In today’s episode, we are going to explore how to be creative in business without throwing away structure, planning and routines.

Now before you click away at the mere MENTION of structure… I want to show you in this episode how systems, structures and routines are actually the keys to more creativity and freedom in your business.

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If you are someone who craves creativity and freedom, I want you to stick with me and listen along, because this is such an important episode for you.

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Why do we resist structure and systems?

I see so much resistance in the online business world to the systemised structured parts of being in business. So many people don’t want to niche because they want to work with a range of different people and have this creative freedom and difference in their business.

They want their business to be interesting.

This means that niching is going to take away that interest if they really focus down, so it creates this nice resistance. I see people resisting structure in their day because they want to go with their intuition, follow their gut, go with whatever creativity unfolds, and be really flexible.

People often resist systems in their business because they want to do everything bespoke. We want to be really giving to our customers.

We want to treat everyone as individuals.

Creatives can resist adding routine, systems or planning in their business, because they want to stay flexible. See how the week unfolds.

But I want to pose this little question to you and plant this small seed today:

What if a lack of structure is actually stifling the freedom and creativity in your business?

being creative woman drawing web design scaling growth

A lack of structure may actually be stifling your ability to be creative.

Let me explain this one:

Imagine you’re sitting down to work on something in your business that requires you to be creative, intuitive and flexible. You’ve got a couple of hours free in which you can work on this. Maybe you’re doing some cost creation, mapping out content ideas, doing some graphic design, some artwork. You’re doing something that requires you to be really creative, flexible, expressive, tapped into your intuition and able to go with the flow.

You’ve only got a couple of hours to get it done.

Imagine the difference between you spending that couple of hours free of any burdens and just totally in the moment. Or that couple of hours being spent with you having a to-do list of 30 things rolling around in your head. Feeling guilty that you haven’t done your newsletter this week, pretty sure you haven’t followed up on that invoice that was supposed to be paid. Not being 100% sure what your day looks like after this couple of hours, and carrying around a bunch of things in your brain.

So many people live like this every single day in their business – their entire existence is a stress bed of to-do lists and reminders and worries and concerns rolling around in their head.

How creative can you be with that burden on your shoulders?

How creative can you really be if you don’t have the freedom of knowing these two hours are actually free time to get creative?

So many people don’t ever get to experience true creative, intuitive freedom in their business. Why? Because their business feels like a giant, unending list of things to do. And because they haven’t got the structure, systems, processes and plans in place, it haunts them 24/7.

What if we got the boring, repeated parts of your business as effortless as possible?

What if we got your to-do list out of your brain and into a system so you know it’s sorted, or will be?

Imagine how much freedom, creativity and intuition you would experience with THAT business…

I’ve seen a lot of resistance to structure and systems lately. I think it’s something that we all experience as entrepreneurs from time to time.

At the Heart-Centred Business Conference in June, systemising was a big theme.

The comments box was pinging with lightbulb moment after lightbulb moment:

“I should totally be systemising all of this stuff in my business.
Why have I not automated that sooner?
Why don’t I have a team member yet?
I’m still doing all of these low return activities in my business.
So that’s actually why I still can’t hit my income goal.”

If there’s a way you can systemise, structure, or automate something in your business, then think of it as unburdening you as the business owner.

Think of it as unleashing your freedom, your flexibility, your creativity and your intuition.

Because it’s no longer something that you’re trying to carry around in your brain. You don’t need to remember to do it later. You don’t experience the burden of guilt that you should be doing something else.

I want to plant the seed of systems thinking, because I know how powerful this transition can be.

One area where you can achieve BIG results from systems is list growth.

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Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist