Covid Buyers

Have purchased since Covid-19



Business and sales course

Printer Ink


Accounting 1:1

Financial Broker Service

VA for Project Work

Social Media Scheduling Service

Office Supplies


Marketing Course

Skill Share Membership

Online Networking Group Membership

Course to Create Oracle Cards

Course to Sell Readings Online

Aromatherapy Course

Homeopathy Course

Yoga Certification

Online Helpdesk for IT Support

Content Creation Course

List Building Course

1:1 Coaching – Business

Course Platform


Art Course

Cartooning Course

Barre Classes

Business Courses

Coaching Course

Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Ring Light

Selfie Stick

Studio Lighting

Doula Training

Contract Templates

Tapping Certification

Monitor Stand

Back Drop


Professional Writing Course

Website Course

Investment Course

Sales Coaching

Business Mentoring

Support to Move Business Online

Online Admin Support

Sleep Hypnotherapy Training

Circle Facilitator Training

Sales Course

Course Building Course

Business Course Bundle

Business Start-Up Program

Internet Services

Investment Course

Cashflow Management Program

Studio Lighting


Instagram Course

Business Growth Program

Systems Consulting

Professional Development Training

Online Retail Platform







Cleaning Products

Crafting Supplies






Audio Books


Hot Cross Buns

Renovation Consultation


Meal Delivery Service

Music Streaming Service

Kitchen Equipment




Home Management Course

Decluttering Course

Storage Containers



Appliance Repair consult (1:1 online)


Art Supplies

Kitchen Gadgets


Pet Food

Blue Light Filter Glasses

Food Box Subscription

Renovation Supplies

Feng Shui Videos

Tarot Cards

Coffee Pot



Essential Oils

Movies and Streaming

Meal Prep Course

Adult Toys

Home IPL Device


Essential Oil Diffuser





Easter Eggs

Kids Craft Supplies



Dance Classes for Kids


Tutoring Services

Electronic Kits for Teens

Potty Training Program

Kids Activities

Teen Coding Course

Stop Motion Course for Kids

Online Games

Childhood Education Course

Kids Learning Subscription Box

Kinesiology Lessons for Kids

Lego Technic






Exercise Equipment

Selfcare Items

Beauty Products


Medical Consultation

Hair Colour

Online Yoga Classes

Online Doctors Consult

Natural Skincare Course

Period Undies

Yoga Videos

Workout Gear

Gym Equipment

Self-Care Program

Health Coaching

Breathwork Course

Yoga Course

Self-care Program

Yoga Mat

Gym Classes

Spin Bike and Class Membership

Home Nail Care

Sports Gear

Energy Healing

Yoga Subscription

Gut Health Course




1:1 Coaching – Personal

1:1 Coaching – Parenting Support

Meditation Course

Live Meditation Course

Relationship Coaching Program

Full Moon Meditation

Tapping Membership

Money Manifesting Membership

Affirmation Cards


Brain Training Course

Money Story Course



Guitar Lessons

Flute Lessons


Dog Clothes


Car Parts

Voice Acting Classes

Dance Classes

Herbs and Micro Greens Course



Singing Lessons

Speech Therapy Online

Tech Gadgets

Oracle Cards


Language Course

Organised Creativity Program

AusLan Course


PR Course

Online Courses

Butterfly Growing Kit


Insect Field Guide

Quilling Set



Journaling Course

PTSD Refresher Course

Kinesiology Services

Online Women’s Circle

Healing Services

Manifesting Ceremony

Modality Online Training

Reiki Course

Hypnotherapy Course


Mediumship Course

Forest Therapy Online Course

Astrology Courses

Writing Classes

Cert  IV Training

Aromatherapy Course and Kit



Want to purchase in the next 2 weeks:



Someone to check my social posts for the right ‘tone’ at the moment

A Virtual Assistant to help with extra customer enquiries

Copywriting and editing my blogs and website to be more effective

Online marketing training – especially what to do during covid

How to run webinars and make sales

Marketing training for writers

Help on Pinterest

Facebook ads support, strategy and creation

Effective blogging course for business development

How to lead online group coaching if you’ve never done it before

Help to create and publish a deck of creativity or oracle cards

1:1 coaching for business growth in current situation

Facebook ads expert to do it for me

How to set up a webpage quickly and low-cost for an existing offline business

Public Relation step by step process (health expert)

How to make an online course and launch it in 30 days

Coaching and help to grow my coaching business

A LinkedIn expert to help me grow my contacts and start to sell to companies

Help with my website speed – argh!

Graphic designer to create templates for me to use for your posts on social media

Rebranding of my business brand and all the mess that goes with it – teamed up with a VA?

Mastermind for my four friends and I to build a business each, but do it together

Design and create a new website on WordPress

How to close sales on an online course – teach me please!

