I want to let you in on a few start-up secrets…

If you’re thinking of starting a business, or you already have and feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels, I want you know that:


You don’t have to have or learn how to use shiny tech apps to make sales; 


You don’t have to figure EVERYTHING out this week;


You don’t have to wait months or years to start seeing a profit;


You can build a successful online business on a lean budget;


You can start a business and get sales without a website;


You can successfully market your business in a heart-centred, soul-driven and feminine way.

I completely understand if the overwhelm of starting and running a business has been taking up space.

It’s not easy to find strategies and support that can get you the leg-up you need to get going.

Especially given that you are a heart-centred, soul-driven entrepreneur who is truly looking to make a difference, to be of service, and to grow a business that is aligned with your purpose.

You lead with your intuition and you seek to make your mark through your service-based business. So you need a heart-centred mentor who understands and nurtures you and your business to get you off the ground.

This is where I can help and guide you.

My group coaching program Take Off, offers you the personalised guidance, support and strategies you need to get your online business flying, and fast.

Starting a business doesn’t have to be hard. And, you definitely don’t have to go it alone.

Are you ready for your business idea to take-off?

“Prior to Take Off I had spent thousands on courses and programmes for zero return and hardly any support. The Take Off investment was SO worth it, not only for monetary return but for the ongoing access to Tash and the live calls which are invaluable and mean I don’t need to buy another course.”

Leonie Gough

The reality of being in the start-up phase of your business is that:


You NEED a mentor, not just training or an online course where you still have to figure everything out on your own.


You NEED a high-touch, high-care program that allows you the space and support to get your business off the ground quickly and easily.


You NEED a supportive environment surrounded by like-minded womxn in business who are happy to collaborate, not compete.


You NEED practical up-to-date advice for lean budget marketing that actually works to start and grow your business.

I give you all of this inside of Take Off, and ME: a dedicated, heart-centred mentor who will listen, guide, and bounce ideas around with you, so that you end up with the perfect strategy for your business.

Through the Take Off program I guide you through the start-up phase ensuring you have totally nailed:


Your business model


Your ideal client and niche


The precise packages you will offer and their pricing


Your easy sales process that fits your strengths and skills


Your strategy to reach your ideal clients without having to spend money on advertising

How to scale your business and the right marketing strategies FOR YOU

“I LOVE Take Off – the whole program, the videos and worksheets, Tash’s support and live calls, and all the support from the ladies in the program. Tash has developed a high-touch program that you cant get anywhere else. STOP buying pieces of what you need to get your business off the ground and get into Take Off where you get it ALL in one program.”

Kristina Deckard

Inside the Take Off program you will find:

Connected, feminine business and marketing strategies that actually work

Step-by-step guided video modules 

Twice-monthly group coaching calls.

A supportive environment to get your business up and running, fast!

What you won’t find in the Take Off program is:

One magical universal strategy that you just plug into your business.

A reliance on a thousand-plus-dollar ad budget with little return.

A need for a fancy website with all the bells and whistles.

Forceful and fast-paced masculine marketing methods.

Get the practical guidance you need to grow your new business without overwhelm or spammy strategies.

You CAN reach your business potential and it would be my privilege to help your start-up shine

Not ready for Take Off but really want to get more clients?

What if you could do it with ZERO ad spend?

Getting real clients from Facebook doesn’t need to be expensive, spammy or intrusive!
You just need a clear strategy and personalised approach.

If you’re ready to finally get traction on social media, start with my $0 FB Marketing Plan Training.

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