Do your business foundations need a review?

In today’s episode we are checking your business foundations! More specifically, we are looking for signs that you’ve got some wonky or cracking business foundations, and how you can reinforce them.

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Quick question:
Why would we want to go all the way back to the start of our business journey???

Regardless of how long you’ve been in business, it’s ALWAYS a great idea to go back and check on your foundations. It saves you time, allows you to make more money easily, and often leads to re-connecting your business strategy with your bigger vision.

So let’s check in, shall we?

Signs that you have some wonky or cracking business foundations:

  1. Business feels hard. 
    Having strong business foundations means that your business has more ease. When parts of our business are difficult and we’re finding things hard, it can be because we have a foundation that maybe isn’t in place effectively.We may be doing work arounds and need to work a little harder than we’d like.
    Or my biggest pain point: Needing to reinvent the same things over and over again.
  2. Decision-making is foggy.When you’ve got those foundational decisions really clear, it makes all the other decisions so much easier. It helps you decide what you’re saying “no” to, what you’re saying “yes” to, who you’re focusing on marketing your businesses and services to….  all of those decisions are much easier and it also helps with where you dedicate your time, energy and attention.
  3. Growth is stagnant.Your growth skyrockets when your foundations are really strong. The launchpad analogy works so beautifully here: If you have got that really solid foundation, then you’ve got something firmer from which to launch.When it comes to business growth, it’s working on the foundations that creates those opportunities. When I’m working with women, whether it’s in my programs or as VIP one on one, the number one thing we work on are the foundations of their business. This is because it’s through solidifying those foundations that we see the enormous growth and return on investment for them.A lot of people find themselves thinking in the surface level of their business and strategy:
    What am I selling? How much my selling it for? Where am I selling it? How am I selling? What is my marketing strategy? How do I build my audience? How do I build my list? How do I promote a webinar?These decisions are actually the tip of the iceberg when it comes to business growth. They have relatively little impact on your overall business success, compared to the big decisions at the foundational level.What are the big questions?
    What’s my niche? What’s my value proposition? Why do people need and buy my services? How do I accurately message to attract my ideal clients?

    Those foundational decisions have a much bigger impact on the growth of your business.

Solidify your business foundations

    1. Niche.It’s the number one foundation of your business. Once you’ve made a decision, and you’re solid, it’s the foundation for the rest of the decisions:
      – Packaging up your products and services
      – How you market yourself
      – Your messaging
      – Your copy
      – Your visuals
      – Your imagery
      … all of those decisions come from a strong foundation of niche.And if you don’t have a micro niche that you understand deeply and know how to really connect with their priorities? That is where I would be focusing your energy and attention.It creates so many opportunities, not just in the early stages of business, but opportunities for you to get out of an income plateau.I’ve actually seen this even for myself in my business when I review my niche and look at the ways where maybe I’ve started to expand out a little and not be as focused in. When I review that and focus in tighter and tighter on a more specific niche, my income goes up again! Funny that!!!Niche is where the magic happens.
    2. Message
      Your message is how you deeply resonate with your ideal client. Your message is the overarching message of your business and that is the WHY – niche is WHO and the message is WHY. Why do people need your services? Why is this a priority? Why would they invest?If you haven’t got that really clear and solid messaging, then when you try to write a post to promote your services, you’re reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch every time. It feels hard, because you haven’t got that clarity of your core messaging.
    3. Core marketing strategy
      Your marketing strategy is made up of two stages:
      1. Reach People
      2. Make SalesSimple as that. And yet so many women do not have clarity on their core marketing strategy. What is your number one way that you reach people? What is your number one strategy to make sales?It doesn’t need to be complex. In fact, simple can be the most effective. When you’ve been in business for a long time, this is usually when your core marketing strategy is the most complex and muddiest, because you’ve tried lots of different things and you’re keeping lots of balls in the air.Take a moment to reflect – what works best? Where do you focus most of your attention? What could you double-down on? What could you let go?

One of the things I want to leave you with is a question to ask yourself as a self-assessment of your foundations, and your confidence in them.

Self-assess your foundations

On a scale of 1 to 10:

Are you confident that you have a hyper-specific, micro niche and you understand that niche deeply?

And why?

How confident are you that you can effectively articulate your message so that it deeply resonates with your niche?

And why?

How confident are you that your core marketing strategy is the right strategy for your business and will achieve your income goals in the short term?

And why?

That insight might just help you to understand where you need to focus your energy and attention, particularly in developing your strategies and your foundations in your business.

It will also help you to understand where you might need to get some support, some mentoring or advice from someone who can help you get it sorted.

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