Heart-Centred Business Podcast with Tash CorbinHello, fabulous entrepreneur! It’s Tash Corbin here, and welcome to this episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast.

Today, we’re going to talk about #leisurelylaunches.

One of the big questions that I get asked is:

Can you first launch really be a #leisurelylaunch?



You may have seen some of the members of the #ladyposse sharing selfies, photos and updates based on their #leisurelylaunches.

It’s something that I have been helping a lot of women to be doing over the last 6-9 months.

People have come on retreats; we’ve planned out their #leisurelylaunches.
People who’ve worked with me in Courses With Heart; we’ve planned out their #leisurelylaunches.

It’s definitely something that I’m embracing myself.

I’ve started to really understand just how gorgeous, relaxed and leisurely launching can be when I am well-prepared.

And so I have been helping other people to do the same and I’m really excited to see that they’re being able to create great results AND feel amazing AND do it in this really beautiful, leisurely launch-style.

But the other thing that I’ve also noticed is that a lot of people who are fresh to launching – they’re on their first or second launch of something – are really beating themselves up.

Because their launches are still feeling like it’s a bit tricky. It doesn’t feel very leisurely.

They want to prepare more and more stuff in advance but they don’t really know what they need to prepare.

So they get really upset and frustrated in the pre-launch process, and they start their launch almost feeling like they’ve already failed because they haven’t created in advance all the things that they need to create.

They haven’t got it all sorted. And so they’re kind of feeling like, “Well, I have already failed at my launch because it’s not going to be a leisurely launch.”

But here’s the thing: when you first launch, you don’t know what you don’t know.

One of the beautiful things about the way that I teach launching – the way that we launch in a very connected and flexible way – is that it’s responsive to what works.

You adapt.
You change things.
You grow things.

You really, in that first 1-2 even 3 launches, your #1 job is to pay attention and to be responsive and flexible.

So your first few launches, whilst they might not necessarily be able to be prepared in advance, they can still feel leisurely. They can still feel really effective.

But I just want to do this blog post and this podcast episode because I wanted to take away the pressure for first-time and second-time launches to get everything right the first time.

Remember, my #1 catchphrase is: It’s a practice.

It’s all just a practice.

So, if your first launch you don’t pre-write all of the emails that you need to write…

If in your first launch you don’t know what your second webinar topic is before you finish your first webinar…

Those are actually all totally fine.

Because you will be responding to what works, what people get excited by, what creates resonance with your target market, what messaging works really well.

The best thing you can do during those first few launches is actually PAY ATTENTION.

I remember this time last year and even two years ago, I would be doing a launch and I would put up a video and it would have 5 or 6 sales within 20 minutes of me posting that video.

Or now that I’m doing Facebook Lives more prolifically even a year ago when I would do a Facebook Live in the middle of a launch, I would have 2 or 3 sales instantly – as soon as that Facebook Live had finished.

Do you think that I wrote down the topic of that Facebook Live and the things that I said in that Facebook Live? No, I didn’t.

Because I was just doing everything off the cuff.

Nowadays, I’m much more focused on keeping note of what works and what doesn’t.

If I do a post to share my webinar and it gets 20 sign-ups that day and I can see that it was a particular type of copy, I will make sure that I keep that copy.

If I do a Facebook Live and I get some sales during a launch, I will take notes of that Facebook Live. What were the 4 dot points that I covered? What did I call it? What time was it in the launch sequence? And I make sure that I do that again in the next launch.

A lot of the Facebook Lives that I’ve done in my last launch I’m actually downloading them and keeping them as videos that I can upload to Facebook later and say, “This was the Facebook Live that I did last time. Just thought you guys might find it interesting.” and just see if that gets any traction and just start to repurpose some of that old content as well.

So if you are a first-time launcher or you’re in that learning phase of what it takes to launch: you don’t know what you don’t know.

There are ways to be more prepared for your launches.

In Courses With Heart, for example, we go through the preparation phase of a launch and we do write all the email sequences, the sales page, the Thank You page, the Welcome email… All those things that you don’t think about, we’ve got it all mapped out and we do do that in the preparation getting ready for launch.

But if you’re not going to be in a program like that or you don’t have that information to hand, it is totally legit for you to try some things and if, for example, the Thank You page you realise mid-launch, “Oh I don’t actually have a good Thank You page. What goes on my Thank You page?” and you fix it, then just keep note of that for your next launch.

Make sure you’re keeping track of all the things you need to create.

Turn it into your own little checklist. How do you think I created my checklist that I share with my clients? It was through practising and paying attention to what I needed to do.

So the best thing that you can do – even if your launch isn’t feeling particularly leisurely and particularly prepared in advance…

(That’s what makes a leisurely launch really – it’s preparing as much in advance as possible so that you can get to just be present. You just get to do your Facebook Lives and run your webinar and be hyper-present to your audience. That’s the fun part of launching. All the admin is done beforehand. That’s what makes a leisurely launch a leisurely launch.)

So if you haven’t been able to do that this time and for the first few times you’re not able to do that preparation in advance, for goodness sake at least make sure that you are keeping all of the stuff that you’ve done in a launch.

You’re keeping track of that.

That you’re making your own little checklist.
That you’re being really clear on what you did and didn’t do well and what you needed to do so that next time you can start to prepare a little bit more of your stuff in advance.

Maybe you can keep the email sequence and roll it out again because it was really effective. Or you just make a few tweaks to it and you can just schedule those emails up and you don’t need to worry about those.

So all those little things that you take off future you needing to do as a task are going to make the next launch even more leisurely.

And the last thing is to pay attention to what works and the numbers.

Keep track of numbers as you go through your launch.

Regardless of how much you prepare in advance of didn’t, those numbers will give you some really good indicators of what to expect next time.

So if you’ve got 100 people signed up for your webinar and 5 people purchased on early bird, you have a 5% conversion rate. You need to make sure you keep track of that information for the next launch.

So your next launch, you want to aim for 300 people to sign up for the webinar. Can you maintain your conversion rate when you get more people to that webinar?

A lot of the times when you’re doing those first few launches, you’ll know the people who purchased the course. You know where they’ve come from.

Particularly for me, when I do my first launch of any program, I know that the most likely people who are going to purchase it are already active members of the #ladyposse.

They’ve probably bought something from me before.
They’re probably the most prolific posters in the Heart-centred group.
They’re on my mailing list, they’ve been around for a year.

I know these things about them and so my messaging on my launches is to those people – particularly for the first couple.

And then I know that as my launch grows – as I’m bringing colder traffic into the launch process, then my conversion rate is going to drop off a little.

So my first launches, I aim for really high conversion rates for the first and second launch.

And then my third and fourth launches – because I’m usually expanding out into Facebook Ads and cold audiences, I know that my conversion rate is going to drop off but I’m prepared for that.

So all these little things about paying attention to your numbers and knowing what to expect will set you up so that the next launch can feel even calmer and feel even more leisurely.

You can continue to grow the extent to which you prepare and get everything done in advance for each launch as you go forward.


Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast.

I’ve got a beautiful freebie for those of you who are looking to launch.

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Make sure that you check that one out.

That will help you to know what you need to have prepared in advance for that beautiful launch of yours.

Until next time. I cannot wait to see you shine.

Goodbye for now.