It’s almost CHRISTMAS!!!

It’s already #tashmas 🙂 (

… so I thought I would put together a list of the big trends that I predict will be prominent in 2018…


1. THE VIBE – Simplify

It seems EVERY SINGLE PERSON is hitting the simplify trend hard. And with good reason!

Often in business we make life difficult for ourselves – we have too many products, too many channels, too much to DOOOOOO!!! So the move towards simplification isn’t surprising, and I see it as a huge positive. I have DEFINITELY been bitten by the simplify bug ( and I hope that at some point in 2018 it gets you too.

2. CUSTOMER TREND – Opting out

More than EVER before I am seeing people opt out, hearing about people opting out, seeing posts CELEBRATING the opt out.

And yes, this is a good thing – particularly if they KEEP you in their inbox and remove the other noise.

What does this mean for entrepreneurs? VALUE. Ensuring you provide value in your emails (and refrain from the 18-emails-in-one-day-launch-style), will mean that people are much less likely to unsubscribe.

NOTE: I said “value”, not “overwhelm with information”

3. BIG ACTION – Raising prices

If the last year is anything to go by, we are collectively ALL stepping up and claiming our VALUE. And in 2018, it’s going to be even stronger.

Whereas in previous years, conversations with my clients about raising their prices have been met with MASSIVE resistance, there is now a gorgeous trend of acceptance and excitement. We are more willing to acknowledge our own achievements and experience somehow. Plus of course with greater understanding of financial sustainability and business growth requirements, I think more women are realising that they can’t AFFORD to remain the cheapest in their industry.

Are you raising YOUR prices next year?

4. Social Media Trend – Back to basics

Does ANYONE have time to watch all the videos these days? Now that video has infiltrated pretty much every social media channel, I am predicting that the best-performing social media posts will be the old-fashioned static image and text. I’ve had more requests for written content than ever before in the past few months, and video is soooo prolific, I’m not sure it will be the stand-out content for social media. Video blogs, particularly those that are effectively captioned, will still be highly effective, but I think ‘scroll-past’ rates for video will continue to rise.

5. Hot Tool – Messenger Bots

Even though I’m not a fan of messenger bots (I find them invasive once I have the initial thing I wanted) … they’re going to grow in popularity, and I can see why. Getting in front of people is getting harder and harder. The FB Newsfeed is so crammed with advertising and sales pitches – it’s hard to find a quiet space to stand out. Messenger bots will rise in popularity, and those who get in early will see great results, and I predict a big drop-off rate – so I’m happy to be late to the party on that one.

6. Hot Opt-In – Challenges

As with 2017, I think the 5-day challenge will be a verrrrrry popular opt-in/lead magnet/content upgrade/list growth tool in 2018. If I had actually COMPLETED all of the challenges I signed up for in 2017 I would be a fit, flexible, well-nourished, eight-figure entrepreneur with a very zen vibe and eleventy billion people on my list by now… unfortunately completion rates are also dropping fast (I heard a certain marketer quote a 4% completion rate in October).

If you’re jumping on the 5-day challenge train, it can be AWESOME – just make sure you’re focused on those completion rates, and helping people achieve TANGIBLE outcomes.

7. Biggest Frustration – Facebook advertising

With even more changes to the FB Algorithm, disruptions due to the power editor / guided creator merge, and increasing demand for ad space, I predict that if you’re using FB ads in 2018, there will be some big hair-tearing moments. I’m following some brilliant ads experts AND i have a Facebook-appointed account manager, and all of them are telling me that even THEY are struggling right now, and they aren’t seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’re looking for big growth, FB ads are still one of the BEST ways to get it – so it will be a year of sucking it up and getting on with it…. and the most tenacious and resilient will survive! I’m hiring an ads manager for the year. 

8. Secret Weapon – Your wolfpack

When it comes to secret weapons in business, there’s nothing as powerful as your own #ladyposse wolfpack – your lady mafia – your business besties – your sistermind. And in 2018 we are going to need our wolfpack more than ever. Masterminds are becoming even more important, not only to personal growth but also for business strategy and mindset support. And having a ready-made cheer squad loving your Facebook posts and engaging with your page is super-handy for swinging the algorithms in your favour as well.

In my planner for 2018, I’ve set a big intention around growing the size and depth of my own wolfpack… you might like to do the same 🙂