Heart-Centred Business Podcast with Tash CorbinHello, gorgeous entrepreneur! It’s Tash Corbin here.

Welcome to episode 131 of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast.

Today, I’m sharing with you my short-term cash strategy, how you can get income, money, cash flow, into your business really quickly.

How exciting!!



So, regardless of the reason whether it be you’ve got something you want something you want to invest in, you got some bills coming up, you want to put money away for saving or you just want to grow the baseline income of your business. There are times in your entrepreneurial journey that you need to bring in cash fast.

Sometimes it not even that you need it, it’s just that you want it, you want to start increasing your income, you wanna be moving forward with your business quickly, you want a big influx of clients, or you’re going to launch a course or program and you want it to be your best ever.

Well, it pays them to have some short-term cash strategy. That help you create that you are looking for in your business.

I have a really simple go to process that I use to create more money in my business and I find when I use this process and kinda make a game of it, I am much more successful than falling into that trap of feeling like I need to hustle, work harder, go out there and spam everybody, or do those things that out of alignment to me and my business.

So, what I’m gonna be sharing with you today.

Are my 5 step to creating short-term cash in my business.

And I loved for you to come and share your strategy and your step and any aha! that you have into the Heart Centred Soul-Driven Entrepreneur facebook community. So, come on over to the group and use the #podcastaha.

Let us know which episode you’re listening in too, this is 131 and share your a has or what going to be doing to bring cash quickly in your business.

As I said, when you need or want a big cash injection into your business it can be very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you need to get out there and work harder and share more things and spam everybody and hustle and getting into space.

A lot of people also resort into trickery and weird tactics, false urgency, false scarcity, in order to try and raise the income that is coming in their business but this all comes from a puberty mindset from a fear-based mindset.

And I know from myself when I try and do it that way it might create a short increase in my income, it might bump up my income a little bit but it’s actually detrimental to my mindset, it feels like it’s really hard, I start to eat, you know…

Things get hire wire for me, overall, if I fall into that trap of thinking that hustling is the way to increase the income of my business and get that money in fast.

So, instead, I love to the game of finders, have a fun game with the universe, with your business, with your strategy to really help you bring in a cash injection quickly.

So, what I wanna do is to share with you my five-step process and share also some practical example of what this might look like.

1. Get clear on what and why

Get clear on what and why, so…
“What is the income that I wanna be bringing in, by when and why do I need it?”
being clear on the purpose of that money and what I am going to use it for before I even go out and try and get it

I really write a contract with the universe and I write down and said.

“I want to do this, this, this, this, and this.”

“This is how much each of them is going to cost”

“This is the total that I wanna bring in the next 7 days or in the next two weeks, or in the next month and when that money comes in, this is what going to do with it.”

So, I love getting really clear on the purpose of the money that I’m trying to bring in. If I just set myself with a random target, of said…

“I want 30,000 dollars in the next month,”

then often it’s really hard for me to connect with that.

There’s no reason why I want it, it just a little bit greedy sometimes and it doesn’t actually have a purpose to serve…

I actually do create that little contract with the universe.

And I say…

“This is what I’m looking for”

“This is what I want. And when the money comes in that what I’m going to spend it on.”

2. Get clear on to the how

Instead of getting then in worry mode…

“How am I going to get those 12 thousand dollars in the next 7 days? There no way that I can do it.”

Switch your mind over into problem-solving mode, rather than problem focus mode. What I like to do is to actually write down 50 ways that I could bring in money.

“I could do a flash sale on one of my course.”

“I could do a flash sale on one to one time.”

“I could run a ladyposse auction.”

“I could do a launch of something.”

There are so many options, “I could start selling stuff from my house.”

“I could go out there and list myself as a dog walker.”

“I can do babysitting jobs.”

“I could put myself up on airtasker.”

You know, there are so many different ways that we could actually bring this money in.

And sometimes we’re just really blinkered and focus on, “it has to come in this way, account” and so doing this 50 ways I’m gonna be able to make this money helps me to get unblinkered and move from worry mode into solution mode.

That’s my step number two, so write down all the ways that I could bring that all money in.

3. Is to clear the way for this money to come in

I will do a physical declutter particularly of thing related to finances so, make my zero is up to date with all my bookkeeping, make sure that I got all my banking in order, I will have a date night with Honest Dave, my partner to talk about our money and our priorities are

I’ll also, uncover and tap into, what going on with me in terms of my mindset.

“Is there any negative thinking or money block or there’s anything going on for me in my mindset and energy that might actually stop me from achieving my goal?”

So, I get very curious about what’s going on in my mind.

So, that step 3 of clearing the blocks out of the way is really 3 layers.

So, it’s the physical clearing, so I might tidy up my purse or so you know those sorts of things that I’ve talked about.

It’s the mental clearing what are the actual blocks that are coming out from me and my mindset.

“Why do I think I can’t do this?”

“Maybe I think negative consequences of this happening?”

That definitely something that I like to dig into through this process

And then also, clear the actual blocks.

How easy is it for people to find out how they can work with you, how much the cost, and actually pay you money. Other ways that you are actually blocking the abundance that is trying to come into you right now.

Often, when thinking about those actual blocks…

“It’s been a while since I’ve promoted anything…”


“I’ve fallen off this pattern of the kind of half making offer, half talking to my elites, half doing this and half doing that…”

And so, I am not focused on a specific strategy and clearly articulating people with people why they might like to work with me right now and how they can do that.

Also, looking at the ways you’re actually blocking money can be really important too.

4. Get out there and take action

Having an actual strategy and taking extra on that strategy is kinda like meeting the universe halfway.

