Heart-Centred Business Podcast with Tash Corbin

Hello beautiful entrepreneur, it’s Tash Corbin here with a very special episode of the Heart-centred Business Podcast.

It’s time for another Spotlight Series interview and today we’re going to listen to the amazing Stasha Washburn. This is episode 158 of the Heart-centred Business Podcast. Let’s get started!

Hello beautiful entrepreneur, it’s Tash Corbin here with a very special episode of the Heart-centred Business Podcast.

It’s time for another Spotlight Series interview and today we’re going to listen to the amazing Stasha Washburn. This is episode 158 of the Heart-centred Business Podcast. Let’s get started!

Tash: Hello amazing entrepreneurs, it’s Tash Corbin here and welcome to another episode of the Spotlight Series. I’m joined by the FABULOUS Stasha Washburn, she is an amazing lady who helps in touch with our bodies, and particularly our cycles, and how to plan with amazing, feminine flow. Welcome, Stasha!

Stasha: Hello!

Tash: Now, do you want to tell everyone a little bit about your business?

Stasha: I would love to! I am The Period Coach.com. I started off doing hormonal balance for women, it was a big part of my journey, I have endometriosis and it’s really, really, really, bad. So I figured out this hormonal balance thing, but when I started launching my business I realized that I was burning out and my periods went back to being terrible. So I actually started running my business with my cycle mostly because I didn’t have a choice, but, I started to see how cool it was and started doing this research into how our hormones affected our brains to try and use it to my advantage. Then I started experimenting on my clients! <laughs>

Tash: <laughs>

Stasha: And it really worked for them! They had lower employee turnover, they got more done in less time, they were having time to spend with their loved ones, marriages got better. It was really very cool to see all of these things happen, so I started really just focusing women entrepreneurs in their businesses with flow, and it became a mission. I realized that I could help way more women that way than just doing 1-on-1 normal work. And of course the ultimate goal is to take over the world, so I needed a bigger audience <laughs>

Tash: <laughs> Yes, of course, we will. So Stasha, why do you think it’s particularly important for women who have their own businesses to be tuned in to their own cycle and work with their cycle?

Stasha: Well we’re pretty much trying to be small men. We’re trying to do things in this very patriarchal way, and we have this fear of being left behind. This fear that our period is going to cause us to not be able to run with the big dogs, and play with all the big guys and other nonsense. When in reality men have a cycle too, it’s just 24 hours, so they’re doing the same thing it’s just that happens across one day, and we’re just bigger picture people. So rather than thinking of it as an impediment, we stop trying to play as if we’re small men in the patriarchy and just start actually being women and working with this flow, we can go further faster. We can do a lot more, but it takes trust, and it takes trusting your beautiful female anatomy to do it and it’s hard because we’ve spent an entire lifetime being conditioned not to.

Tash <nods> Yeah. I remember being in my role in a corporate setting and you know some days I would be feeling really emotional, and it was like “Shut that down, go to the bathroom. Pull yourself together. This is not the appropriate place to be like this.” and then I was on Aesha Kennedy’s fabulous podcast “Brilliant Misfits” and we were talking about how amazing it is that when we create a business, we can actually decide to create a business that embraces that emotional self, and embraces that feminine self and really works with that, and we don’t have to hide any parts of our self or pretend anything in order to be successful. In fact, the more that we move in to aligning with who we are and being our whole selves, the easier business gets as well. Because you’re not having to compartmentalize yourself and you’re not having to put on a front at any point in time. You can just be your absolute 100% self. I also want to say that I love recognizing your impact on the ladyposse. We’ve got women who take the first day of their period off work and they’ve scheduled that out for the year. We’ve got women who schedule webinars to be when they’re ovulating and they’re great at communicating. I did this with the Heart-centred Business Conference and my retreats, I scheduled them for when I’m at my best, and that’s been really interesting for me to see the impact and how many women are now starting to do this and I love it so much. So thank you for already having such a huge impact on us.

Tash: So my next question is, what does it feel like when you’re not working in flow with your cycle and you’re not paying attention in particular.

Stasha: I think one of the best examples is when you’re just staring at your computer screen going: “I know I’m supposed to be doing something.”

Tash: <laugh>

Stasha: Or you’re trying to come up with a copy you just can’t, or staring at your Asana going: “I really don’t want to!” It’s all of those, it’s pushing going “I have to do this. I have to do this.” When in reality it’s not what you’re supposed to be doing right now, and you could be totally scheduling yourself out so that you never have to come across that feeling.

Tash: Gorgeous, and I actually find that the other end is from my life before Stasha. I planned holidays during the wrong time in my cycle and I was like: “I just want to get back!” I could not let go of my business stuff and just stop because there was so much going on, I had so many ideas and I just wanted to stay connected to my clients and the ladyposse, and actually, I think the opposite can be true sometimes too. When I came back from holiday I was thinking “Well I’m just going to be on fire!” and that’s when I started to go down into this “No, I don’t really want to do this.” area. So at both ends, I think there can be some real benefits to being aware of your cycle, but also some real disadvantages if you’re not paying attention.

Stasha: Totally! One of the things I get a lot is “But if I take days off from my business I’m going to fall behind, I can’t do that, it’s not reasonable.” First off I want to say you have to take days off from your business, that could be a full-stop there. But the other thing is that actually that time right before your period which most women call their PMS time, even though PMS is a hormonal imbalance and not a phase in your cycle, but I digress. That and the first couple days of your period are actually really pretty impressive times. The way that your hormones shift, means that the synapses between the left and right hemispheres of your brain are firing the most during that time, you’re really creative and logical. So, what if you stopped pushing yourself to do the nonsense, or instead of just taking the day off and binging on Netflix – which again isn’t a bad thing – but maybe take an hour break in the middle of it and pull out the crayons, markers, sketch pad and mind map what you want for the year, or a vision board. Get the creative juices up and out, some of the most powerful work you can do for your business is going back to your vision. I’m always teaching women to go back to their vision during this time, and I see that instead of getting side-tracked by shiny objects or this other thing you might need, or feeling inadequate, or just throwing the whole business out because “everything’s failing” and getting into that drama land, instead you’re really staying on focus and you go: “Oh you know what, my vision has shifted a little bit here, I should be doing more of this.” or “You know what, I really am super on this vision, I think this would be a really good asset to it.” You can stay on focus and make better decisions if you connect during that time, and you’re not wasting months on end going down some path that really doesn’t have anything to do with what you really want.

Tash: Yeah, I love it! So amazing! So, let’s say someone is listening along and they’re really intrigued about how they can start to work more with their cycle or work in more flow with the moon, not their own personal cycle. What is the first step to really getting in touch with your cycle?

Stasha: The first step is charting. Just sitting down and taking note of your body for that day. It takes 2 minutes, I do live charting on my Facebook page fairly frequently, and if it wasn’t for my rambling it would be 2 minutes long <laughs>

Tash: <laughs> It’s okay.

Stasha: #rant <laughs> But it only takes a couple of minutes and you can really just start with one thing. Just take a note of it and start with that. If you are breastfeeding, or pregnant or perimenopausal, or menopausal, you just start with the new moon as your day 1.

Tash: <nods> Mhm.

Stasha: And you do the exact same thing as if day 1 was the first day of your period. You just chart: What is your energy? What is the moon phase? If you are bleeding, what’s the cervical fluid situation? These kinds of things to tell you when you ovulate and when you’re menstruating and that kind of thing. It’s really easy to get started with one or two basics, and then when you get comfortable with it you can expand.

Tash: Excellent! And I believe you have a freebie that’s really hyper-related to that piece of information as well. Let’s talk about that now.

Stasha: Yeah, I have a Charting Mandala and it is gorgeous. It was created by Chantelle Valorie, one of Aussie’s own illustrators. She’s a genius and it’s a big beautiful fan and it’s got everything you can colour, it looks amazing. You can get a free one of it on my website, and you can use it forever. You can just print out another one over and over again. Yes, I sell books, but it’s not a requirement because this is how much I believe in it. This is how much I really want women to jump on board, it’s a freebie you can use for the rest of your frickin’ life.

Tash: I love it! Awesome! So if anyone is looking to grab Stasha’s gorgeous freebie, then you can find the link in the show notes of today’s episodes, and you can also go to tashcorbin.com/freebies and if you scroll down you will see Stasha’s beautiful smiling face there. Click on it and it will take you over to go and grab that awesome Charting Mandala and you can get started with the charting. So Stasha, do you want to quickly give us a rundown of the phases of the cycle, and the types of business activities that really connect with each phase?

Stasha: Yeah, absolutely. So the menstrual phase being the easiest one to know when you’re in, that’s the one that most women understand and recognize, that’s during the bleed. Like I said earlier, that’s a really good vision time, so work on vision boards, reconnect to what you really want and I highly recommend looking at your life vision. What’s the thing that you really want for your life? And then look at your business vision to make sure that they’re connected, make sure that they make sense together. So it’s not like “I want a life of freedom and travel, and I want a business that’s a brick-and-mortar.”

<both laugh>

Stasha: Right? Make sure these work together so that you are going to be satisfied and happy, and that your definition of success is not somebody else’s, but really what YOU want. Next is your follicular phase. This is your springtime, so if your menstruation is winter, your follicular phase is spring, it’s when you’re ripening an egg in the ovaries, so just like a seed sprouting. This is a really good time to do some problem-solving. So if you have systems to set up and you need to organize them, or if you have a launch that needs to be built out or funnels that need to be created. All of those problem-solving/puzzle-doing skills, perfect time to do that, your brain is super set up for it at this time.

Then you move into ovulation, this is your DO phase, your “summer” phase. Even the most introverted of people like myself can come out of the closet during ovulation. So record your videos, do your interviews, teach your workshops, do your webinars. Just do, go and do stuff at this time.

Then your luteal phase is your fall. It’s actually two, it’s late summer and fall and there are two distinct hormonal shifts in it. So usually when you come out of ovulation you’ll feel a little dip in energy, and you’ll feel a rise again and then another dip before menstruation, so that’s your late-summer and fall. This is a really good time to wrap up the projects, whatever is going on, tie up the loose ends and just plow through as much as you can while you have that little second wind. It’s the perfect time to just wrap up as much as you can, and then most women go into a natural nesting mode, so batch cook, do a month worth of laundry that you don’t have to feel guilty about for the rest of the month because you know you’re going to. Do all that stuff around the house that you just want to get done and you’re kind of ignoring because you’re so on fire with your business the rest of the month and drop the guilt.

Tash: <nods> I love that. I call that checklist time, it’s always when I’m driven to write and check-off checklists every single time. So yeah.

Stasha: Yeah it is, some of the most amazing lists I’ve ever seen have been from my clients during their luteal phase.

<both laugh>

Tash: I love it! Well, thank you so much Stasha for sharing this information with us. If you are not subscribed to Stasha’s YouTube channel, I highly suggest you go and check it out, and if you do not follow Stasha on Facebook and you’re not a member of her Facebook community, please do make sure you go and do some Stasha stalking. It’s so much fun! We’ll make sure all the links are there in the show notes for you to go and check out her work. I often get into what I call “The Stasha Rabbit Hole” of videos when I go and find something on your YouTube channel and I have to watch the next one and the next one. I love it, so thank you for being such a prolific creator of amazing content.

Stasha: I do it with my flow! <laughs>

Tash: Yay! It’s how she does it peeps! So, one last question that I love to ask people and that is: If I was to quote you on this topic, what is it that you would like me to say?

Stasha: Do it with flow.

Tash: Gorgeous. Easy, super easy. Do it with flow. Thank you so much Stasha for joining us for today’s episode of the Spotlight Series. It has been an absolute pleasure as always. Thank you so much, everyone, for listening along. As I said, if you would like to find out any more information about Stasha then do come and check those show notes and grab that Charting Mandala. Thank you so much Stasha.

Stasha: Thank you Ovary Gang.

Tash: Oh yeah! I haven’t done that for ages!

Stasha & Tash: Ovary Gang! <laughs>

Tash: Thank you so much! Until next time, we cannot wait to see you shine. We’ll see you on the next episode of the Heart-centred Business Podcast. Bye for now!