A session to help me to name my business

Walk me through creating a video and audio course

How to simplify and streamline my back of office systems

Being organised, planning your business days/week

Setting up a customer care system so I don’t lose my current clients

How to use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for your business

How to take professional pictures of myself now I can’t get a photoshoot

A short-term business plan to get through the next three months

Speaking with confidence and charisma in front of a video audience

Finish writing my book – someone to read, give feedback, keep me accountable

Networking online – some form of structured meet and greet

Accounting software installation, setting it up properly, and how to maintain it easily

How to reach my ideal client quickly when FB reach is so low

Translation service to take my course in French and make English transcripts that make sense

How to use all of Zoom’s features for my specific business needs

How to lead a live event online when it was supposed to be in-person (over 200 people) – or someone who can be an online event manager for me to ensure everyone is happy

Teach me how to create those amazing creative videos for my ads and sales pages

How to set up a Patreon account and make money from it

SEO blitz workshop where I do a bunch of things to make my website SEO better in one go

Full year personalized content strategy based on all the things going on in my head right now

Create and schedule posts on my social media

Set up an online shop for me

Newsletter configuration and setting up templates for the rest of the year’s newsletters

Help with video recording – set up, structure, setting aside time, reviewing and improving

How to do Facebook lives – and somewhere to practice and get feedback

Set up my Google your Business account

Online training to set up my smart phone more efficiently and all the best apps (esp biz)

How to easily automate CRM emails when people download free opt-ins and subscribe

1 to 1 coach on how to build my email list

How to set up a Youtube channel and get subscribers

GDPR compliance review and fixing

Professional IT helpdesk service on call for me and my team

Send me a capsule wardrobe for comfortable work from home clothes that still feel nice

How to spring clean my website

Effective facilitation/training via zoom

What to wear when I do video content – help me pick a set of outfits to cycle between

Walk me through all the tech I need to move to online business

How to create and publish a podcast

Setting up a way to follow up leads really well

How to do my bookkeeping easily – do it together or in a group

Send me beautiful stationery, diary, calendar for my home-office

How to raise my online reach in 15 minutes a day

Instagram: how to start, what to post and to do, timeframe 4-8 weeks

Perfect lighting and set up for video

Help me create a new offer now that I need to change my business model

Webinar trainer – help me to setup, run it, record, and send recording

How to pitch myself to be a podcast guest – and time to do it together

How to use Trello and get organised

How to write good articles, find topics to write on LinkedIn

How to edit podcasts

How to do a successful Watch party on Facebook

How to invest in shares

How to manage my money and what to do differently right now

Virtual assistant to help get my content out quicker and start scheduling and repurposing

A launch manager who doesn’t just teach, but helps with the launch

Accountant who is accessible online and isn’t just saying to wait until after lockdown ends

Idea session and strategy for how to pivot

LinkedIn Assistant who reaches out to networks for me

Someone to help me set up the technical environment to do professional online teaching

How to create a platform for my business

Someone to help me tidy up my crazy finances and receipts

Social media virtual assistant

Google ad campaigns course or mentor

Teaching and learning models for online courses

Someone to brainstorm ideas with one on one

Events planning – for online events and also post-lockdown events

Someone to negotiate my bills and rescheduling for me

Help me to declutter/clean up my files on the computer

How to tell great stories to engage an audience

Facilitated coworking so I can be productive and tell my family I’m in a meeting

Creative ideas bank for managing online communities

Help me create a bank of content that I can use over and over again

Help to get more authority on Instagram

Coaching: how to write a book

Copywriting for me – I send voice memos and you write for me

Get more comfortable on video

Photo editing done for me

Bookkeeping – Cashflow ideas and strategies to keep it going through this

How to shift careers now and what to do instead of going back to my old job

A way to set up webinars easily so I can do more of them in the next 90 days

Creativity course for “non creatives”

How to organize my home-office and make it look good for videos

VA that helps me with email funnel, graphic and social media

Someone making content out of blog posts and old FB  posts

How to lead a virtual team – coaching me and coming to team meetings

Video editor with some creative savvy to make things really playful and different

Make me a lot of canva templates

How to-course in doing live videos that gives value, keep people engaged, without giving away “the thing”

How to style myself and my background to look great in videos one on one

Sales strategies and sales copy during crisis

Create a landing page template I can re-use for all webinars and opt-ins

Comparing software for sales funnels based on my personal needs

Graphic designer who does a few hours of work each week based on new ideas

Course in visual design for entrepreneurs

Curated online networking parties

Book marketing course or 1:1 sessions

How to manage a Facebook page

How to develop an online program

Training on the top 10 tools to use for an online business

How to manage an online team

How to mastermind

How to speak in front of an audience

How to convey your message on video




Grocery delivery services (not through the store – they don’t pick good fruit and veg)

Home renovating advice

Send me weekly recipes to follow and my online shopping list

How to cook gluten free food – experimenting with new recipes

How to keep your house clean with eight people in it 24-7

How to set up and feng shui a nice office at home

How to grow food in my garden at home and order seeds online

Menu plans based on my list of our normal favourite meals, to make them healthier

Someone to home deliver healthy meals for me and my family (If that’s allowed)

Send me food baskets for dates at home with my partner

Meal ideas personalised to what’s in my fridge and what needs to be used up soon

How to store food for longer period of time, ferment, pickling, etc




Home schooling for my children – personalised to them

Virtual singing circle for children

Cooking lessons for children – that don’t need an adult supervising

Online teacher/nanny that gives children quality care and a creative education while I work from home

An audio advent calendar with stories for kids that they get one per day

Motivate my teenagers to clean their rooms

How to communicate with teenagers and come out of this closer with a strong relationship

Motivate my teenagers to cook




Course to boost my immune system without needing to buy stuff

Yoga lessons that I can do with the kids at home

Fitness lessons to replace my powerlifting at the gym

Getting fit at home together with the kids – a challenge we could achieve together

Hypnosis to quit smoking

Personal trainer for fitness who helps me to achieve a big fitness goal

Massage lessons – how to give myself a full body massage

Pilates lessons for people with weak Kegels

Kundalini Yoga Class online

Immune-boosting recipes

How to lose weight during lockdown

How to fall asleep

Massage for couples – sensual and not sensual options

Early morning yoga session

Yoga philosophy courses online

Personal training to become fitter with home exercise

Energy healing for people who normally just heal themselves but it’s harder right now

Kit and instructions to do a day spa at home

Consulting on nutrition

Recipes with natural ingredients for great hair – use this time to repair my hair

How to whiten your teeth and keep them healthy without the dentist

Online fasting, detoxing, and feeling more alive

Ketosis course with check ins and accountability

Course for handling anxiety when you’re isolated and no one notices if you get up or not

How to sleep more soundly



Personal development training – especially good habits

Online Meditation Courses (advanced meditation)

Supporting my team with mindset workshops once a week during lockdown

Private sessions on how to overcome loneliness and fear in a crisis

A safe space to share my anxieties and feelings right now without being ‘rescued’

Meditation courses and group meditations that are deeper and more healing

Get over money blocks – old and new ones





Someone who puts together outfits for me based on my existing wardrobe

A personal decluttering coach

Online speed dating service

English lessons

Private Violin lessons – haven’t played since school

Spanish lessons

Book club for smart women, not just anyone

German lessons

Entrepreneurial book club together with like-minded people (preferably women’s books and women-only)

Dancing lessons so I don’t feel awkward at all the after-lockdown-parties

Sport Programme for business women who miss team sports

Private guitar lessons online

How to structure and start a garden on a balcony – with herbs and veges

Clarinet lessons

Music classes

Being part of healing/peace-worker network

Send pre-selected knitting patterns and wool and we all do our projects at the same time

How to play drums

Painting class – preferably paint and sip (with wine)

How to do my own makeup – different looks

How to create my own organic cosmetics and face care products

Drawing and sketching lessons – especially if it’s outdoors / garden / on balcony

How to cut and colour my own hair

Wellness-weekend online-based retreat for couples – including posting us a kit

French lessons

Dog training

Singing lessons and songs that are good for me to practice

Community to find accountability buddies to work on my business each day in a short time

How to write a book – something to do daily so it is done in 100 days

Art courses and classes without needing lots of new supplies

How to create original music for videos

Minimalist living advice and support – 1:1 coaching

Living healthy on a budget

How to paint and design on a tablet

How to read faster

Learn to salsa

Virtual walking club – walking and talking (maybe specific groups)

Cat trainer

Online dog training for beginners

A habit-building program to live healthier and more mindfully every day

Financial course – how to get closer to financial independence

How to make TikTok videos for a business

Make up tutorials and online shopping recommendations

Face care kit and how to use it

Knitting – 1:1 lessons

Hypnobirthing online course – especially now I will probably birth at home as well

Basic cooking skills – for me and my teens all together

Clearing out my closet

How to cut my hair (and my partner’s)

French lessons with a native speaker

How to paint

Belly dancing

How to sew

Meeting new people in my local area online now, so I have real life friends after this

Sign language course

How to plan a wedding

Techniques to reconnect with my creativity

Virtual dating

How to keep good relationship with my partner when both of us are working at home

How to use lockdown to clear my sugar addiction

How to find love online in lockdown

How to style my home for sale now I can’t hire someone

How to go vegan

Tell me when and how to book overseas travel again so I get it super cheap

Ideas or kit of games to play with friends while having a zoom party

Nail painting course – especially mum and daughter course to do each other’s nails

How to redo my bedroom so it’s a sleeping sanctuary