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#147 How To Increase Your Prices

In this episode I teach you the exact strategies that I use to increase my short-term and long-term income in my business through increasing my prices. I take you through the steps that you need to put in place to make sure that when you increase your prices, it’s actually a business growth time in your business. Watch now to get started…

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Episode 148: Masculine vs feminine sales strategies

Today, we’re going to be talking about something really excited for me.

It’s something that I have presented at conferences. It’s one of the keynote speeches that I give. And I’m going to get a little more practical today.

I’m talking about SELLING and in particular, the difference between masculine-oriented sales and feminine-oriented sales.

Curious? Well, let’s get started…

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Episode 146: The speaking gig you are missing out on right now

Today, we’re talking about the one question that I get asked over and over again and it comes up even more now that I run the Heart-Centred Business Conference.

And that question is, “How do I get picked for more speaking gigs?”

I’m going to answer it, and I’m going to tell you that there’s one speaking gig that you’re missing out on and you’re not taking advantage of it and you could actually do it today.

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Episode 130: The power of LADYPOSSE

In today’s episode, we’re talking about something really close and dear to my heart today. Denise Duffield-Thomas called it her Lady Mafia and Marie Forleo calls it her Inner Circle. I call it ladyposse or a ladyposse wolfpack.

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