You’re doing all of the fun things, and the mindset thing, and the energetic things to make sure that you are open to receiving but at the same time put some strategy into place to go out there and share your work.

That might be that you have a specific launch that you are to focus on, you might do a webinar or some kind, or focus on a freebie, and then that lead into selling something into people.

You might put together a new special thing and go out there and offer it.

Or, you might look at something that you’ve created in the past and give it a revamp and a relaunch.

Maybe, it just means go into to facebook communities offer your services, get lots of people on the phone with you and work with some people one to one and find yourself a couple new VIP.

There’s always inspired action that you can be taking to really increase your online presence, grow your business and get the money in the door.

5. Getting really good at receiving

I don’t know about you but I used to be really bad at receiving even compliments.

People would say, “Oh my goodness! You look really pretty lovely today.”

And I’m like “Oh! This old thing, you look amazing!” I’ll just deflect anything nice that people would say about me.

And I did that with money as well. I would be consciously and subconsciously blocking money.

People would offer to shout me lunch and I think there’s a period of 5 years when no one, ever got to pay the bill except for me.

I wasn’t good at actually receiving.

So, the things that I do to help me to practice being good at receiving are tracking my income, every single day and showing gratitude with every single cent that shows up for me.

Whether that finding 5 cents in the streets, whether that a random sale of my book and 20 dollars pops up on my PayPal account, whether that a VIP that signs up and gives me 8000 dollars in one big hit, I always show immense gratitude for the money that shows up, each and every day.

As I’m tracking my income I’m paying attention to my thoughts,

“What are my thoughts about my income level for today?”

“Why do I think that my income level is like that today?”

“What am I grateful for? and what am I telling myself that might not be necessarily helpful?”

So, for example, sometimes when I really have big income days my mind is going crazy…

“This isn’t fair…”

“This is mean…”

“There’s something wrong with you.”

“You should make money this easily.”

Sometimes, I have really low-income days…

It’s “You didn’t work hard enough, of course, you didn’t make that money.”

“Nobody wants what you are doing…”

You know, all of those things they’re there, right?

And having some strategy and tools to uncover what’s coming up. In terms of that money mindset and clear out those negative beliefs and blocks can be really really powerful.

So, tracking, showing gratitude for what comes in, and really noticing those sorts, is step number 5.

One of the last thing that I will say about this beautiful game of find way of bringing in money fast is that I think it’s really important to honor that contract with the universe.

Sometimes I work with people they say…

“Look I need 5000 dollars in the next two weeks so that I can do this a, b, and c.”

And then the money comes in and spend the money on something else, they go in and pay that electricity bill with it, or they’ll go buy that course that would never intend to buy, or they’ll spend it on other people. They won’t receive it and spend it on the things, that they wanted to spend it on for themselves.

And I find that energetically that can really be discombobulating. So, when then money does come in, spend it on the things that you said you are going too. Honor that contract with the universe.

Now, of course if that means if your kids will have to go without food or something crazy like that, is of course, no I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do that thing you should do or shouldn’t you know, look after yourself in the way you need to, or you should default on your rent because you said you’re going to buy an iPad.

But, in most cases, the other ways of spending the money aren’t those core things, they’re the other things, they’re a shiny object or their ways to deflect their money out and spend it out other people instead of investing back into yourself.

So, honor that contract with the universe as much as you can and that will create a beautiful virtuous cycle of being able to bring that income in over and over again.


Now, if you’d like to try out this beautiful fun game of find way of bringing income into your business.

I have great news for you because I actually have a gorgeous free resource and it’s a free challenge that I run thought out the year, a few times. It’s called 7 Days Fast Money Challenge.

You can actually join the 7 days fast money challenge at any time and get started throughout the year. The video is always there and available for you. You can always come in and share what you’re doing with the 7 days fast money challenge.

It is best to start it on a Sunday, if you can because it’s built around the theme day of the Hearts-Centred, Soul-Driven Entrepreneur facebook group, as well, particularly, if you sell into entrepreneur and you wanna come in and use the group as one of the places you might bring that money in.

Then, starting the challenge on a Sunday is what I recommend but you can start it on any day of the week.

You even don’t have to do it in 7 days, some people do 2 days for each of the 7 days so they have a 14 days money challenge, they do 22 days or 28 days that they’re focused on moving through and watching the videos.

So, each day, there’s a video that gives you some really practical action to take and some enter come and share with us in a Hearts-Centred, Soul-drive Entrepreneur facebook group.

So, I said, the 7 days fast money challenge is battle for you to do at any time but if you are listening to this podcast before the 25 of February.

Then, if you sign up of the 7 Days Fast Money Challenge, you can join us for a live round starting on the 25th so we’re gonna do a live round with probably over a thousand women doing the7 Days Fast Money Challenge together.

Supporting each other, cheering each other on, it is amazing, the high vibe, amazing energy that we create when we do the fast money challenge together.

There’ve been some amazing results from this challenge and to date through 7 live rounds of the challenge, plus all of the people who are doing it on their own time, we’ve created over 3 million dollars of income for the ladyposse.

Isn’t it amazing? I mean it blows my mind to think that 3 million dollar is in the hand of heart-centred entrepreneurs, thanks to doing the activities that are in this challenge.

It just makes my heart sinks and I loved for us to get to the point where we do one live round and we bring in a million bucks in that one live round.


So, if you’d love to be part of the plan come on over to the show notes for this episode at www.tashcorbin.com/131 because this is episode 131 and all of the information and link will be there for you to come and join us in the fast money challenge.

Thank you so much for joining me in this episode of the Hearts-Centred Business Podcast.

Until next time. I’m Tash Corbin, you’ve been a fabulous listener.

And until next time I cannot wait to see you shine.