It’s almost time for the Heart-centred Business Conference, and people really want to buy their tickets!

Because of this, I’m going to teach you how to make money super fast, and let you know when we’re going to be doing a 7-day Fast Money Challenge!

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Fast Money Challenge:
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Let’s get started!

The first question is “Can we do a fast money challenge, cause I need to bring the money in?”

And secondly “How am I going to bring in the money to buy a ticket for the conference?”

Here you go – a podcast on how to make money quickly.

There comes a time when you need to bring in fast money, and when investing in your business is really what you need to get through a barrier or hurdle to move into the next level.

In this episode, I’m going to let you know when we’re doing a fast money challenge, and also what things I do when I need to make money fast in my business.

First and foremost I want to caveat this by saying I don’t recommend into a pattern/spiral of constantly needing to make money in the short term in your business and needing to use these strategies.

These are strategies that I use when I know I have a deadline coming up and there is something significant to invest in, or I know that my cash flow has dropped off and I want to restart it with something very short term.

If you get into the habit of needing to do this every single week in your business, and you are constantly in this hustle mode of trying to get in short-term income, you’re potentially setting yourself up for a business rollercoaster.

A lot of the strategies I’m going to talk about today are not something I recommend you to do consistently in your business, because we don’t want to be training your audience to wait for you to discount something/do something special.

Whilst the fast-money challenge that I run isn’t called the “7-day hustle money challenge”, some of the strategies I do teach are more short-term than long-term.

Don’t neglect your long-term business growth for the sake of short-term cash injections consistently.

Sometimes you sacrifice the long-term for a little bit of the short-term because it’s necessary and you want to, and others it’s not the best decision for your business.

I just wanted to say that caveat before we get into these short-term strategies because some of them can be a little bit derailing to your long-term growth if you do them over and over again.

Firstly, we are starting a 7-day fast money challenge live on the 17th of February.

This 7-day fast money challenge is a challenge where you get a video each day that combines proven marketing strategy with the law of attraction and mindset techniques to help you bring in a big income goal in a short period of time.

This challenge has helped the ladyposse bring in millions of dollars into their business and we have run over 10 rounds of the 7-day fast money challenge in the last few years. It continues to be my highest performing freebie and the most loved free thing in my business, and with great reason because it helps you to bring in money quickly.

The live round also includes a daily support call via Facebook live into the Heart-centred community and shared to my Facebook page every single day. In this live round, the live support calls are at 9 am AEST.

Make sure that you go and sign up, and join us for the 7-day fast money challenge.

It does not take hours a day. You can schedule in a 30-minute time slot each day for the 7 days and you will increase the income that you are making in your business. It doesn’t need to be hard work and it definitely doesn’t need to take lots of time.

Go and check it out!

Next up, let’s talk about the strategies that I use to bring money in quickly in my business.

1. Get clear on the purpose of why you are going to bring in that money

First up, I get really clear on what I am going to use that money for. I create a little contract with the universe which says how much I’m going to bring in, how long it will take, and what it will be used for.

Make money super fast money mindset income goals

Make money super fast by giving it a purpose.

It has a purpose, I’m clear on where the money is going and what I’m going to use it for.

Whenever I do this short-term cash injection, I am very conscious that I am a good custodian of my money and that I’m looking after myself and my financial obligations.

I might decide that I want to bring in $2,000 to get that ticket to a conference, $1,000 for my business expenses, $1,000 for my investments, and $1,000 for tax.

Even though the money will be coming in short-term, you don’t have to spend it on short-term obligations. Have a think about being a grown up and incorporating the money you will set aside for tax, for looking after your future self, and think about where the money needs to go.

Don’t just focus on the urgent stuff, make sure to look after your financial obligations.

That is still a legitimate purpose for your money.

I like to write myself a list in priority order. As soon as the first money comes in, it goes to x or y and so on.

Sometimes what I’ll do is put chunks in. Let’s say I want to make $2,000 to pay for a ticket to the conference and my flights.

What I’ll do is say the first $500 goes into my account ready to pay for the conference, the next $500 will help pay my rent and so on.

You can break it up into little chunks of where it’s going to go, and when the money comes in you just send it where it needs to go.

Even if that’s into a savings account until you’ve got enough to make a purchase, you are fulfilling that little contract with the universe. It’s a contract with yourself really, but it’s a powerful thing to do.

That is step one.

2. Create a strategy to bring in that money

It’s all well and good to have your purpose and be clear on it, but you need a strategy to bring that money in.

It’s very rare that the money will just magically show up in your bank account without you taking any action. Something that we do in the fast money challenge and something I always do is make a list.

What money do I know is already coming in in the next five to seven days?

You might have clients who have outstanding invoices, you might have payment plans coming through. If you have a clinic and clients pay when they come in, you’ll know how many clients you have.

Write all of that down. What is your expected income already?

The second thing I do is write down all the ways that I can fill in the gap.

I like to try and write fifty ways I could make that money.

Depending on how far through your business journey you are, some of those things might not even be from your business. You might be able to bring in the money by having a garage sale or selling some things on eBay. You might call your sister up and ask her for the money back for something you loaned her, you might apply for health insurance rebates etc.

There are lots of ways you might be able to bring in that income outside of your business.

As for inside your business, you could do a special VIP offer where you give VIP clients an incentive to renew their contract with you early.

You might send an email to the last 10 people you worked with and ask if they are still looking for support. You could have a flash sale or similar. There are so many options available to you.

You could put out a VIP retreat for next year and take deposits now.

The possibilities are endless.

But remember to focus on what you already have first before you create new things. You are going to be much more likely to hit your income target by selling things you already have to people you already work with – particularly with high-end offers.

There are potentially people sitting there who have done single sessions with you before and will instantly get back to you and ask how to proceed if you contact them.

You never know what money is out there, go for the low-hanging fruit first. Don’t go and create a $50 new product and expect to be able to sell 200 spots in the next 7 days. That is setting you up for a lot of disappointment and hard work.

Find the easy things you can do and create a list of all of the ways to bring the money in.

You don’t have to commit to doing all the things on the list, just create the list first.

3. Take action

Pick the first three things that are going to be the easiest for you to do and the most likely return on investment, and just do them. Take some action and meet the universe halfway.

You could do an email out to your mailing list with a special offer in it that’s just a few lines.

“Hey everyone, I’m looking to bring on three new VIPs this month so I’m going to do a 50% discount, here’s how to book it in.”

I’m not saying you have to discount anything, I was just giving it as an example.

Make sure you find something that feels easy for you, and that’s a no-brainer for the people who were potentially looking to work with you anyway. Get out there and start sharing your services and do the things. Take some action.

4. Look at your resistance to making money

When I was writing down that list of ways to make money, was there some resistance that came up for me?

I call it a declutter, where I do both an emotional/mental declutter and a physical declutter.

  • Are you working at a cluttered desk?
  • Is your calendar completely full of appointments you’re not going to keep?
  • Have you got a cluttered to-do list of 400 things that are totally weighing you down?

Do a clear out of those things and something symbolic that creates space for that new money as well.

Clean up your wallet, tidy up your purse, clear off your desk, clear out your handbag.

Do something that creates some space.

Everyone is into Konmarie, the Marie Kondo method of decluttering at the moment. There’s a reason that this isn’t just a physical process, it’s like a healing modality. It creates space for you and makes way for new things.

5. Take action in this space of receiving

I celebrate every single dollar and cent that comes in, and I keep taking action every single day whilst staying open to receiving.

New clutter comes up? Clear it out. Do new limitations arise? Clear them out.

I track my income every evening and create a beautiful snowball. Take action, show gratitude, take action, show gratitude.

Keep that snowball effect going and create an amazing result.

One of the things I say to people in the fast money challenge is that for a lot of people, they have their best week in business the week after the 7-day fast money challenge.

We need to acknowledge that if you have been sitting making no offers and getting no income or results in your business for the last few weeks when you jump in and start doing things the smart way and bringing that income in, sometimes it’ll take some time for those ripples to create waves.

It’s going to take a while for that boomerang of return to come to you. But the fastest way to start that return coming to you is for you to start taking action now and taking it from the right energetic space.

And remember, if at the end of the five to seven days you haven’t made your goal, don’t give up.

Even if you haven’t made your goal, acknowledge and celebrate how far you’ve come.

You have created a new system and snowball for yourself… keep going with it!

Take inspired action and stay open to receiving, and you might just find that you uplevel your income consistently, and not just bring in a short-term cash injection.

If that sounds like something you’d really love to do and you would like my support through that process, join me for the 7-day fast money challenge starting on the 17th of February.

Even if you’re listening after the 17th of February, you can still go and sign up because the videos are available at all times and you can do the challenge in a self-paced format, you don’t need to wait for a live round to come and join us.

The live round is just a great time to start because there’s so much momentum because everyone is doing it at once, it creates this amazing big energetic vortex of awesomeness that we all benefit and win from.

Go and check it out at

If you have any other insights and “aha’s” from this episode, make sure that you use #podcastaha and the episode number (171) when talking about it in the Heart-Centred Soul Driven Entrepreneurs group, and I always love seeing any questions or aha’s that come up from each episode.

Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist