Are you ready to create an online course, membership or program… but don’t know how to start?

I want to extend a VERY warm welcome and the highest of fist bumps to you, heart-centred female entrepreneur who is filled with energy, passion, and motivation to grow and scale your business, because I was once where you are now….

I too was running low on time, but looking to expand my revenue and opportunities.

I too wanted to serve in a bigger and more connected way.

I too was driven to share my message with a wider audience.

I understand where you’re at and what you need, because not only have I walked-the-walk, but I’ve also helped hundreds of other women like you who are ready for BIG business growth to take the next courageous and exciting step in their business development: LEVERAGE!

Creating leverage moves you from working 1:1 to a 1:many format.
Creating leverage frees up your time without impacting your bottom line.
Creating leverage enables you to scale your business and serve on a bigger level.


Creating leverage requires strategy, support and sales.

If you want ALL of that in ONE place, with me as your mentor, the Heart-Centred Business Academy contains everything you need to create leverage in your business.

“The Academy has been a game changer for me, I didn’t expect all the added bonuses of how many resources are available, it’s not just group calls, the Facebook group is extremely supportive and the academy library is priceless.”

Sharon Stanford

The Adacemy is perfect for you if you want to:

Surround yourself with amazing women who UNDERSTAND you, SUPPORT you, and want to help you to SUCCEED
Find a business mentor and strategy coach with a proven history of helping grow skills in sales, marketing, and mindset
Scale your business in a way that meets your purpose, serves your clients, and fits your business model

You’re ready for the Academy if you’re:


Yearning for a supportive mastermind comprised of other ambition, goal-driven women in business


Making money in your business, but this relies heavily on your constant presence and promotions

Looking to solidify the long-term sustainability of your business so that you can see real growth and profitability

“The Academy is absolutely the best thing you can do for your biz – so many awesome women in there and Tash’s calls and modules make such a huge difference to your processes, inspirations and income – love it❤️”

Sal Jade

“I ❤ the heart-centred biz academy! It’s a must if you’re looking to grow your biz, your personal power and your community of like minded entrepreneurs”

Bev Roberts

Create a leveraged offering that your clients actually want

Learn proven marketing and sales strategies that are easy to execute

Use feminine launch plans that don’t include hustle, spamming, or an overwhelming amount of technical ability

Forge your own unique path to stellar business growth with the best strategy for YOUR BUSINESS and a step-by-step process to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Are you ready for the next level?

One of the ways to go BIG in business to scale up and grow a passive income is, indisputably, through creating and launching an online course, membership or program.

It works and it works for a reason. You could say it’s the new black of the passive income stream world.

And the thing about online courses is that they can 100% suit your SERVICE, target your AUDIENCE, and SPEAK to your purpose and passion.

The key is to know what to create, how to create it, AND most importantly how to launch it!

Fancy a sneak peek into what you’ll find behind the Academy doors AND get my step-by-step process to creating and launching an online course FOR FREE?

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