In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you how to be magnetic to your leads and clients. This one is super juicy!

There are actions and strategies you can use to be more magnetic to the right people. In this podcast episode, I’ll share five of those strategies.

I’ve even got myself a cool magnet metaphor that perfectly demonstrates how you can be more magnetic in your business.

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Let’s dive in!

In these days of social media and being able to see who has how many followers… it could be easy for us to assume that magnetism – or being attractive to your ideal client – is a thing that some people have and some people don’t.

But speaking from experience, I can tell you that being magnetic to your ideal clients doesn’t come down to some innate quality that you have.

Instead, there are strategies you can apply to be more attractive and magnetic to your peeps. Let’s look at five concrete strategies for magnetism:

1. Magnets are polarising.

Magnets have a north and south – a positive and a negative. And when it comes to you showing up in your business, you need to reconcile yourself with the fact that not everyone is going to love you.

When you share your deeply resonant messaging from the heart, some people still won’t like it, and some people will actively dislike it.

There are people out there who hate Oprah. I don’t understand it.  There are also people out there who hate Adele. I don’t understand that either. But they exist.

And the thing those two ladies have in common is they deeply connect with their belief system and what they will and won’t do. They go and share their message unapologetically. And they aren’t on Facebook looking at all the negative reviews about themselves.  They aren’t thinking, “Oh, that person didn’t like that song. I’m not going to release another song again until I get it right.”

That’s not how you become magnetic!

You become magnetic by deeply standing in your power about the message you share, and your belief system. You accept that not everyone is going to love you.

Being polarising is sometimes used in manipulative ways. For example, being a jerk on purpose, or swearing a lot because you want to drive away people who don’t like swearing. A common one is saying things that are purposefully controversial, when it’s not even particularly important to you.

I actually had a conversation with someone about this at a recent event. She said she’s not really that big of a swearer, but she swears a lot on her podcast because it drives away people who don’t like it and that “niches” her down. Which is true, but I asked her “If it’s not important to you, why are you polarising people on it?”

There are also people out there who teach this as a strategy, to purposefully choose a popular belief in your niche and then argue against it.  Sometimes it’s done as a click-bait thing. And I just think this is stepping out of alignment.

So when I talk about being polarising, I’m not saying to be a jerk, or purposefully criticise something just for the sake of it.

Instead, be really clear on what you do believe in and stand for it.

If there is something you see happening a lot, and you profoundly disagree with it, don’t be afraid to talk about it.  You may repel a bunch of people, but that’s what magnets do.  When you polarise, you will repel those who aren’t your ideal clients, and you will magnetise those who are.

Be really clear about who you are, what you stand for, and do some reflection on which beliefs you hold near and dear.  Start speaking about those more consistently, with the understanding that some people aren’t going to like it.

When it comes to getting haters or people un-following you or un-subscribing, that’s a rite of passage! It’s all just part of what we call in the TakeOff program “Business Bingo.”

That’s right.  We actually have Bingo, things you can check off when they happen in your business, that are part of being an entrepreneur. That includes people sending you messages saying you’re stupid, people hating on you, and people un-following you.

In fact, it’s a sign that you’re making it, so celebrate it and check it off! BINGO!

2. Get stronger

Did you know that when you consistently rub a magnet on another magnet in the same direction, it gets stronger? That is so cool. (You get a little science lesson in with your podcast episode today!)

As online business owners and entrepreneurs, we need to get stronger as well. The way we get stronger and grow our magnetism is by being consistent and sharing valuable content. That is what magnetises people towards us.

We want to get stronger. And we want to strengthen our magnetism by putting out more consistent, valuable content for our ideal clients.

This works in a range of different ways to magnetise people towards you:

  • SEO: When people are Googling things, and you’ve got content that relates to these things, they’re going to be more likely to find you.
  • Shareability: When you create valuable content for your ideal clients, they will share it with other people who need that content as well.
  • Consistency: Consistency always trumps “flash and crash” strategies when it comes to growing your reach and your audience.

When I can trust you are going to turn up consistently and you’re going to add value consistently to my day, then I will consistently follow you and be drawn into watching your video or consuming your content.

I’ve had hundreds of people tell me when they are scrolling Facebook, and they see my signature white-on-teal spots, they stop scrolling to watch my video because they know it will be valuable for them.

That has come from consistency, not just a single fancy-schmancy video that I did once and was a value to them. It was that consistency – I have proven my worth and my value in investing their time to watch my videos.

3. Move closer

If you’ve got a ball bearing here, and your ideal client is over on the right side and you’re the magnet and you want to draw that ball bearing towards you, you can do that simply by moving closer and closer and closer.

But you don’t have to chase them. Sometimes when you use a magnet and you push it too close to something too quickly, it actually pushes the thing away.

That is what happens when you brace in too far. So don’t be aggressive towards your customers and ideal clients, but move a little closer to them.

A great analogy is from the movie “Hitch,” when Will Smith talks about how you come in 90% of the way, and you let them come in the other 10% – that is exactly the type of metaphor that I love!

You’re moving closer to your ideal client, saying “hey, look at this magnetic thing that I have here,” and then they get to make the decision about whether to jump on board or not.

This includes things like asking for the sale consistently, talking about your products and services, talking about the way you serve and help people, and consistently inviting them to engage with you.

