Let’s talk about business growth!!! It doesn’t matter where you are in your business journey, let’s look at what is important for you to be focusing on that’s perfectly aligned to your stage of business.

If you are in the early stages of business OR if you’re in epic growth mode, foundations are critical to ensure that you can sustain easy and epic growth.

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There’s no one-size-fits-all pathway to success and growth in a business.

There are so many different ways that you can create business growth and market your products and services. But if you are starting in the online service-based business space, there are generally four core stages of business.

1. Direct selling

This is where the line of sight between someone finding out about you and someone buying from you is very short and you usually make sales through conversations one-to-one. Whether that be on Facebook Messenger, on a Zoom call, at a barbeque, or whether people find your Facebook page. But in this direct selling phase of business, you’re getting clear on your niche, your messaging, and you’re starting to establish your marketing foundations.

You’re likely starting to build a following, and you’re selling through one-to-one conversations.

In this stage of business, most people are selling one-to-one and delivering one-to-one.

The thing that we’re trying to nail is knowing who your ideal clients are, how to find them online, and how to convert them into paying clients through one-to-one conversations.

If you’re able to do that and you know that you’ve got that nailed, then chances are you’re ready for the next stage of business.

2. Scale and systemise

This is where you’re starting to get your list and your audience growing on autopilot.

You’re making sales one-to-many, but you’re still delivering one-to-one.

That’s where you’re making sales via emails and freebies, and maybe your promotions and posts on Facebook get sales without you having to have a conversation.

In this stage of business, what we want to nail are things like consistency, outsourcing, and selling through email. As I said, those emails and freebies are one-to-many pathways.

When you have nailed the scale and systemise phase of business, this is when your business grows consistently without you needing to increase your workload.

You can grow your business results and your income without significantly increasing your workload and that’s usually the big indicator that scale and systemise is sorted!

3. Leverage and launch

In leverage and launch, you’re not just selling one-to-many, but you’re also delivering one-to-many. That is the difference between scale and systemise, versus leverage and launch.

You’d be offering one-to-many services or products such as online courses, a membership, a mastermind, retreats or a large in-person event. You’re offering services and helping people achieve outcomes through one-to-many delivery, and you usually will be selling these three consistent launches.

When you first release an online course or program, it’s not a matter of just setting up an automated funnel and it’s sorted forever and waiting for the drip-feed of customers to come in… nailing this stage of business takes practice.

Building a scalable and repeatable launch that gets easier and easier for you each time you do it.

This is the tipping point where you can actually serve more people by focusing more on your one-to-many than you can by focusing on your one-to-one.

4. Process orientation

This phase of business is where you have sales on autopilot without needing a launch.

Your funnels and your automated ad-driven top-level content brings in large scale audiences and converts them via automated processes.

Usually, by the time you’re at this stage of business, you are in your zone of genius.

scaling growth stages growth development

Work through the stages of growth and development so that you can be in your zone of genius.

The thing that you do most is turn up and be present with your audience and be the talent of your business, be the face of your business, be the spokesperson and the content creator in your business… turn up and be the talent!!

That’s how you’ve nailed this stage – you stay in your zone of genius most of the time, and your business continues to grow and scale. It’s a sexy stage! That’s for sure.

Hopefully, this has worked as a bit of a checklist for you to be able to see which parts of the business processes you have nailed, and which ones you may need to go back and do some work on.

Growing your business can be simple and straightforward, it just takes some nous to be clear on which stage you’re in, and what foundations need to be sorted to prepare you for the next stage.

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Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist