you and present you with the problem that they need you to fix, imagine how powerful that content is to then go out and find more people just like that one.

But how many of us jump from client session to client session, and don’t ever stop and take note of the exact thing that our ideal clients are asking us for when they have the opportunity to speak with us?

The first thing that I write down in that 5-minute post-call habit is what challenges were brought to me.

2. What are the keywords and phrases that my client used?

How did they describe:

  • The problem?
  • What they thought the answer was?
  • The solution they were looking for?
  • The specific tangible experiences that they were having that told them this was a problem?

That really helps me to refine my keywords, key phrases, and the things I need to talk about in my content.

Being able to speak to my audience using words and phrases that THEY use to describe what’s going on is so powerful in my messaging.

It’s easy for me to just diagnose their challenge as a niching issue… but if they think the issue is that they don’t know how to speak to their audience effectively, then I’m missing the mark if I don’t use the words that they use to articulate that particular challenge or problem.

It is my job to help my audience bridge the gap between where they think the problem is, and what I can see the deep issue that may be causing all of that pain and strife that’s coming up for them is.

3. What would I need to say to others with the same problem?

If I could proactively go out and help 100 other people who had the same challenge, what would I need to say?

This is actually the basis of my content plan.

I talk about my 5-minute post-call habits so often in my client calls and in my group calls because it is such a useful way for people to refine their messaging and get clear on what content they need to be sharing.

Guess what question I get asked over and over and over again… How do you come up with content? What do I say on my blog? What do I post about on social media?

The answer is in tapping into the juicy resource that is the conversations you’re already having.

If you’re not having conversations with anyone just yet in your business:

a. Find ways to have those conversations
b. You will be very equipped from day one to know how to make sure that you maximise the return for your business from those conversations

Just to recap, my 5-minute post-call habit is to stop and write down:

1. What were the challenges that were brought to me in that call?

2. What are the keywords and phrases that my client used?

3. If I could proactively go out and help 100 other people who have the same problem, what would I need to say?

Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast, I hope that’s been a really helpful one for you.

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Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist