This episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast is a special Spotlight series interview with the one and only Claire Riley.

In this episode, Claire and I get down to business talking about the joy of consistent and strategic content in your business.

Claire also shares her AMAZING freebie, Batchie Content Planner. You can download this epic planner here:

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And if you want a quick summary, I’ve even popped some key points below. ENJOY!!!

“It doesn’t have to be this hard. Choose the easy way.”  – Claire Riley

In this episode, Claire and I discuss:

  • What her business is and how she helps female entrepreneurs
  • What people’s biggest resistance is when it comes to creating awesome and consistent content
  • The costs of not getting on top of having consistent content
  • How inconsistencies in your content impact your audience’s trust in you
  • The key reason why people resist having the structure around their content that would allow them to have that consistency
  • How structure in your content gives you the freedom to be more creative and interactive
  • Claire’s advice when it comes to batching content
  • Why outsourcing content distribution in your business can be so valuable
  • How to get the content to do its job (ie. reach, warming your audience up, getting them onto your mailing list, presenting your off, etc.)
  • The first few steps that YOU need to take to get on top of releasing consistent and strategic content

More about Claire’s freebie:

It’s called Batchie Content Planner. This 90-day blog and social media content planner will help you to plan content that engages, helps and converts.

You can download this FREE quarterly content planner at

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Until next time, I cannot WAIT to see you SHINE.

Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist