Heart-Centred Business Podcast with Tash CorbinHello again gorgeous entrepreneur! It’s day 3 of Tashmas, welcome to the Heart-centred Business Podcast. I’m Tash Corbin and as per usual in Tashmas, I have a beautiful little lesson for you and a very special offer.

So today I want to talk you about 5 reasons why I think you should track your income every single day. It’s a big resistance point for people, I know I tried it and fell off the wagon, then tried it again and again. I could keep it up for maybe a month, but then I would forget again.

Creating that habit of consistently tracking my income every single day has been a complete game changer for me, so I wanted to come and share with you some of the key reasons why I think tracking money is so important, and if that’s something that you want to focus on in 2019 I have a super sexy offer for you.

Reason number 1 why you should track your income daily: What gets measured gets improved.

There are so many reasons why tracking your income grows your income, and this is the number 1 thing. If you know that you are going to be tracking your income every day, then you are more likely to take income-generating actions, and you are more likely to be looking at your money mindset and how you are being open (or closed) to receiving as well.

So reason number 1 is that old adage that what gets measured gets improved.

If you know that you’re going to your Weight Watchers meeting each week and you know you’re going to get weighed in, they have shown you are more likely to stick with the plan. If you are going to be doing a test on general knowledge, you will be more likely to pay attention in class when you know it’s coming. Classes that don’t have assessments at the end of them are more likely to have people who don’t pay attention.

Once again, what gets measured gets improved. What we want to do is tap into that with your income.

Reason number 2: You can notice your thoughts about yourself, your business, and your money.

During that daily tracking habit, you might notice some interesting thoughts that pop up. This is why I use progress art to track my income.

When I’m doing a round of the 100 Days of Colour program, which is 100 days of tracking online course, I use a canvas. But in between sessions and for other things, I use the 50 Pages of Colour book. This book is available to purchase, you can find it at tashcorbin.com/50pages. It’s great for tracking special goals relating to income and other things. In mine, I have laps in the swimming pool, ticket sales for the conference, healthy habits, people joining my courses.

They’re all inside this book.

Now, the reason why I like progress art is because it extends that ritual of the time that I spend tracking my income, and colouring-in doesn’t take too much brain space, so I have that space to notice what’s going on with my thoughts. Something that I used to notice a lot when I had a low/no income day while tracking, was that my mind would instantly go:

“Well, of course, you didn’t make money today, you didn’t do enough today.”

I had this belief that it has to be hard, I have to work harder to make more money. If I want to make more money, I have to work more hours. It was really interesting to see that thought pop up over and over again.

In reality on the surface, I said and believed at that time “It can be easy, I 100% believe my business can be easy!”

But deep down I didn’t believe it.

So for me, it created that time and space for me to notice my thoughts, not just about money, but also about myself and about my business. Even when I had high-income days, I would notice that my thoughts were: “Oh this is going to take a really long time to colour in, what a pain.”

Hang on a minute, this is money coming in… Do I feel that way about my business? When I make more money it’s a pain? That’s something interesting to pay attention to.

Tracking is amazing for creating that time and space, even if you don’t use progress art. Just that little action of tracking your income every day will help you tremendously.

That’s number 2.

Number 3: You can see patterns over time of where you might be sabotaging yourself, or falling off the tracking process.

When I did my first ever 100 Days of Colour, I was facilitating a mastermind. It was so fascinating to me that I saw that I thought I stopped income tracking when there was a lot of money coming in, but I also stopped tracking my income when I had big bursts of income in my business. I was hitting an upper limit after having an $11,000 day and it freaked me out so much that I stopped tracking my income, but I didn’t notice at the time. It was only 7 or 8 days later when I noticed that I hadn’t tracked my income for ages and went back to look at the last day I had tracked, it was the day before my $11k day.

On the day I made that money I made an excuse not track and then didn’t track again after that. It allowed me to see that I had a lower limit, but also an upper limit that took me out of my comfort zone. It was triggering for me and allowed me to clearly see that there was something going on.

I could look back and see those patterns, and it was very powerful stuff.

Number 4: You can also look at opportunities where you can have other income sources and strings in your business.

If you see those patterns we mentioned, you might notice that February and November are actually quite slow months for your business. You might not have a lot of income there, so you can prepare for it and try to make additional income in the other months, or pop the launch of something into those slow months.

You’ll also be able to see why those months are slow for you as well.

When you track your income consistently you can see those patterns that are coming up. It really helps me when a launch is coming up as well. I know that when I have a launch coming I can have a bit of a dead income period because I’ll be mostly promoting freebies and lead magnets during that time.

Although my income will go down for that period, by tracking my income daily I know it’s okay because the launch will be coming up soon. It stops me getting into that panic cycle of having to make money all day every day. It gets me out of that hustle mode because I can take a step back and have a look at the bigger picture.

The final reason for why you should be tracking your income every single day is because for most women talking to, paying attention to, and making decisions for money is a bit of a taboo.

And yes, from my generation on we probably don’t have as much of an issue, but we are carrying those ancestral things and the behaviours that we saw in our parents/grandparents. That is programming that we need to be attuned to, and one of the big areas where we don’t pay enough attention is money.

Men looked after the money, men talked about the money, talking about money is unseemly. There are so many limiting beliefs that we have particularly as women that are going to mean that we need to work through that stuff and let it go so that it can heal.

By tracking your income every single day you’re pulling your head out of the sand and paying attention, and that is really going to shift the way that you see money and the relationship that you have with money as well.

I’ve had to heal a lot of limiting beliefs around money, and also a lot of odd behaviours, particularly from the women in my family and the women in generations before me.

Tracking my income daily is one of the ways that I am showing the universe that I am ready to pay attention and that I am happy to do it. I’m taking control.

So those are the 5 big reasons I think you should be tracking your income daily.
Now, if you’re anything like me and you really struggle to keep up this habit on a daily basis and want some support through the process, I really do recommend for you my 100 Days of Colour program. The next round of 100 Days of Colour is starting on January 1st.

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So that’s support@tashcorbin.com.

The 100 Days of Colour program brings together using progress art, and also some very strategic and structured exercises that we do together to look at the strategy behind your income goals.

If you set yourself a goal of $50k in 100 days, we need to make sure that your business is actually capable of delivering and map out where that income is going to come from, and the plans behind that.

100 Days of Colour includes a private Facebook group, eight live workshops with me throughout the 100 days, and you also get some extra little bonuses such as pages from the 50 Pages of Colour book, plus the tracking sheets.

This means that you have everything that you need, and usually, I recommend you go and buy a canvas so we can make a beautiful canvas for you as well.

100 DOC brings together (the same way the fast money challenge does) proven marketing strategies with the law of attraction, income tracking, and progress art, to really set yourself up to achieve a stretch target over a long period of time.

It’s really important for you to keep up your tracking for those 100 days. We have a lot of women in the ladyposse who credit 100 Days of Colour for helping them double, triple and quadruple their income of subsequent rounds.

Do come and check it out, you can find out more about 100 Days of Colour at tashcorbin.com/100days.

Thank you so much for joining me for day 3 of Tashmas! Until tomorrow, I cannot wait to see you shine! Bye for now!