This is a very special episode of the podcast as I’m joined by Tammy Guest in this Spotlight interview. In this interview, Tammy and I talk about the new opportunities that are arising in the online business world, particularly in the health practitioners space.

Tammy also shares her freebie How To Pivot To Online Consults Checklist. You can access this freebie at

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And if you want a quick summary, I’ve popped in what we discuss below. ENJOY!!

“I’m learning to fly helicopters and I really feel like there are so many lessons in things that you are most fearful about.

Whether it’s tech, whether it’s taking that next step, pulling away from the computer or the textbooks and actually doing the webinar that you want to do, or whether it’s turning a helicopter into wind and flying up really high, or turning the engine off and hoping that it’ll come back on at the bottom of an emergency landing.

You’re not going to know until you do it.

new opportunities online business face the things you fear spotlight episode

Face the things you fear and create new opportunities for online business

You need to feel the fear. Because it’s scary as. Even just signing up for a free program or something – it’s kind of scary!

Do it anyway. Feel the fear. You’re not going to know unless you cut the engine and see if it comes back on again.

The thing that gives you the jiggles, is the thing that is pushing you right up against the edge of your comfort zone. That’s why you’re jiggling so much because you haven’t been there.

You can either contract back in and stay the same with the same old results, or you can jiggle your way through it, feel the fear do it anyway.

There will be something on the other side of it, and no one can tell you what that is until you go through it.” – Tammy Guest

In this episode we discuss:

  • What opportunities exist for people (especially natupreneurs) in the online space
  • What Tammy would say to people in the health practitioner space who are resisting marketing themselves online
  • Why  collaboration and bringing the community together is such a critical part of moving this industry forward
  • What the most common mindset blocks that come up – particularly for practitioners – when moving into the online business world as they become the marketer and the deliverer and so much more
  • How people can overcome the blockage of ‘Who am I to step into this space when it’s all been done before’
  • Tammy’s advice on how you can just get started

More about Tammy’s freebie:

There’s a massive shift in the online space for practitioners in particular.

If you’re a practitioner who’s reading along, Tammy has a checklist that’s specific for you. It will go over the essentials you need to successfully transition to online consults and virtual practice

It’s super easy and you can download it here:

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Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist