In today’s episode, I’m going to answer the question: what should you launch next in your business?

How do I know the answer? Well, it’s a little bit of magic…

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Let’s dive in!

How can I possibly know, without knowing anything about your business, the exact thing you should launch next?

Well, for 99% of my audience, your next launch should be the exact same thing as your last launch.

It’s true! For so many people, the best thing that they could do in order to really maximise the results of their next launch is to launch the same thing that they just launched.

Why should you be re-launching the same thing when you’ve just launched it?

It’s your opportunity to repeat the launch. With a great review of the previous launch and looking at some of your key launch metrics, you’ll be able to make those minor tweaks and changes (or major ones) to nail the reach, lead generation and conversion of that launch, and get it scaling up faster.

If your last launch didn’t work, you need to make some improvements and changes so that you can get it to work more effectively.

The best time to launch it is now!

launch next in business women reviewing launch courses launching

The best time to next launch in your business is NOW!

As soon as the last launch is over, spend some time reviewing your launch, preparing for the next one and then rolling into launch again!

If your last launch did work, then you want to look at ways to improve the conversion rates even more and then scale it up to larger and larger audiences.

The best time to do that is when that last launch is finished. Do the review and then prepare and get ready for your next launch.

It’s the mistake I made when I first launched the Take Off program that I wish I could go back and fix.

Rather than launching the Take Off program and then going into a launch of something else, I wish wish WISH that 2014 Tash had the opportunity to hear from 2022 Tash that she should relaunch the Take Off program. Do it again! And then do it again.

You’re creating momentum and growing your audience with the exact right people.

The people most likely to buy from you in your next launch are the people who were active participants in the last one but didn’t convert.

For people who work with me inside my Leverage and Launch program, this is the process and the strategy that I recommend for them.

Create your first leveraged product, go out and launch it, and then launch it again. And then launch it again.

We want to snowball that momentum and create this amazing acceleration in the results that you achieve in that launch.

The fastest way to stop that snowball and to dry up that momentum is to distract your audience with something different… it’s to take your audience down a different pathway or speak to a different outcome or, even worse, focus on a different niche.

The best thing for you to launch next in your business is the thing that you launched last time!

I hope this has been a really thought-provoking episode for you.

I’m keeping it super short and simple because it is as short and simple as that.

One thing I will say is this: the next time you launch, give yourself a longer runway than the last time you launched.

That’s usually also the main way I see people really costing themselves conversion and momentum in their launches… their runway for their launch isn’t long enough.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I’m talking about runways, make sure you check out my Launch Basics free training.

This training will help you understand the different phases of a launch, and some of the key strategies to make sure your launch works. Then I want you to go and relaunch the thing you just launched.

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Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist