Want to get more help in your business or thinking about hiring your first team member but finding yourself short on funds? This is the episode for you!

Let’s face it, when you are in business, your income isn’t necessarily predictable and it can be very difficult to commit to having a new team member or increasing their hours. But the reality is that in order for us to really leverage our time, and to ensure that we are staying in our zone of genius as much as possible, we cannot do everything in our business, we need to outsource some parts of our business and some parts of the bits that we’re doing in order to free up our time so that we can focus on those important activities.

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Here are 5 tips that can help you hit that tipping point so that you’re able to make that commitment to having some support in your business.

Focus on your actions more closely.

Chances are some of the things that you’re doing in your business aren’t high return on investment for your time, some of the things that you’re doing in your business and nice to have but aren’t necessarily growing your business results quickly. And maybe there are things that can wait until you’ve really focused on and develop that sustainability, predictability and profitability in your business. Go through the list of things that you’re doing each week, maybe even spend a week tracking what you spend your time doing and go through it

Set a goal and manifest it.

I know for myself when I wanted to bring on a new team member more permanently, I decided well if I can bring in an extra 10 grand this month, we’ll put that $10,000 aside, that’s that person’s fees paid for the next six to 10 months. Then I’m absolutely certain I know that I’ve got the money there that can actually create that space and that financial freedom for me so that I know that I can pay that person. I know I’ve talked previously in podcast episodes about having a strategy and a step by step process for manifesting short term income in your business. Get out there and make it happen

Start with less hours but more strategic support.

If you’re really struggling financially but you know that you need some support, like maybe you’ve got kids at home, and your time is limited or you’re working in a day job, or you know that freeing up some of your time and getting out of the doing in your business is critical to your business growth, then I would suggest just start with less hours but more strategic support. Why not start with someone at three hours a week? I see so often people go all or nothing. Why not start with something incremental. There are plenty of assistance, team members, project-based peeps, who would be willing to help you for a few hours a week at a very reasonable price and you can grow your relationship working with them from there. I would much rather see you start with something more strategic less hours, even paying someone who maybe is a higher rate. A more advanced assistant, a more advanced specialist, but for fewer hours often can end up being cheaper overall, and can set you up with a really easy Success for yourself as well. I know for myself that when I’ve hired in that specialist support at the higher rate, the work of that person does and the way that they are self-motivated, self-started and the improvements that they can see. And they can recommend back to me rather than just doing the tasks I’ve given them have more than return on invest given me the return on investment for the money that I’ve spent with them. And actually, the higher the rate I pay for support in my business, the better that support is and the more money I make, so don’t be closed off to paying a higher hourly rate, but working fewer hours with that person, you may just be very surprised at how effective that support is for your business and how much it really takes the pressure off you.

You can do it in batches.

This is a strategy that Denise Duffield Thomas uses I know Marie Forleo has talked about this before. I think I used this approach in my business before as well, probably not as well as I could have and it’s something I’m moving into. That is to only hire someone from for a limited period of time. So knowing that, for example, you’re going to batch up six months of content, you’ll record it all in advance, set yourself up with a few days recording, get it all together, get a very clear process for someone to follow and hire them for project, do it all in one week. And then you know exactly how much it’s going to cost. You know exactly what the deadlines are. And it’s got a start and end date. And it doesn’t have to be an ongoing working relationship.

Make outsourcing your new normal.

Just take a leap and commit. As I said, it doesn’t have to be an ongoing relationship. I’m not saying like sign up to pay someone $1,000 a month, when you’re not sure you’re going to make enough money to be able to pay them. I think not paying your team is one of the dirtiest things you can do. So make sure that you are able to pay your team and set yourself up for success in that space. And if you don’t have the predictability of income, then make other arrangements, do it on a project basis instead, or just drew a little bit. Three hours a week can be very affordable, it can be very cost effective. I know, even for a good high level VA, you could be paying, say $50 an hour. So if you got someone in for three hours a week, that’s $150 a week, how many clients sessions Do you need to sell? How many VIP packages Do you need to sell in a month to sustain $600 a month, it’s probably one VIP package a month. Get to the point where you’re selling at least three VIP packages a month and get make that commitment and make that leap because as I’ve said over and over again, big leaps in income come when you make hit that tipping point and make that commitment to getting support in your business.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of making that commitment. Getting out there and manifesting the money and making it work for your business. This is you’re committing to a business. You know that hiring someone in your business, for a lot of people, the biggest block is actually mindset. Because it’s saying ‘i’m in this serious business now’ I actually have a team member that I pay consistently. This is no longer dabbling or playing around. It’s not just me involved here. Now, there are other people involved in this process. And sometimes, the mindset wobbles that can create are enough to send you create the flying off crazy. So make sure that you check in with your mindset as well.

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Tash Corbin Business Mentor and Strategist