How can you create a big burst of income in your business in a very short period of time? What does it take to earn that extra money?

Sure, we’ve got long-term growth strategies, but sometimes you just need some money fast.

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Here are some tips that you can implement in your business to get that quick cash injection without derailing the long-term growth of your business.

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Let’s be honest: sometimes you need a cash injection, and sometimes you need it FAST.

Whether it’s for quiet periods, big expenses, or you just want to leap into that next income bracket. Whatever the reason, I’m going to help you to get that cash injection into your business with my simple and easy manifesting process.

(Don’t let the manifesting word fool you – this is practical stuff!)

What is it that you do in these times? And how can you ensure it doesn’t derail the long-term growth of your business?

Create your unique manifesting process.

I recommend that you find a process that works for you. But, you develop your process by starting somewhere – it’s not something that we do in theory!

In this episode, I will share MY strategies so that you can get started, and then you will be able to create a personalised, bespoke approach that works beautifully for you.

Here is my step-by-step process for coming up with short-term cash quickly:

1. Get clear on the goal, and give every cent a purpose

I write down all of the things that I need the income for in the week (or the period I’m working within).

I take into account things like the tax obligations for that income, what I’m paying in regular bills, paying myself as per usual, as well as the extra things that I might need income for.

2. Come up with an action plan to bring it in

I look at what I’ve got planned for the week already and ways that I can increase the results of that strategy. Then, I brainstorm extra things I could do to bring in the cash – I aim for a list of 50 ways, to really get my creative side kicking in.

I will then pick one or two things to start with, and implement them as quickly as possible.

If I need to come back to the list and pick more actions, I will, but not until I’ve finished what I’ve already started.

3. Declutter physically, digitally and energetically/emotionally

Earn extra money decluttering money mindset

Declutter everything to earn extra money.

My physical declutter could be to tidy my office, clear out my purse, or clean up my desk. Something symbolic that makes SPACE.

My digital declutter includes cleaning up my filing, clearing out my calendar, and sorting out anything that’s weighing me down. How can you expect an inbox of new clients when your inbox is already overflowing and overwhelming you?

Next up I look for any heavy feelings or emotions that need to be decluttered. I brainstorm the reasons why I might not make my goal, then I tap on them. I also like to journal about my doubts or things that I think are stopping me.

4. Get loud

I promote and find ways to really show up for my business – which is a surprisingly uncommon step for a lot of people.

Don’t just sit back waiting for clients – get out there and find them! If you don’t have a good marketing strategy, get one.

5. Celebrate every win

I am grateful for every single cent. I celebrate the abundance that has arrived and get excited for more of the same.

If I find myself focusing on what I haven’t got instead of what I have, I switch it up! You don’t create abundance by focusing on lack. FACT.

What do you think? Are you ready to manifest some short term income?

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Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist