As an established womxn entrepreneur you KNOW that your business
has the potential for immense growth and development.

Your passion is infectious and your ability to connect and serve is strong.

You’re driven and want to nail launches, scale your business, and move well beyond six figures.

But not at all costs.

After all, you started this business to create a life, not delay it!

Working with me you can build and grow strategically. Focusing on high-yield actions and consistently simplifying so you’re not just staying busy, you’re actively building your business.

Yes, this will take work.
Yes, it will take time.
Yes, you will need support.

That’s where I come in.

I am experienced in helping entrepreneurs to scale beyond six figures…
With a business built to their strengths…
So you can change more lives, with less effort.

Working with me, you get:

My eyes on your business on a regular basis
A clear strategy that plays to your strengths
Support to make smart decisions about your price, positioning, messaging, and strategy
A sounding board for refining ideas, pivoting your approach, and adjusting plans as needed
Someone who doesn’t just keep you accountable, but deeply wants you to succeed

Are you a driven womxn in business looking for sustainable growth and development?

Check out the Heart-Centred Business Accelerator –  for your epic year of scaling and growth.

My own journey to six figures and beyond, whilst rapid, wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops.

And I believe that’s what makes me such a great mentor – I’m not here to share my perfectly executed, flawless plan that didn’t require any adjustments or resilience. I’m here to help YOU become a brilliant business strategist for YOUR business.

My epic failures, my willingness to experiment, and my tenacious hunger to do it my way has led me to this place. And it means that I don’t prescribe to one specific model, one specific pathway, or another coach’s teaching.

I am open about my mistakes, my successes, my lessons and more – and consistently share these as part of my mentoring – whether that’s in VIP sessions, in my group programs or openly on social media.

I’m also a well-known open book – so if there’s something specific you’d like to know, please do ask!

Not quite ready for the Accelerator?

While you know that growth and scaling up is in your future, it may not be the right time to start focusing on these strategies just yet.

If you want to start leveraging your time, and scaling your business, why not check out my free course training, which includes:


How to design a course that achieves big outcomes for your ideal clients


The step-by-step map for creating AND launching an online course or membership


How to plan and prepare your course launch to maximise results


Common myths and mistakes when creating and launching courses and how to avoid getting trapped!

Or get some business and marketing tips for free when you tune into the Heart-Centred Business Podcast. I share weekly episodes on growing, scaling and managing your online business more efficiently and effectively. Browse some episodes now…