You can put this into action when you send your regular newsletters, or short emails to your audience to say “hey, just wanted to send a quick email to check in and see if you still need help with A, B or C – let me know.”

Those simple steps are actually moving closer to your audience while still giving them the power to make that final call.

4. Get out of the box.

Magnets left in boxes and shiny packaging are not particularly effective at attracting iron towards them, are they?

Often when we are in business, we feel like we have to have this beautiful shiny packaging, but that packaging makes you less magnetic.

People want to buy from other human beings.  Showing your true self and your flaws – jumping out of your shiny packaging – is actually a way that you can magnetise more people towards you.

When I share posts like a ranty Facebook Live on my couch with no makeup, I often get a better response than the pretty, well-presented ones where I’m sitting at my desk. And me sitting at my desk often performs better than those beautifully modelled, studio recording sessions.

In fact, I’ve never done beautifully modelled studio recording sessions. When I see them from mentors that I follow, I don’t really like them as much, and don’t watch them as much, because they look like a perfectly manicured advertisement.

Humans are distrustful of advertising and marketing, so the more you look like a perfectly polished ad, the less magnetic you are – I know, it’s so counterintuitive!

We come from a long masculine history of admiration marketing, and “you need to admire me because I’m perfect and I’ve got it all figured out.” Buuuut that doesn’t work anymore.

In this age of human to human business, being more human actually makes you more magnetic.

So get out of your perfect packaging from time to time, and start connecting human to human with your ideal clients.  You might just find that you become instantly more magnetic.

5. Find your True North.

Left to its own devices, a magnet will consistently point north. For us as online business owners and entrepreneurs, finding our true north makes us more magnetic.

When I say “find your true north,” I’m talking about things like trusting your gut and following your intuition.

Stop following people who don’t align with your values and what you prioritise. Stop trying to be a cookie cutter model of someone else’s business and find your own true north instead.

For a long time, I thought that I needed to have lots of testimonials in order for people to feel like they could trust and buy from me. But whenever I asked my clients for testimonials and shared them, talking about how so-and-so made $8,000 after just six weeks in the TakeOff program, it just felt really weird to me and I was uncomfortable with it.

Then I had a conversation with a client of mine, talking about my discomfort with those kinds of testimonials, and she agreed.  She worked in the weight loss space, and she said, “I don’t like sharing my clients “before” and “after” photos, because it’s like I’m taking the credit for them, and I’ve had companies and coaches do that to me, and I don’t like it. I lost weight because I was the one who did the work.”

And I feel exactly the same when it comes to client testimonials. Me saying that so-and-so made $10,000 in six weeks doesn’t actually resonate or feel congruent for me.  Sure, that person might have been in my program or done coaching with me, but they did the freaking work.

They’re the person who went out there and got the clients, and delivered for them.

They did the marketing.  They showed up and overcame all the mindset blocks and did the work.

I just didn’t really enjoy nor feel aligned with the process of sharing client testimonials – particularly the ones about the money.

Instead of getting perfectly polished client testimonials, what I do now is collect those moments when someone just organically shares their thoughts and feelings about the program.  When they say, “This was amazing, thank you so much” I share their words onto sales pages or occasionally social media, but I don’t share them a lot.

By talking that through with my audience, so many people said, “That’s why I love you. That’s why I still follow you, because you’re not claiming all of your client’s successes.” And it was such an amazing thing for me.

It simply came from listening to myself – listening to what felt right for me and what didn’t.

Now, there’s a big difference between this and slightly pushing me outside my comfort zone. This just wasn’t aligned to my values. It’s important that we get good practice discerning between the two.

Ultimately, if you are feeling like something is not the right fit for you, or not the right strategy for you, you don’t want to behave in that way.

Trust your instincts and find what is true north for you.

Don’t be afraid to discuss it with your business coach or mentor, because a great business coach or mentor should be able to help you to dig into whether this is a values misalignment or just a discomfort.

A great business strategist or coach will be able to help you find other strategies to get the same outcomes without having to step out of alignment.

Throughout my years in business, when something comes up and I feel like it’s a values misalignment, I discuss it with my coach or mentor immediately.  At times it has led to me firing that coach or mentor, because they wanted me to blindly keep implementing something I could see was deeply out of alignment.

I once had a coach who wanted me to put a countdown timer on an email I was sending, even though that countdown timer wasn’t real, and didn’t actually change anything. We had this deep conversation about why I wasn’t willing to lie in the sales process, and they just wanted me to blindly do it.  So I fired them. I wasn’t prepared to work with a mentor who couldn’t help me keep my conversion rates high without creating false scarcity. That was such a great eye opener for me!

If you are having these thoughts about different business strategies you’re being taught, go and speak about them with the people who are teaching them to you.  They will be able to help you discern between a values misalignment versus just nudging you outside your comfort zone.  If it is a values misalignment, they should be able to help you find alternative strategies that feel more aligned for you.

So here is a quick recap:

  1. Polarise, but don’t be a jerk!
  2. Get stronger through being consistent.
  3. Move closer. Be present but don’t be gross!
  4. Get out of that shiny packaging!
  5. Find your true north. Trust your gut and your instincts!

You’re a smart, capable woman, and you know exactly what is good for you and what isn’t.

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Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist